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Miranda Doyle San Francisco Unified School District One True Media (onetruemedia.com) or jaycut.com One True Media Denzils video Assign report in comic strip form Show a comic strip and have students write it describe setting, characters, use dialogue Have students turn a scene from a novel or story, or a concept in a science/social studies text, into a comic strip Have students write and illustrate an original comic strip or comic book Other ideas Login msdoyle, school password Khalens book Alices book Book trailers like movie trailers but for books Research reports using text and photos Poetry alternate line of poetry with an image that adds meaning Personal narratives; tell a digital story (see Streetside Stories for examples) Illustrate a science concept with words and drawings/pictures Dramatize a historical event Write poetry Learn about alliteration, metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, etc. Get story ideas use words as story or sentence starters Sort words: nouns, verbs, adjectives Write concrete poems or haiku Other? Make a picture book Summarize a plot in pictures Make a drawing to illustrate a report Make a sympathy or congratulatory card for a character in a book Draw a picture to convey the tone or mood of a book or poem Make an instruction manual for operating a piece of equipment (7 th grade standard) Other? Teach information literacy, i.e. the Tree Octopus how images can be manipulated Have students create fantasy creatures/images to study different genres of fiction Lessons on advertising and the use of images Edit photos for picture books or other projects Other? Teach a lesson on appropriate fonts for different purposes (formal vs. informal) Learn about fonts and writing styles through the ages Okay, this is mostly just for fun! Other? Have students brainstorm together from different locations/classrooms/labs Save ideas from a days worth of classes Use for group projects Have students sign up for topics while in the computer lab or library Use for Think Pair Share activity so that all partners can share Other? Contests and competitions Free time, but limit students to learning games on your web site Typing games to improve typing speed and also word recognition Other? 1. Comics (requires registration/ address) 2. Books/Writing ToolsMake sentences --Write it! Videos(requires registration) 4. Animation5. Poetry Instant Poetry Forms: 6. Art Photo editing 8. Graffiti 9. Work together Games See my word games link at msdoyle.info https://mlk-sfusd-ca.schoolloop.com/cms/page_view?d=x&piid=&vpid=