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  • Minor Partiesaka Third Parties

  • Types of Minor PartiesIdeologicalHave a comprehensive set of viewsOften radical or reactionaryMost enduring type yet never won a state in a presidential electionExamples (in USA) include:SocialistCommunistLibertarian

  • Types of Minor PartiesSingle-Issue PartiesAddress one concern Usually against somethingAvoid other issuesExamplesProhibition didnt work, but still tryingAmerican Know-nothing anti-immigrationFree Soil anti-slavery

  • Types of Minor PartiesEconomic ProtestRegional issuesFarmer-labor partiesUsually during economic depressionsExamplesGreenbackPopulistTea Party

  • Types of Minor PartiesFactional, Splinter, Bolter PartiesSplit from Major Party Discontented leaderExamplesBull Moose(1912) Teddy RooseveltDixiecrat(1948) Strom ThurmondAmerican Independent(1968) George Wallace

  • Recent Minor PartiesGreen Party 2000 & 2004Ralph Nader Reform Party 1992 & 1996Ross PerotIndependent 1980John AndersonAmerican Independent 1968George Wallace

  • Other Significant Minor PartiesElection of 1948 States Rights Dixiecrats Strom ThurmondProgressive Henry WallaceDewey Defeats Truman headlineElection of 1912Bull Moose Progressive partyTeddy Roosevelt 4.1m 88 EVTaft 3.4 m 8 EV (1908 7.6m 321 EV)Wilson 6.2 m 435 EV

  • Impact of Minor PartiesPolicy advocatesMost successfulWomens vote, Income Tax, Election of SenatorsSuccess may mean end if single issueSafety ValveOption for the discontent. Green, Reform & TeaVote getterLeast success Vote stealer?

  • Vote Stealer?

  • Most Successful Minor PartyRepublican PartyFormed in 1854 single issueSecond in 1856 presidential electionWon Presidency in 1860Became dominate party in last half of 1800sStill around today

  • Why Minor Parties FailDont winException Minnesota 1998Governor Jesse Ventura Reform PartyPlurality (three way split) Ventura 37%, Coleman Rep. 34.3%, Humphrey Dem 28.1%Major party reabsorbs the splinter groupTea Party Republicans never left!Or group switches party Personality cult not party Bull Moose Party Teddy RooseveltReform Party Ross PerotIssue is solved or no longer problem


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