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    5000 Communications Platform

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  • In todays competitive business environment, you understand the need to optimize the

    performance of your organization by utilizing technology that allows you to operate more

    effectively. You understand that Voice over IP (VoIP) can add value to your organization, and

    youve watched and waited as this technology was developed and introduced. You are interested

    in a system that considers your unique business requirements and existing network infrastructure,

    allowing you to deploy not only IP but digital or a combination of both IP and digital solutions

    efficiently and successfully.

    Todays HybridCommunications Platform

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  • Blending your voice system into your data networkaffords you the competitive, cost-effective edge yourbusiness needs to succeed. Mitel 5000 CommunicationsPlatform offer a network-centric communicationsplatform that allows you to network geographicallydispersed employees and locations, whether you areconnecting offices and applications together over a datanetwork, or deploying digital and IP phones to employeesin or out of the office. All of your employees have accessto the same system features as if they were located inyour central office. Additionally, 5000 CP communicationssolutions support multiple software applications.

    The results are operational efficiencies and a foundationfor a more flexible infrastructure.

    The 5000 CP solution consists of three primary systems,each delivering pre-defined growth capacities, whileoffering the same support for software applications. The5000 CP supports multi-site networking with each serverequipped and licensed for networking right out of thebox. Built-in networking capacities can be easilyexpanded with a one-time license. If you want to networkto other systems over IP, this system requires noadditional hardware or licensing.

    CS-5200, CS-5400 and CS-5600 communication servers may be networkedwith an existing Inter-Tel Axxess communications system, offeringbackwards migration compatibility and expansion of IP networking.

    Communications Solutionsfor Small and Medium Businesses

    Mitel CS-5200 communication serveris designed for the small business,offering a maximum capacity of 171sets (including up to 75* IP phones)and four ports of built-in voicemail,as well as system networking over IPor T-1 for seamless connectivitywithin a multi-site environment.

    Mitel CS-5400 communicationserver is designed for the customerrequiring a maximum capacity of271 sets (including up to 175*IP phones). The CS-5400 is built ona CS-5200 through an upgradedprocessor expansion card thatis installed in the dedicatedprocessor bay.

    Mitel CS-5600 communication serveris designed for the larger customerrequiring up to 442 sets (including upto 250* IP phones). The CS-5600, adual 1U form factor design, providesthree multi-purpose module baysto support trunk and analogstation modules.

    *Maximum number of supported IP phones isdetermined by system configuration.

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  • IP Business ApplicationsSuperior Performance with

    Group ProductivityMessaging Collaboration

    Virtual EnterprisePresence

    User ProductivityPhones

    Define and Control Devices

    Achieve Organizational Agility

    Improving Business Processes


    Mission-critical needs are met when they are supported by the right technology. And the value of

    IP comes from application integration allowing you to transform your communication

    tools into business performance. Empower your employees to create better

    interactions with your customers, partners, vendors and suppliers,

    generating revenue and lowering costs.

    The 5000 CP communications server family is built on an

    open software model that supports a broad portfolio of

    Mitels standard and custom developed applications,

    as well as third-party applications all designed

    to address todays functional business needs,

    while driving business growth.

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  • Mitel Applications SuiteSimplifying communications and enhancing customerservice and collaboration are important to you; however,you need a cost-effective solution. Mitel ApplicationsSuite (MAS) is a robust communications solution thatunifies mission-critical applications into an easy-to-usesolution that reduces total cost of ownership by offeringa single application server platform with a single installprocess as well as integrated configuration andadministration for the applications.

    Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing providesa collaboration solution for conducting highlyinteractive online meetings, brainstorming andtraining sessions, and presentations. Also includedare tools such as white-boarding, chat, pollingand Internet co-browsing.

    Mitel NuPoint Messenger is a robust messagingsolution that meets the needs of all different types ofusers, delivering everything from basic voicemail toadvanced unified messaging, text to speech and fax.

    Mitel Speech Auto-Attendant allows you to placecalls quickly and efficiently by saying a personsname, a department name or a telephone number.

    Conferencing and CollaborationYour employees need to transparently leverage theircommunications devices and tools as well as managetheir own availability regardless of the challenges ofgeography, time or infrastructure. Mitels conferencingand collaboration solutions enable you to foster adynamic, real-time environment in order to share ideasand information in the pursuit of common goals. Theyallow employees in geographically dispersed locations tocommunicate more effectively streamlining businessprocesses, improving customer care, enhancingproductivity and reducing expenses.

    Mitel Audio & Web Conferencing (as part of MAS)

    Inter-Tel Remote Support provides your technicalsupport personnel with tools needed to manage aqueue of online requests, including monitoring andaccessing remote PCs.

    Mitel Unified Communicator 5000(formerly Inter-Tel Unified Communicator) enablesusers to implement routing rules and view presencestatus of colleagues to initiate real-timecollaboration sessions.

    Inter-Tel Connection Assistant enablesindividuals or small workgroups to control their callhandling and program their extensions to managecall activity.

    Inter-Tel Attendant Console provides callprocessing and real-time status tool.

    Customer Interaction SolutionsCustomers can make or break your organization. Youremployees provide an introduction to your organization,and customers will make decisions about the efficiency,politeness, and accuracy of your organization based onthe performance of your call center or workgroup. Mitelscustomer interaction solutions provide the ability for youto better understand, manage and service your customersthrough a wide range of multi-media contact touch points.

    Mitel Customer Service Manager (formerly Inter-TelContact Center Suite) enables informal call centersor workgroups to efficiently monitor, manage androute calls. It provides real-time businessintelligence, measures departmental efficiency,increases employee productivity and helps you toidentify trends.

    Messaging You need a messaging solution that responds to yourorganizations unique challenges in the exchange of ideas,needs and solutions. Mitels robust messaging solutionsprovide you with feature-rich capabilities to stay in touchwith your mission-critical messages and to retrieve, storeand send messages in new and innovative ways.

    Mitel NuPoint Messenger (as part of MAS)

    Inter-Tel Applications IVR integrates computer,telephony, automatic speech recognition (ASR) andtext-to-speech (TTS) capabilities and allows forcustomization for virtually every type of environment

    Inter-Tel Enterprise Messaging provides aunified presentation for voice, fax and / or e-mailcommunications with optional speech recognitionand TTS support.

    Inter-Tel Unified Messaging combines emails,faxes and voicemail into a single message mailbox.

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  • RedefinedBusiness Communications

    Highly Scalable ArchitectureThe 5000 CP software is built on a scalable platform thatefficiently combines the best of both data networkingand TDM switching architectures. The 5000 CP familyuses a common base server and provides modules andprocessors designed to help businesses protect theirinvestment as they grow. As a hybrid system, the 5000CP provides a complete solution for pure IPdeployments, as well as mixed deployments consistingof both IP and digital phones perfect for thosebusinesses that need to manage the transition fromdigital to IP or wish to deploy both or either one basedon their business needs.

    Networking Made EasyCS-5200, CS-5400 and CS-5600 offer:

    Support for Mitel and third-partysoftware applications

    Support for Mitel IP phones andperipheral modules

    Support for the 8000 series digital, IP andwireless phones

    Support for Mitel 8602 Softphone

    Support for voicemail

    Support for conferencing

    Built-in Fax over IP (T.38)

    Two built-in analog trunk ports

    Two built-in analog station ports

    Three module bays allow for internal expansionand can be used in any combination:

    T-1 / E-1 / PRI Module can be used to connect tothe telephone company, to other phone systemsor to other CS-5200, CS-5400 and CS-5600communications servers. The module supports24, 30 and 23 channels of voice, respectively

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