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Missy Kulik

Missy Kulik is an illustrator, cartoonist, zine maker, artist, and crafter. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,Past Her clients included Athens Magazine, Venus Magazine, Sassy Baby toys, and Pittsburgh City Paper.also worked with a number of national and international independent artists, musicians, and writers for various projects.

Dorky Lifestyle for fierce magazine

Tofu Baby for the Flagpole Magazine (popular Athens magazine)

Kulik began mail-order in 1990She began to sell zines on her website howeverShe began on easy in 2005 and has sold much more.Her price for zines rage from 1.35-101.61 etsy has a huge zine community

Friends of Lulu is a non-profit, national charitable organisation in the united states ,founded in 1994 to promote readership of comic books by women and the participation of women in the comic book industry.Amongst the goals for the magazine is to encourage Female reader ship of comics ,offer networking to women in the comic industry as well as to promote to work of women in comics.

The organisation is open to both men and women that support what the organisation stands for Both professionals and those who simply enjoy comic books can join.

Missy Kulick was on factsheet five however found the internet was a better place to publish and sell her zines.

Factsheet five was a comprehensive guide to zines and alternative publications. Each issue was packed with reviews of independent, DIY and unusual publications. Factsheet Five cataloged and reviewed many zines comparing price, as well ordering information and review. it also included informative articles on zine culture, independent publishing, lively columns, interviews with self-publishers, and an extensive news section. Her Favorite zinesters are Emily Lyon who does a great zine about being a flight attendant called Big Wing, Little Wing; John Porcellino of King-Cat Comics and StoriesFounded in 1982 by Mike Gunderloy who began the review zine as a two-page dittoed publication. It grew into the main place find the best zines.However with the rise of the internet ,it lost popularity.

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