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This was a project that Devin did for his history class at The Atonement Academy.


  • 1. MISSION SAN FERNANDO DE LA ESPADA Mission Persuasion Presentation By Devin Gonzalez

2. THE MEANING OF ESPADA Mission Espada has a meaning to it. Espada means SWORD. 3. When it was foundedMission Espada wasfist found in the year1690.In the year 1731 themission was movedto San Antonio andrenamed as MissionEspada. This was the very first mission in San Antonio 4. Enviroment The Mission was verylarge and spacious, therewere many trees in thatsurrounded it and gave ita lot of shade. The only way to getwater was to go to thenearest river 5. The Natives The Native Indians werethe Nabedache it meansblackberry place in thecaddo language. These Indians were notfriendly. When the Mission wasmoved to San Antonio theCoahuiltecan Indians werefriendly Indians. 6. Transportation The people that lived in the Mission got around by walking, usin g horses, oxen,mules 7. Structure The structure on theMission was mostlymade of bricks andlarge pieces ofwood that framedthe doors andwindows. 8. Resources There was notthat manynaturalrecourses butthere was waterand soil. The aqueductswhere built towater thefarmland 9. FOOD The things they used to get food was usingoxen, mules for there farming. They ate there livestock and wheat andmaze. 10. WEATHER THE weather in Mission Espada was never to hot or cold it was warm and cool. 11. THINGS TO DO In Mission Espadayou needed tofarm to get food. You also neededto farm and workin the fields. Guard the Missionfrom the enemyIndians. 12. THINGS TO DO They also didtheir ownblacksmithing 13. SIGNIFICANTThe one thingthat interestingis that thereare three mainbells on top ofthe churchThis Missionwas the onlyone to makethere ownbricks 14. MISSION LIFE The Mission Espada you would be able togo to school at the Mission and there in achurch for you to go to mass. The missionaries strove to make life in themission resemble that of Spanish villages.They taught mission Indians specificvocations like carpentry, masonry, andstonecutting. 15. THE CONVENT The Missionhad a conventfor the nuns. The nunswould teachthe children. The churchwas fairlysmall. 16. OTHER INDIANS Some of the other Indians where the apacheand the Coahuiltecan. The Coahuiltecan where friendly Indiansthe apache were not friendly. 17. MY WEBSITES http://www.nps.gov/saan/planyourvisit/espada.htm http://ww.rickdenney.com/texas.htmhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/jimnix/4878500111/http://www.travelpod.com/travel-photo/mikeandkelsey/4/1268341899/mission-san-jose---rose-window.jpg/tpod.htmlhttp://sometimessophia.blogspot.com/2009/03/san-antonio-day-three-and-corpus.htmlhttp://www.teacheroz.com/Texas_History.htmhttp://herenow.7beats.com/2006_09_01_archive.html Live Pictures : By Devin Gonzalez 18. HOPED YOU ENJOYED 19. THEEND