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<p>PowerPoint Sunusu</p> <p> Baak Bilgesu</p> <p>We will cover!..</p> <p>Great tool for beginners of language!AffordancesFreeEasy to accessUser friendly interfaceAllow voice submissonsHelps to improve language vocabulary in small stepsInteract with other usersSee the progress Absolute Fun!LimitationsNot relax the rules of writing (typos &amp; abbrev.)Accessible only 9 languages.Not good translation for each sentence.You can not create lessons</p> <p>Screenshot from DuolingoRecall it Recall it, Then you LearnAffordancesBased on remembering!Audios are very helpful.Easy to accessYou can use metaphors for word .Thousand courses available.Categorical learningYou can also contributeFun!</p> <p>LimitationsFor only writing &amp;listeningskills You can not interact with other users</p> <p>Screenshot from MemriseThanks to Khan Academy!AffordancesFreeUser friendly interfaceSincere manner!Accessible in various languages by volunteers helpsBadges for recognition.You can collect data!You can learn everything.You can interact with othersLimitationsTranslations can be weak.Boring intonation in different languages.Still growing!</p> <p>Screenshot from Khan AcademyTime to improve your brain skills!AffordancesFun!Free at the begining. Challange yourself Compare with othersRemindersOffers brain developmentLimitationsOnly 3 games available for mobile in each day.Full access requires premium membership.More effective on childrenBrain performance index is questionable</p> <p>Lets play!</p>