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Oral Exam 2nd Partial

By. Karla Cecilia Cepeda Roel #6 Group 111 M. 1513678

Dicovered> 1800s Found in> eukaryotic cells Name origin> Greek words for thread & granule Observed with> light microscope

m a i n f u n c t i o n s

m a i n f u n c t i o n s

Programmed Cell Death


Cell FunctionsCholesterol metabolism

Required for:Testosterone & Estrogen

Neurotransmitter metabolism

TOTAL - normal function 37 genes Enzymes for ATP production 13/37 tRNA & rRNA molecules Rest of genes

Cancer Heart disseases Diabetes Obesity Blindness Deafness Kidney disease Neurodegenerative disorders Parkinson Alzheimer As well as

Important since they carry out many functions such as respiration & with out the energy it provides we would die.