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Official Newsletter of M&G Etomi Foundation/MGE Solutions.


  • 1. APRIL 2010Making Local GLobal The official newsletter of M&G Etomi Foundation/MGE SolutionsA Decade Long DreamA lamp in the CreeksIt all began in the year 2000,when the Etomi twins - MikeShining in the peacefuland George, returned to OkrikaOgan-ama community, is ato bury their mother. They werewoman who has chosen todeeply moved by the state ofdevote her time and re-the community. The twins grewsources to the community byup in Okrika Island and later leftcapacity development.for further studies. Mike readmedicine and now practices inAfter several decades in theCharlotte, NC, USA, whileUnited Kingdom, Mrs. GraceGeorge practices law in Lagos,Care chose to spend herNigeria.retirement years in serviceto her hometown. She stud-Upon returning to their boyhoodied and became certied in town, they discovered that theMicrosoft and International reality was now poverty, despair and crime. Troubled by these discoveries andComputer Drivers Licence after several consultations and research, M&G Etomi Foundation a 501 3 (ICDL), in order to transfer tax exempt, non-prot organization was born with the hope that the youththe acquired skills to the and community at large would get a second chance. As part of the effort toYouth in her community. drive the message to the grassroots, the Nigerian arm, MGE Solutions wasThus far, she has done an incorporated as a company limited by guarantee.amazing job. This explains the name, M&G Etomi Foundation/MGE Solutions.The Foundation is working Missionin partnership with her, to To provide opportunities and resources to empower the Niger Delta communityfurther this honorable cause. in breaking the cycle of poverty.Vision To be the leading organization for facilitating change and developing and sus- taining programs in the Niger Delta community.Making Local GLobal Making Local GLobal (MLG) is a campaign, and the vehicle through which the foundation achieves its aim.MLG is focused on 3 areas: Sports, Health and Education.A Slum in High Street Ikpukulu is an Island and a shing settlement in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. It is just a few paddles away from Port Har- court, the capital city of Rivers State. Despite its proximity to the oil-rich city, visiting the community is like stepping back in time through a portal. It has no electricity supply, no potable water supply (residents canoe to Port Harcourt to buy drinking water), no healthcare facilities and no access roads. The water pollution makes it really difcult for the shermen. In spite of these handicaps, the people of Ikpukulu are warm and friendly, and seem resolved to make the most of life as they know it. Ikpukulu is just one of the many stories in the Niger Delta. If a community so close to Port Harcourt is in such deplorable state, what will be the state of the communities located further into the creeks?

2. Our ProgramsLEARN AND GROW This is a variety of educational programs tailored to equip the trainees with various practical and intellectual skills. Seasoned professionals in diverse elds communicate part of their knowledge to beneciaries. The foundation awards certicates to participants at the end of each Learn and Grow program.MGE TRIVIA This is a quiz competition that tests participants on a wide range of endeavors, including the things learned at the Learn and Grow programs. Winners of these competitions are not just given prizes but are assisted in the furtherance of their education formal and informal.MGE SPORTS Sport competitions are organized by the foundation to channel the energies of the youth to meaningful activities. The foundation is currently focused on soccer, but plans are underway to expand the program to include basketball, tennis, volleyball and swimming. Participants will benet from mentoring and health awareness programs.MLG COMMUNITIES Communities in which the foundation has presence are called MLG Communities. These communities benet from the foundation's activities. MLG currently has 5 communities: Ogoloma, Abam, Ogan-ama, Firisika Polo and Ikpukulu-bie.One Creek at a Time When the foundation decides to admit a new community into it's fold, it organizes an inauguration program called One Creek at a Time. During the event, volunteers and friends of the foundation, visit the community and hold awareness talks. The team interacts with the members of the community, and takes a tour in order to determine their needs. The event is crowned with a novelty football (soccer) match between the new community and the MLG team (comprising of selected players from all the existing MLG community). This is a symbolic gesture of welcome extended to the new com- munity. 3. TargetsAchievementsOur target is the achieve the following in 2015: 11 Laptop Computers have acquired by donated to thefoundation for use in training. Establish community centers in each of our ve MLG communi- ties. Each center will be equipped with a library, lecture rooms, e- 1 Laptop Computer has been donated to the same purpose. learning center, vocational training center and provision for a health center. The rst batch of trainees from all 5 communities havecommenced training in Microsoft certication and Interna- Establish standard sporting facilities in each of our current MLGtional Computer Drivers License (these trainees will even- communities. (Facilities will include soccer, basketball, lawn-tually be responsible for setting up Community Centers in tennis, table-tennis, and volleyball.) their respective communities). Expand the MGE Sports league to include basketball, lawn- A 1 bedroom apartment was donated by an individual in tennis, table-tennis and volleyball. Ikpukulu for use as a temporary location for a CommunityCentre. The community has allocated 3 plots of land on To have the MGE Sports league aired on some local television which a Community Center will be permanently sited. channels and at least one cable television channel. Ogan-ama has allocated land for a Community Centre. Graduate 500 Youth from our ongoing Microsoft Certication and International Computer Drivers License (ICDL) training program. Abam has also donated land to the foundation for a Com-munity Centre. Graduate 500 Youth from various e-learning programs. The foundation has successfully organized soccer teams in Raise 250 entrepreneurs through our Learn and Grow programs. each of the 5 Communities. Admit ten more Niger Delta communities to the MLG fold. All communities have beneted from our numerous Learnand Grow programs. 4. How You Can Help Our Wish List Below are some of the materials needed to expedite 1. Your time: the our work; Volunteer in our programs. Computers - Laptops and desk tops Connect us to potential partners and supporters. Internet Service for the proposed Community Centers Promote us by visiting, sharing and participating in Educational softwares our website, blogs and facebook fanpage. 2 Camcorders 2 Digital still cameras 2. Your intellect: 5 Printers and copiers Sporting gear and equipment for soccer, basketball, Facilitate Learn and Grow programs. lawn-tennis, table-tennis, and volley ball. Facilitate capacity building programs for our volun- Books and magazines for libraries in the proposed teers.Community Centers. Furniture for the proposed Community Centers. 3. Your skill: Stipends for volunteers. Scholarships for deserving students. Engage in our projects. Program sponsorship. Build capacity in MLG communities. Sponsorship of prizes for our competitions.Your gifts: Needs are not limited to the list above. Anticipated gifts will be appreciated. In cash and in kind. Support will be properly documented, receipt acknowledge, and you can track the progress of each project on our ofcial blog For more information, contact us through the addresses below. MAJOR UP COMING EVENTS FOR 2010S/N EVENTS DATE 1MGE Sports Festival10-28 Apr 2010 2MGE Trivia17-22 May 2010 3MLG Summer Splash (Two day vocational training)17-18 Aug 2010 4MGE Sports Festival 5-23 Oct 2010 5MGE Trivia 15-20 Nov 2010 6MLG end of year concert / award night11 Dec 2010ContactThe M&G Etomi Foundation MGE Solutions Lagos MGE Solutions Port Harcourt 5420 Callander Court 1b Tiamiyu Belo-Osagie62 Mbonu Street, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28277 Avenue, Parkview Estate,D/line, Port Harcourt, USA. Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.Nigeria. Tel: Calling from Nigeria 084-749953. Outside Nigeria: +234-84-749953 email: