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  • Mississippi River Flood of 2011

    flight over Yazoo City are and Vicksburg 6 days before crest

  • Bridge outside Yazoo City

  • Outside Yazoo City personal levee around house, out buildings gone

  • Mississippi River back water overflows Yazoo River channel (curve between trees)

  • House on stilts between Yazoo and Vicksburg water almost toohigh for the stilts

  • Mississippi Overflow near Vicksburg

  • Last chance to land in Vicksburg, water will cover runway when it crests

  • Crops gone, lone house with personal levee still dry near Vicksburg

  • Vicksburg residents parking where the water meets the road and taking boats

  • Mississippi River at Vicksburg -- area looks dry and green from the air, until you see that everything under the tree canopy is water

  • Vicksburg Ameristar Casino

  • Vicksburg casino

  • Flood wall working for downtown Vicksburg so far

  • Owners of buildings outside of flood wall not so lucky

  • Business as usual on the river