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Allen-Vanguard military robot operating mmanual


Vanguard MK2Operating Manual

Allen-Vanguard Allen-VanguardProtecting tomorrow through innovation today

Vanguard MK2BOperating Manual

ALLEN-VANGUARD 5459 Canotek Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1J 9M3, Canada Sales Toll Free No. 1 866 747-3590 Sales Tel. No. + 613 747-3590 Sales Fax No. + 613 747-0723

Issue: Version 122/02/05


Vanguard MK2Operating Manual

Table of ContentsSection 1.0 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 2.0 2.01 2.02 2.03 2.04 2.05 2.06 2.07 2.08 2.09 2.10 2.11 2.12 3.0 3.01 3.02 3.03 3.04 3.05 3.06 4.0 4.01 4.02 5.0 6.0 7.0 7.01 7.02 7.03 8.0 8.01 9.0 9.01 10.0 10.01 10.02 Calling for Technical Help MK2 Overview Modular Design Standard Equipment Standard Features and Capacities Optional Features Command & Control Unit (CCU) Interface Overview Desk top overview Running on AC power Running on DC power Adjusting /muting volume RF link & battery status Joystick Set up Running on Tether Tether Reel Parts Charging CCU Storing the CCU Restoring the MK2 Software F1-Drive Function Attaching Wheel Kit Attaching Anti-Flip Mount Driving Tips/Climbing stairs Removing Tracks Removing Drive System Drive Parts List F2-Turret Function Removing the Turret Turret parts list F3-Elbow Function F4-Shoulder Function F5-Arm Function Removing the Arm Arm Parts Deploying the arm F6-Claw Function Removing the Claw F7-Camera Select Function Camera Settings (brightness, contrast) F8-Pan & Tilt Function Removing Pan & Tilt Pan & Tilt parts list Pg 4 Pg 5 Pg 6 Pg 7 Pg 8 PG 9 Pg 10 Pg 11 Pg 12 Pg 13 Pg 14 Pg 15 Pg 16 Pg 17 Pg 18 Pg 19 Pg 20 Pg 21 Pg 22 Pg 23 Pg 24 Pg 25 Pg 26 Pg 27 Pg 28 Pg 29 Pg 30 Pg 31 Pg 32 Pg 33 Pg 34 Pg 35 Pg 36 Pg 37 Pg 38 Pg 39 Pg 40 Pg 41 Pg 42 Pg 43 Pg 44 Pg 45




Section Section Section

Section Section Section

AVA-MKTG-022_C.000 2

Vanguard MK2Operating Manual

Table of ContentsSection Section Section Section 11.0 12.0 12.01 13.0 14.0 14.01 14.02 14.02 15.0 F9-Light, Laser & Photo Functions T-2 way digital audio S-Speed, P-Speech Functions W-Weapons Enable Function Robot Chassis Removing and Charging Battery Packs Battery Station Parts Removing Internal Electronics Maintenance Kit Pg 46 Pg 47 Pg 48 Pg 49 Pg 50 Pg 51 Pg 52 Pg 53 Pg 54




Calling for Customer Service

Vanguard MK2Operating Manual


When calling for service or support, please ensure that you have at least one of the following information ready for our Technical Customer Support or Sales Representative to assist you: 1) 2) 3) 4) Product Serial No. Who Purchased the product (Name or Company) Purchase Order Number Manual Version

Please photocopy, mark up and fax the relevant section of the Operating Manual that contains the drawing or detail that will help clarify the problem you are having with the product. More detailed drawings may be requested, if necessary. Some restrictions may apply.

TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT Call + (613) 749-8343 Fax + (613)-749-3590 Toll Free 1 800 429 9198

SALES Call + (613) 747-3590 Fax + (613) 747-0723 Toll Free 1 866 747-3590



Vanguard MK2 Overview

Vanguard MK2Operating Manual

Section 1.01Color Claw camera with dual LED lights. 2-independent firing circuits Video transmitter with flexible Antenna mount (Data transceiver located internally) PTZ-Color Zoom Camera with continuous Pan Elbow

3 Axis Claw -Wrist -Pincer -Continuous Rotate

Shoulder & Turret (2) High & Low beam LED light system

Battery Compartment

(2) 3.0 wide Track System

(2) Lifting Handle 2 Way Digital Audio Microphones & Speaker

Color Drive Camera

Allen-Vanguard continues to design and supply leading edge technologies with its next generation robot the Vanguard MK2. This lightweight, portable, tactical robot maintains excellence of quality with its additional features and improved functionallity.The Vanguard MK2 continues to break new ground in mission support for HAZMAT operations, tactical and suveillance situaions. The MK2 is the newest version of the Vanguard robot voted best performing and most applicable system in a major performance evaluation of competing systems conducted by Battelle, for the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) of the National Institute of Justice. The MK2 incorporates the enhancements recommended by Battelle-and more-making it a major asset for bomb squads and law enforcement personnel.



The MK2s Modular Design

Vanguard MK2Operating Manual

Section 1.02

The MK2 is designed to be modular for maintaining and repairing the different components within the platform. We understand the importance of having the equipment in good running order at all time in case of emergency. The small size is beneficial, allowing for ease of shipping replacement parts or spare parts for your system. Our maintenance manual includes the basic steps to repair or maintain your robot. The following sketch details the main components of the MK2 robot that can easily be replaced.




3 10 6 8 9


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Modular Sections(1)-RF Assembly (2)-PTZ Assembly (3)-Arm Assembly (4)-Claw Assembly (5)-Left & Right Drive Assembly (6)-Turret Assembly (7)-Chassis Assembly (8)-Electronics Box Assembly (9)- Data Box Assembly (10)-Shoulder

Assembly part #3VRF221000 (Video Modem), 3VRF220000 (Video Antenna) 3VPT200000 3VAR200000 3VCL100000 3VDS100000-L (left side), 3VDS100000-R (right side) 3VDK200000 3VCH200000 3VEE210000 3VRF210000 3VSH200000



Standard MK2 Equipment

Vanguard MK2Operating Manual

Section 1.03 The Vanguard MK2 robot comes with these following items (List includes optional RF System)

Battery Station (2)- 24-volt DC quick change battery pack (2)- 24-volt chargers (1)- 6-foot direct-access charge cable

Wheel Conversion Kit & Anti-Flip Mount (2) 6 Front-Drive Wheels (1) Swivel Wheel (4) 2 socket head screws (2) Quick-release pins 1.0 Anti-Flip/curb relief mount (1) 3/16 T Handle Hex Driver

Tether Storage Reel 500 feet (150 meters) of tether cable With slip ring (includes reel) (1) Quick release pin 1.5

Command & Control Unit (CCU) Storage Case PC-based control software (2) 12-Volt Batteries Built-in charger Laptop computer Video Modem (Optional) Data Modem (Optional) 2-Way Communications Headset Mounted Joystick Screen Sun visor AC Power Cord Laptop recovery boot CD for operational maintenance

AVA-MKTG-022_C.000 7

Standard Vanguard MK2 Features & Capacities

Vanguard MK2Operating Manual

Section 1.04

FeatureDrive System Wheel Kit Turret Shoulder Elbow Claw-Wrist Claw-Rotate Claw-Pincer Pan & Tilt Drive Camera Claw Camera Main Lights Battery Packs Charger Tool Outlet Communications

Qty1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 1

Description(2) 3.0 wide independent tracks (2) 6.0 Wheels & (1) rear swivel +/- 80 Degrees 0-180 Degrees 0-270 Degrees 0-300 Degrees Continuous 0-20 cm (8.0 inches) wide with rubber gripper PTZ, color zoom camera, continuous Panning Color CCD Color CCD with LED illumination Dual LED Lights with High & Low Beam 24 VDC quick change packs 24 VDC 110 or 220 24VDC power source for remote tools RS232 Com port for remote sensors Laptop with Robot interface software Photo Capture 150 meter Tether DC remote power 3 + hours AC power (110 or 220 volts) Rugged waterproof Case 8.5 H x 21 L x 15 W Weight 45 lbs (20.5 kg) Telescopic Video Receiver Mount Laptop sun visor Headset & Joystick 2 Way Digital Audio

Command Station 1

General CapacitiesLift Capacity (arm extended) Lift Capacity (arm retracted) Vertical Reach Horizontal Reach Ground Clearance Overall Length Overall Width Stowed Height Overall Weight Mission Duration Stair Climbing Angle 8.0 kg (17.6 lbs.) 18.2 kg (40 lbs.) 132 cm (52.0 inches) 96.5 cm (38.0 inches) 5.75 cm (2.25 inches) 91.5 cm (36.0 inches) 43.5 cm (17.0 inches) 40.5 cm (16.0 inches) 48.0 kg (105.6 lbs.) 2-3 Hours +(quick change battery pack) 40 Degrees



Optional Features for MK2

Vanguard MK2Operating Manual

Section 1.05

RF System

P/N 3VCS10580

The RF system refers to both the data and video system to make the MK2 completely remote. The data transceivers work on 900 MHz. The video system works on 2.4 GHZ. The data system is , internal, only exposing the antenna. The video transmitter is protected by the rear cage and has a flexible mount for the antenna to avoid damage if up righted.

Reusable Transit Case

P/N 3VPA15845

The transit case is an optional weatherproof case that stores the MK2 robot and all the accessories, including the command station and tether reel. This case ideal for storage or transportation where weather or dusty conditions may be a problem. The transit case and robot with all accessories weigh approximately 320 lbs.

Recoilless PAN Disrupter Mount P/N 3VOE500000Firing the PAN Disrupter has never been easier, with the new recoil system from Ideal Products Inc. Allen-Vanguard provides a mounting system for the PAN disrupter with the recoil adapter tube which also includes a color CCD camera and dual flashing lasers for pinpoint accuracy. The Recoil system is a simple add-on to any PAN disrupter.

IR Camera

P/N 3VOE210000

The IR Camera is light-sensitive and automatically changes from a color CCD to a B&W camera in low-light situations. This camera is mounted on the upper arm and