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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 1/11</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 2/11</p><p>Drinks Menu Dec 06 v5.indd 2-3 4/1/07 10:22:11 am</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 3/11</p><p>Reservations: 07000 mlkhnyMembership:</p><p>If you would like to keep a copy of this menu, please let yourbartender know and well happily provide you with one.</p><p>Drinks Menu Dec 06 v5.indd 4-5 4/1/07 10:22:12 am</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 4/11</p><p>Champagne125ml</p><p>glass bottle</p><p>Paul Goerg Tradition Premier Cru 7 35Light, perfect for aperitif, imported by us</p><p>Charles Heidseick Mis en Cave 2001 45Creamy, rich and sophisticated</p><p>Pommery Ros 9.50 55Delicious, berryish pink</p><p>Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 9.50 55Ethereal 100% chardonnay champagne</p><p>Bollinger Special Cuve 60Full-bodied, powerful, pinot noir-based</p><p>Laurent-Perrier Vintage 1997 65Floral, chardonnay-based and beautifully balanced</p><p>Pol Roger Vintage 1998 (magnum) 160</p><p>Complex, sophisticated, perfect champagne format</p><p>Pol Roger Vintage Ros 1998 90Rich, focussed, connoisseurs pink</p><p>Krug Grande Cuve 140Silken, complex, seductive, close to perfection</p><p>Salon Vintage 1996 240Rare, amazingly crafted, divine, the ne plus ultra</p><p>Cuve Dom Perignon Ros Vintage 1995 275The worlds most prestigious ros</p><p>Krug Special Collection Vintage 1979 (magnum) 900Probably the best champagne ever made</p><p>White Wine175ml</p><p>glass bottle</p><p>Querceto Vernaccia 4.75 18di San Gimignano 2005Tuscany, ItalyVersatile, refreshing and light</p><p>Grove Mill Sauvignon Blanc 2006 5.75 22Marlborough, New ZealandGreat aperitif with intense gooseberry ripeness</p><p>A2O Albarino 2005 24Rias Baixas, SpainCrisp and aromatic, almond and peach nuances</p><p>Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio 2004 26Alto Adige, ItalyLageder is the king of pinot grigio</p><p>Thelema Chardonnay 2005 28Stellenbosch, South Africa</p><p>Herby and rich, with lemon and butter tones</p><p>Pewsey Vale The Contours Riesling 2001 8 30Eden Valley, AustraliaDelicious, fresh, bone-dry and perfumed.</p><p>Glenguin Cristina Semillon 1998 32Hunter Valley, AustraliaMellow, bottle-aged, with great citrus character</p><p>Weinbach Gewrztraminer Reserve 35</p><p>Personelle 2002Alsace, FranceBeautiful, dry with rose petal fragrance and lychee fruit</p><p>Pouilly Fuiss Cuve C. Denogent 2004 40Burgundy, FranceNutty, creamy, the essence of white Burgundy</p><p>Paul Autard Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc 2004 45Rhone Valley, France</p><p>Full bodied and lingering with honey and apricot</p><p>Drinks Menu Dec 06 v5.indd 6-7 4/1/07 10:22:12 am</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 5/11</p><p>Red Wine175ml</p><p>glass bottle</p><p>Santa Puerto Merlot 2004 4.75 18Maule Valley, ChileRipe red fruit with a silky finish</p><p>Wakefield Shiraz 2004 5.75 22Clare Valley, South AustraliaWonderfully fruity, spicy and drinkable</p><p>Masi Paso Doble 2004 24Mendoza, Argentina</p><p>Intriguing, chunky, spicy and well knit</p><p>Domaine Colombier Crozes-Hermitage 2005 28Rhone Valley, FranceSpicy, earthy and leafy; medium-bodied</p><p>St Francis Zinfandel 2003 30Sonoma, CaliforniaOpulent, oaky, succulent and easy-going</p><p>Ceretto Barbera d Alba Piana 2004 32Piedmont, ItalySoft, floral, medium-bodied, perfumed</p><p>Bajoz Finca la Meda 2002 34Toro, Spain</p><p>Lush, spicy, new-wave Spaniard; tinta de toro grapes</p><p>La Crema Pinot Noir 2004 9 36Sonoma Coast, U.S.A.</p><p>Supple, creamy, forest fruits and dried herbs abound</p><p>Marques de Arienzo Gran Reserva 1995 38Rioja, SpainElegant, beautifully aged rioja</p><p>Atalon Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 45Napa Valley, U.S.ARich, velvety, intense-flavoured, from a great vintage</p><p>Ros Wine175ml</p><p>glass bottle</p><p>Boschendal, Blanc de Noirs 2005 4.75 18Franschhoek, South AfricaFull-bodied, fruity pink</p><p>Rioja Rosado 2004, Bodegas Tobia 22Rioja, SpainCreamy raspberry fruit, easy-drinking</p><p>Comte Lafond Sancerre Ros 2004 36Loire Valley, France</p><p>100% pinot noir, structured and sophisticated</p><p>Drinks Menu Dec 06 v5.indd 8-9 4/1/07 10:22:13 am</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 6/11</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 7/11</p><p>Cocktails 7.50London Calling Gin, sherry, lemon, sugar, bitters</p><p>Jack Rose Calvados, grenadine, lemon</p><p>The Busines Gin, honey, limeThe Final WardRye, maraschino, lime, chartreuse</p><p>Sands Cocktail Gin, maraschino, lemon, grapefruit</p><p>Champagne Cocktails 8.50Pisco PunchPisco, pineapple marinade, clove</p><p>Duke CocktailMaraschino, cointreau, orange, sugar, bitters</p><p>Knickerbocker RoyalRum, raspberry, curaao, lemon, sugarAirmailRum, honey, lime</p><p>Classic Champagne Cocktail Cognac, sugar, bitters</p><p>Punches &amp; Sangarees 7.50Fish House Punch Cognac, rum, peach brandy, lemon, sugar</p><p>Pimms RangoonPimms, cucumber, seasonal fruit, lemon, ginger aleSangareePort, orange zest, sugar, nutmeg</p><p>Roman Punch Cognac, rum, lemon, orange, grenadine, sugar</p><p>Swizzles &amp; Cobblers 8.50Gin Swizzle Gin, maraschino, orange curaao, lemon, pineapple</p><p>Rye CobblerRye, orange curaao, lemon, orange, pineapple</p><p>Sherry Cobbler Sherry, orange curaao, lemon, orange, pineappleRum SwizzleRum, falernum, bitters, lime, sugar</p><p>Sours 7.50Continental Sour Cognac, lemon, claret, sugar, egg white</p><p>Sour Italian Campari, galliano, strega, lemon, sugar, egg white</p><p>Bison Sour Vodka, lemon, sugar, egg white, cinnamon</p><p>Pink Lady (No1) Gin, calvados, lemon, grenadine, egg white</p><p>Short Plan &amp; Up 7.50Delmonico Cocktail Gin, dry vermouth, orange bitters</p><p>Honey Whiskey FixBourbon, lemon, curaao, honey</p><p>East 8 Hold Up Vodka, aperol, pineapple, passion fruit, limePenicillin Scotch, peated scotch, lemon, honey, ginger</p><p>Red HookRye, maraschino, sweet vermouth</p><p>Restorative 7.50Morning Glory Fizz Scotch, absinthe, lemon, sugar, egg white</p><p>Floradora Gin, raspberry, lime, ginger ale</p><p>Sunshine Fizz Gin, lemon, orange, sugar, egg whiteBloody Smoky Vodka, tabasco, spices, tomato, lemon, peated scotch</p><p>After Dinner 7.501804 Cocktail Cognac, coffee liqueur, cream</p><p>Lazy Man FlipPort, calvados, cream, sugar, egg yolk</p><p>Silk Stocking Tequila, white cacao, cream, grenadine</p><p>Port StingerPort, sugar, mint</p><p>Hot Drinks 7.50Irish CoffeeIrish whiskey, coffee, sugar, cream</p><p>Hot Buttered RumRum, honey, unsalted butter</p><p>Bulls Milk Cognac, dark rum, steamed milk, nutmeg</p><p>Low Alcohol 4.50Bitters Hi Ball Ginger, bitters, lime sugar</p><p>Strawberry Fizz Strawberry liquer, lemon, sugar, egg white</p><p>Peach PunchAperol, peach, lemon, sugar, sauvignon blanc</p><p>Drinks Menu Dec 06 v5.indd 12-13 4/1/07 10:22:15 am</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 8/11</p><p>Digestifs</p><p>We trawl auction houses, wine merchants and private cellarsin search of the finest old ports, armagnacs and cognacs; and</p><p>we sell them at exceptionally good prices. In addition, wevematched some of our favourites with Havana cigars from ourlist. Like all of our spirits, they come served as doubles.</p><p>1/2bottle 50ml</p><p>Quinta Noval, Colheita Port 1986 45 8</p><p>Camus Privilege 1515-18 year oldSmoke: Romeo y Julieta Cedros no.3 10</p><p>Dupont 1985 Pays d Auge 1825 year oldSmoke: Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto 10</p><p>Martell XO 15Smoke: Partagas Pyramides no.2 18</p><p>Bas-Armagnac Laberdolive 1976 20Smoke: San Cristobal de la Habana La Punta 15</p><p>Bas-Armagnac Laberdolive 1970 25Smoke: Trinidad Fundadores 22</p><p>Bas-Armagnac Laberdolive 1962 25Smoke: Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill 12</p><p>We also stock small batches of rare armagnacs. The list is alwayschanging. Have a look at our separate Fine &amp; Rare List for thecurrent range.</p><p>Hand-rolled Havanas</p><p> As well as the well-known Cuban brands we have recentlyintroduced cigars from lesser-known producers which we think</p><p>are worth discovering. If youd like some guidance, please askyour bartender.</p><p>Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto 10Light-bodied small starter stogieSmoke time: 20 minutes</p><p>Romeo y Julieta Cedros no.3 10Classic, mild, smooth and cedary smokeSmoke time: 25 minutes</p><p>Trinidad Coloniales 12Fresh, complex and herb-ladenSmoke time: 35 minutes</p><p>Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill 12Delicious variation on a classic: a big step upSmoke time: 40 minutes</p><p>Bolivar Immensas 15</p><p>Spicy, full-bodied in a compact packageSmoke time: 45 minutes</p><p>San Cristobal de la Habana La Punta 15Light-to-medium-bodied, five stars in the Rudman GuideSmoke time: 50 minutes</p><p>Cuaba Exclusivos 15Medium-to-full-bodied, rolled in the traditional double torpedoSmoke time: 55 minutes</p><p>Partagas Pyramides no.2 18Full- bodied, powerful, spicy, a serious smokeSmoke time: 60 minutes</p><p>Trinidad Fundadores 22Medium-bodied, fresh and highly acclaimedSmoke time: 70 minutes</p><p>Cohiba Siglio Six 30Medium-bodied, one of the very greatestSmoke time: 75 minutes</p><p> Please see our digestif section for a selection of recommendeddrinks to go with these cigars. Or ask your bartender to mix yousomething that suits.</p><p>Drinks Menu Dec 06 v5.indd 14-15 4/1/07 10:22:15 am</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 9/11</p><p>Whisky% vol. 50ml</p><p>Scotch Malt Whisky Aberlour Abunadh Cask Strength 59.8% 8Glenmorangie Port Wood 43% 8Talisker 10 YO 45.6% 8</p><p> Auchentoshan 3 wood 43% 10Compass Box Monster 46% 10Bruichladdich 15 YO 46% 10Highland Park 18 YO 40% 12Lagavulin 12 YO Cask Strength 57.8% 12</p><p> Ardberg 17 YO 40% 16</p><p>Japanese WhiskyHakushu 12 YO 43% 11</p><p> Yamazaki 18 YO 43% 15</p><p>Irish WhiskeyRedbreast 12 YO 40% 7Green Spot, pure pot still Whiskey 40% 8Middleton Very Rare, Irish Whiskey 40% 25</p><p>Rare WhiskiesPort Ellen 24 YO Scotch Whisky 59.4% 25</p><p>Rare Malts Bottling</p><p>George T. Stagg Limited Edition Bourbon 64.5% 30</p><p>Glenmorangie 1981 Scotch Whisky 46% 35Sauternes Finish</p><p>Brora 30 YO Scotch Whisky 55.7% 45</p><p>Springbank 21 YO Scotch Whisky 46% 50</p><p>House Spirits</p><p>This is a small selection of our house spirits; we only use thebest and 50ml pours. We do not charge for mixers served with</p><p>a double measure.</p><p>50ml</p><p>Bourbon &amp; Rye Woodford Reserve 6Rittenhouse Rye 6.50Pappy Van Winkles Family Reserve 15 YO 12</p><p>CognacMartell Noblige 6.50Ragnaud-Sabourin 20 YO 12Martell Cordon Bleu 15</p><p>Scotch WhiskyCompass Box Asyla 6Chivas Regal 12 YO 6.50Compass Box Hedonism 10</p><p>RumHavana Club Aejo Especial (Cuba) 5.50Doorlys Gold 5 YO (Barbados) 5.50Havana Club Mximo Extra Aejo (Cuba) 125</p><p>GinTanqueray (UK) 5.50</p><p>Plymouth Navy Strength (UK) 9Tanqueray No. Ten (UK) 10</p><p>Vodka Wyborowa (Poland) 5Grey Goose (France) 7.50</p><p> Wyborowa Exquisite (Poland) 9</p><p>TequilaGran Centenario Reposado 6.50Don Julio Blanco 8</p><p> Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia 14</p><p>Drinks Menu Dec 06 v5.indd 16-17 4/1/07 10:22:15 am</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 10/11</p><p>Beers</p><p>The lagers we serve at Milk &amp; Honey are all brewed in distinctregional styles. All of our beers are brewed according to the</p><p>German Purity law of 1516, and cold-lagered for at least fourweeks prior to release.</p><p>Knig Pilsener 3.25Creamy, medium-bodied mid-German lager with a dry finish</p><p>Proof 3.50Refreshing, crisp, Cologne-style lager</p><p>Proof Pilsen 3.75Full-bodied, creamy, hoppy, Bohemian-style.Awarded Best Premium Lager in the World at theInternational Beer Challenge 2005</p><p>Food</p><p>Our food menu changes each season. If you would like to seethe latest menu, please ask your bartender for a copy.</p><p>Drinks Menu Dec 06 v5.indd 18-19 4/1/07 10:22:17 am</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 MLK &amp; HNY Drinks List</p><p> 11/11</p><p>Milk &amp; Honey opened in Soho, London,</p><p>in April 2002 and remains dedicated tobringing unrivalled drinks quality and serviceto a discerning crowd of grown-ups.</p><p>Access to non-members is by reservationonly until 11pm (and in practice</p><p>restricted to the early part of the week).For members and their guests the bar</p><p>is open until 3am six nights a week.No reservation is required for</p><p>members, but we advise that youALWAYS CALL AHEAD.</p><p>Milk &amp; Honeys original incarnationopened in New York in January 2000</p><p>and is located on Manhattans</p><p>Lower East Side. Entrance is byreferral and appointment only.</p><p>Many New Yorkers assume its anurban myth but access is easy for</p><p>London members seven nights a weekuntil 4am with a dedicated</p><p>phone line for reservations.</p><p>Drinks Menu Dec 06 v5.indd 20-21 4/1/07 10:22:18 am</p></li></ul>