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Painting portfolio and artist statment.Mateusz J. Odrobny


<p>Mateusz J. OdrobnyPainting Portfolioskz</p> <p>www.neuralnetstudios.com</p> <p>Mateusz J Odrobny</p> <p>Odrobny creates artwork arising from a sense of isolation and an increasingly dystopic social atmosphere.Born in 1974, Mateusz Odrobny grew up in Poland until the age of six, where his drawing and painting pursuits began to emerge. The urban landscape of his home town Katowice, and neighbouring Bytom, would subconciously provide the pallet and architecture employed heavily through his early works (1990-2005). Emigrating to Canada in 1981 began Odrobnys study of isolation, a theme he often explores in his paintings. Initially due to language and custom barriers, the subject was fleshed out during his formative years on the Canadian prairies, where the concept of isolation can be a literal and physical experience. During his early schooling Odrobny would often be found in art rooms, skipping a French lesson or a Maths class. It was in those times that distinct opinions began to emerge in regards to institutional policy, ruling systems, and social hierarchies. Increasingly the concepts of dystopian rule juxtaposed with the pursuit of a wholesome, unencumbered, self-regulated existence, spoken of by Huxley, Orwell, Leary, and Castaneda, would emerge in Odrobnys paintings as existential contemplations expressed through uncomfortable distorions of reality. Odrobnys education at The Alberta College of Art and Design, was underpinned by this thematic path, and culminated in a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing (1999) and an Animation Diploma (2000). His subsequent move to England (2005), and his first visit to Poland in 25 years, significantly altered Odrobnys approach to art making, and marked a new period in his practice. The works present in this portfolio are from Odrobnys most recent period of work ranging the years of 2005 - 2012. The work is presented in most recent to latest order, and is a cross section of work produced over the time period.</p> <p>www.neuralnetstudios.com</p> <p>Mateusz J Odrobny</p> <p>Descent</p> <p>Oil on Canvas - 2012</p> <p>www.neuralnetstudios.com</p> <p>Mateusz J Odrobny</p> <p>Hierarchy</p> <p>Oil on Canvas - 2012</p> <p>www.neuralnetstudios.com</p> <p>Mateusz J Odrobny</p> <p>Cymmerian Lamb of SilenceAcrylic on Papers - 2011</p> <p>www.neuralnetstudios.com</p> <p>Mateusz J Odrobny</p> <p>Mein Gaza</p> <p>Acrylic on Papers - 2009</p> <p>www.neuralnetstudios.com</p> <p>Mateusz J Odrobny</p> <p>The Negotiators</p> <p>Acrylic on Papers - 2009</p> <p>www.neuralnetstudios.com</p> <p>Mateusz J Odrobny</p> <p>Reflection</p> <p>Oil on Canvas - 2007</p> <p>www.neuralnetstudios.com</p> <p>Mateusz J Odrobny</p> <p>Portrait</p> <p>Oil on Canvas - 2007</p> <p>www.neuralnetstudios.com</p> <p>Mateusz J Odrobny</p> <p>The Yard</p> <p>Acrylic on Panel - 2005</p> <p>www.neuralnetstudios.com</p> <p>Mateusz J Odrobny</p> <p>Confrontation</p> <p>Acrylic on Canvas - 2005</p> <p>Path</p> <p>Acrylic on Canvas - 2005</p> <p>Mateusz J. Odrobnyskz</p> <p>Thank You</p> <p>For further information about MJ Odrobny please visitneuralnetstudios.com</p>