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This presentation is a list of Chemistry Apps that will be updated on a regular basis as more Apps become available. This presentation is a partner presentation to the SciMobileApps wiki at, a wiki that anybody can register on to add information about scientific apps.


  • 1.Mobile Chemistry and the SciMobileApps WikiAntony Williams, PhD Version: August 22 nd2011

2. Scientific Publishers Apps

  • Scientific publishers release apps to:
    • Provide mobile access to content
    • Search and deliver content to its registered users and engage other possible users
    • Greater accessibility means greater readership
    • Revenue generation UNLIKELY via sales of the Apps themselves. Revenue comes from the content you dont pay a website, you pay for whats contained in the website (the content)

3. Scientific Publishers Apps (ACS) 4. Scientific Publisher Apps (ACS) 5. Scientific Publisher Apps (Nature) / 6. SciVerse ScienceDirect 7. Sciverse Scopus http:// 8. Science App http:// 9. PNAS 10. Journal of Biological Chemistry 11. RSC App (Coming soon) 12. RSC App (Coming soon) 13. Delivering Content to App / 14. SciFinder Mobile / 15. Managing Papers / 16. Papers Managing Publications 17. Mendeley on iPhone http:// 18. 19. 20. Wikipedia Chemistry 21. EleMints http:// 22. Wikipedia Chemistry http:// 23. Chemical Reactions

  • Chemical reactions are very amenable to serving up on mobile applications
  • What is available now?
    • Teaching basics of chemical reactions
    • Look-ups against reaction databases
    • Reaction mechanisms

24. Named Reactions 25. Reaction Database Look-up / 26. Reaction Database Look-up / 27. Organic Named Reactions 28. ReactionFlash 29. Reaction101 http:// 30. Yield 101 http:// 31. Mobile Structure Drawing Apps

  • Drawing structures for the sake of?
  • Structure entry as an entry point to:
    • Calculations (formula, mass)
    • Predictions (local or server-based)
      • Systematic name generation, logP, pKa, NMR prediction, etc.
    • Database lookup
      • On device dictionaries (because space doesnt matter!)
      • Internet-hosted databases (because the latest content does matter)

32. Molpad on Android http:// 33. ChemMobi http:// 34. ChemMobi 35. ChemMobi http:// 36. ChemSpider Website on Mobile 37. ChemSpider Website on Mobile 38. ChemJuice http:// Linked to YouTubeContent 39. Mobile Molecular Datasheet Blackberry:http:// 40. Mobile Molecular Datasheet iPhone: http :// 41. MolPrime http:// 42. Green Solvents http://

  • A reference list of solvents, with auxiliary information about their health, safety and environmental malignancy.

43. ChemSpider Mobile (Coming soon) 44. Other Scientific Apps

  • There are an abundance of other scientific apps..
    • Life Sciences (see following examples)
    • Physics
    • Biology
    • Mathematics
    • Medicine some GLORIOUS apps for the iPad are available

45. Epocrates http:// 46. Bioinformatics tooGenomePad http:// 47. Large Molecules http:// 48. iKinase for iPad 49. iKinase for iPhone http:// 50. Sourcing information about SciApps /

  • There are an increasing number of Science Apps
  • Different platforms, different versions
  • How do you track them all?
  • How do you search them?
  • Where can developers post information about their apps?
  • iTunes does not segregate based on science clearly a useful situation!
  • Introducing theSciMobileApps Wiki

51. 52. The SciMobileApps Hosts

  • SciMobileApps is hosted for the community by two scientists interested in how Mobile Apps can contribute to the worlds of chemistry and Drug Discovery.
  • Antony Williamsis a part of the online social network as ChemConnector onWikipedia ,TwitterhisBlogand onLinkedIn
  • Sean Ekinsis a part of the online social network as CollabChem onWikipedia ,Twitter , hisBlogandLinkedIn

53. SciMobileApps Pages: Chemistry 54. SciMobileApps Wiki 55. SciMobile Apps Wiki 56. SciMobile Apps Wiki

  • Request account:Click for Link

57. Thank you Twitter: ChemConnector www.chemconnector.comSLIDES: