mixtures of matter. classification of matter

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Chemistry 1-1

Mixtures of MatterClassification of Matter

2Classification of Matter

3Classification of Matter

4Classification of Matter

5Classification of Matter

6Classification of Matter

7Classification of Matter

8Classification of Matter

9Classification of Matter

10Classification of Matter

11SubstanceMatter that has a uniform and unchanging composition

12MixtureCombination of 2 or more pure substancesThey are physically mixed but, dont react13HeterogeneousDoes not blend smoothly and individual substances remain distinct

Sand and water; orange juice; pizza14Homogeneous MixtureConstant composition throughout

Homogenous Mixture - Is a single phaseAKA - Solution

Salt water15Two types of pure substances:Elements

CompoundsElement:A pure substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by chemical or physical meansFound on periodic table91 naturally occurring, the rest man madeCompound:Combination of two or more elements

1 Million compounds and 100,000 more found every year.

Water; hydrogen peroxide

Has mass and volume (s, l, g)More than one type of matterUniform throughout (solutions)Not uniform throughoutOne type of matterOne type of atomTwo or more elementsSeparating MixturesReverse of MixingHelps to understand matterUse physical processes used to separate solutions20Filtration-Technique that uses a porous barrier to separate a solid from a liquid.-Separate heterogeneous mixtures composed of solids and liquids.

21Distillation-Separation technique based on differences on boiling points.-Separates a liquid from a liquid.

22Crystallizationformation of pure solid particles from a solution

23ChromatographySeparates on tendency of chemical to travel.

24Separation of Pure SubstancesRequires chemical means


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