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We are happy to announce the opening of the exclusive registration for our MLOVE friends! The MLOVE Confestival brings together 200 thought leaders and innovators to discuss the powerful potential of mobile to act as a catalyst for community, change and inspiration.


  • 1. MLOVEMLOVE CONFESTIVALBeesenstedt Castle, South of Berlin2011, June 29 - July 2VIP InvitationPhoto: Thomas Neidhardt & Light-Art: Helge Neidhardt, MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?

2. About MLOVELife changingSimone Loesch, YOCwow Allison Mooney, Google best eventAlan Moore, SMLXL inspiring future of mobile passionateAmish PatelAnnabel CookeNick HellerMICROSOFT SYMBIAN / NOKIA GOOGLEa Meetup for the IT AvantgardeSddeutsche ZeitungMLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future? 3. Inspiration.All I can say is WOW. Future Cubes - Ideation WorkshopThis was the singularly most inspiredand inspiring event I have ever attended.Its rare that industry conference arefilled with fun, interesting people thatjust want to learn from one another. Thevenue made it that much more special.Allison Mooney, Google, Head of Trends & Insightsformerly VP, Emerging TrendsMobileBehavior, Omnicom / TribalAllison Mooney, GoogleAntonia Neidhardt, Student (15) 4. Passion. How inspired were you by MLOVE ConFestival?65% 26%9%Very inspired Quite inspired A little inspired How likely is it that attending MLOVE will change your life positively in the next 12 months? 47%44% 6%3%Very likely LikelyNot likelyDenetly Not 5. Positive Change. Kazi Islam, Grammenphone IT, Bangladesh Nick Heller, GoogleMLOVE was an inspiring and open gathering,comprised of a group of like-minded, yet diverseindividuals, all of whom are passionate about usingthe mobile device as creative tool and source ofpositive change in the world. The event truly lefta lasting and profound impression on all inattendance. Thank you!Nick Heller, VP New Business, EMEA, Google 6. Speakers 2011 Thorsten Dirks Thomas GoetzCorvida RavenRussell Buckley CEO, E-PLUS / BASE Exec. Editor, WIREDBlogger, SheGeeks.netBlogger, MobHappyEx-Evangelist, Google/AdMob?Peter Vesterbacka Kei Shimada Jonathan MacDonald TBC Mighty Eagle, Angry Birds CEO, Inntaco-founder, this uid worldmore exciting speakers MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future? 7. Agenda 2011Wednesday, 6/29Thursday, 6/30 Friday, 7/1 Saturday, 7/2Opening Speakers Conference De-com-Speakerspression Open Space Innovators & Ideas ConferenceSpeakers Future Cube WorkshopsWelcomeTheme Dinner,Vernissage &Dinner Art Show BonFire The MLOVE ConFestival is designed to maximize networking opportunities, get inspired, exchange new ideas & share learnings with a practical ideation outcome. MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future? 8. MLOVE Participants Entrepreneurs Mobile Developers: CEOs, CMOs, CTOs Designers & Mobile Experience Agencies Mobile Advertising & Media Specialists Innovators Brand CMOs & Innovation Managers Innovation Labs at Mobile Operators Mobile Business Consultants & Evangelists Mobile Product Managers & Practice Leaders VisionariesMusicians, Artists, Futurists, Editors, Scientists Art Directors & Creatives in interactive design MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future? 9. Ideation FormatsOPEN SPACEFUTURE CUBES 200 people discuss 1 big question, 10 Intense Ideation Workshops: split up in small groups & 20 participants each discuss 1 theme; vote with their feet ... highly interactive take awaysThough the backdrop is Mobile, the goal is to stimulate new ideas and thinkingwhich you can apply to your life, your business and to inspire others. MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future? 10. Beyond a ConferenceTEEN CAMP 2011 ART SHOW & PARTY15-20 Teenagers from ages 15 to 18 are invited In 2010 the Swiss visual artist collective to attend the first MLOVE Teen Camp 2011 made an amazing bespokeActivities include: Future Cube ideation interactive installation and video art.sessions, simulcast of ConFestival speeches, What will we have in store for 2011? media camp, panel presentation on stage,baking, ... A garden party is planned for SaturdayThe MLOVE Teen Camp is in negotiations to collaborate with July 2nd in the castle & court yard. the Hasso Plattner Institute School of Design Thinking MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future? 11. Media Partners 12. Register Today ! Katy Redka Guest Coordinator +49 172 446 8199MLOVE is a series of events around the globe for people with a passion for mobile.Since 2009 MLOVE events have been organized in: Andorra, Barcelona, SanFrancisco, Munich Alps, London, Berlin & Singapore - with participants from:Grammys, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, Google,Symbian, Nokia, Siemens, BASE, Asics, Aka-Aki, MobiWire, WPP, OmniCom, RedBull, Rummble, Smaato, Out There Media, Huawei, SPB, ... and many more.