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MQI Minhaj-ul-Quran Activities 2010 2011 PROMOTING PEACE & COMBATING EXTREMISM


Minhaj-ul-Quran InternationalMinhaj-ul-Quran International (MQI) is a multi-dimensional organisation whose aims include: to promote peace and love between communities and religions and increase mutual understanding and respect; to provide comprehensive education for all; to safeguard the rights of women and downtrodden groups; to alleviate poverty and work towards socio-economic justice for all; to tackle religious extremism and intolerance and promote the true vision of Islam. MQI was founded in 1981 by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, and in less than 30 years its presence has spread to 90 countries around the world. There are now branches and centres in most major cities in Europe, throughout the Middle East, Asia and the Far East, as well as North America, all working towards the peaceful and life-giving objectives of MQI.

MQI AT A GLANCE Presence (over 90 countries ) Organizational Structure ( 74 countries) Membership (0.5 million registered members + millions of affiliates ) Institutional Spread (69 educational, cultural and community centres outside Pakistan) Educational Systems (572 schools, colleges and a University) Publications ( 450 books + 2 monthly magazines ) Cassettes Circulation (more than 5000) Minhaj Welfare Foundation (Social Welfare and Emergency Relief) Minhaj University Lahore (Officially Chartered University)



PROMOTING PEACE & COMBATING EXTREMISMT he promotion of peace and integration are key aspects of M inhajul- Q uran. P eace and tolerance is MQ Is major objective and the organization has vigorously pursued this from its very inception. T he founder, D r M uhammad T ahir-ul-Qadri understands Islam to be a religion of peace, love, c o-existence, tolerance, human dignity, veneration of human life and a c harter of jus tice and equality for mankind. D r Q adri decided to pursue and establish the path of peac e through nurturing and the establishment of c omprehensive education systems. From the very beginning, M Q I has promoted the concepts of inter-faith harmony, interc ommunity integration and coherence for the greater happiness of mankind. M inhaj P eace and I ntegration Councils (MPICs) are an important forum of M Q I; these have been es tablished all over the world where MQ I has its organizational s tructure. T hese forums arrange ac tivities and produce literature to encourage the M uslims living there as a minority to integrate into the hos t s ocieties and become a us eful part of the wider c ommunity. MPICs also organize activities to help inc rease mutual understanding and strengthen bonds between member of all religious and ethnic groups to help towards community c ohesion and harmony. I t is of particular note that most major Islamic religious organizations modified their position in res pect of extremism, killing of innocent c ivilians and suicide bombings only following the 9 /11 T win T ower attacks, prior to whic h their s tance on s uch atrocities was often vague or muted or in s ome c as es even s upportive, if tacitly s o. I n contrast, the position of D r Q adri and M inhaj-ul-Quran has been c lear from the beginning. H e has c ommunicated most emphatically the message of I slam peace, love, tolerance and c o-existence to human s ociety around the globe. H e has c ountered the ons laught of extremism against the intellectual and c onceptual fronts of I slam not in the s pirit of antagonism or anger, but at the level of erudition, s cholarship and rationalism. D r Q adri was the first prominent I slamic scholar to unequivocally c ondemn the 9 -11 attacks, and dec lare them totally inhuman and un- Islamic. H e was a very vocal c ritic of the T ailban even before they formed the government in A fghanistan. H e was among first to c ondemn Saddam H ussains invas ion of Kuwait. H is worldwide s truggle against extremism has c ontinued ever since, and reached a c limax with the announcement of his now famous 6 00-page Fatwa against T errorism and Suicide Bombing in M arch 2010 in L ondon, whic h was followed by the first UK anti-terror youth c amp in A ugust 2010 at Warwick University U K, followed by his lectures on the true concept of J ihad at G eorge T own U niversity and the U nited States Institute of P eace, Was hington DC in D ecember 2010.



Shaykh-ul-Islam Speaks at the American Institute of PeaceDated: 10 November 2010 Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri delivered a special lecture on Islamic Concept of Jihad at the US Institute of Peace on November 10, a prestigious think-tank. The audience comprised senior scholars, doctors, professors, engineers, policy makers and opinion leaders etc. Shaykh-ul-Islam who was on an important visit to the United States was accompanied by Sahibzada Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri. [Click for more detail] http://www.minhaj.org/english/tid/12858/Shaykh-ul-Islam-Dr-Muhammad-Tahir-ul-Qadri-speaks-atthe-United-States-Institute-of-Peace-American.html



Shaykh-ul-Islam speaks at Georgetown University in Washington DCD ated: 0 8 November 2 010 Following the s uccessful anti-terrorism fatwa in M arch 2010, Shaykh-ul-Islam D r Muhammad Tahir-ulQ adri was invited by renowned s cholar Professor J ohn Esposito to s peak at G eorgetown U niversity at the P rince A lwaleed Bin T alal Center for M uslim-Christian Understanding. P rof J ohn E sposito introduced Shaykh-ul-Islam D r M uhammad T ahir-ul-Qadri and invited him to s peak to an audience which included US- government officials, c adets from U S Army, N avy and Air Force as well as ac ademicians, policy makers and representatives of various organizations and agencies. Former D irector of O perations of World Bank, M r Ziad Alahdad was also present. [Click for more detail]




Shaykh-ul-Islam speaks at Global Peace & Unity EventD ated: 2 4 O ctober 2 010 I s lam s tands for peace, love and human dignity and there is no room for terrorism in I slam. T his was s tated by Shaykh-ul-Islam D r. M uhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, in a powerful s peech to a gathering of thous ands of British M uslims at the G lobal P eace & U nity event on 2 4 O ctober 2 010. [Click for more detail]




Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri speaks at World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2011 in DavosD ated: 2 7 J anuary 2 011 D r M uhammad T ahir-ul-Qadri has s aid that terrorism has adversely impacted the economies of the developing and the developed c ountries. T errorists have no religion. T he phenomenon of terrorism has not appeared s uddenly out of nowhere. Rather it has evolved through the phases of radicalism and extremism and terrorists are us ed as fodder for the c annons of the mas terminds of this evil. H e s aid that there are five phases through which terrorism passes. Radical and c onservative attitudes are ideological in nature and give birth to militancy and terrorism. A c cording to the press statement issued by the D irectorate of M edia, D r M uhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri expressed these views while addressing the annual meeting of the World E conomic Forum in D avos. H e is the only I slamic scholar from ac ross the world who has been invited to s peak at the World E c onomic Forum on T he Reality of T errorism [Click for more detail]


Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri speaking at World Economic Forum in Davos on 27 January 2011 (A lso on the panel, on the right Mr John Chipman and on the lef t Mr Imran Khan)



Sha ykh-ul-Islam meeting wi th the Presi dent of I ndonesi a , Mr Susi l o B a mba ng Yudhoy ono

Dr T ahir-ul-Qadri meeting P resident of Indonesia,Dr T ahir-ul-Qadri, Imran Khan and a par ticipant in M r Susilo Bambang Y udhoyono Davos

Fazlun Khalid with Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri



International Mawlid-un-Nabi Conference 2011 under MQID ated: 1 5 February 2 011 T he 2 7th annual M awlid-un-Nabi Conference, the biggest event of its kind in the Muslim World, was held under the banner of M inhaj-ul-Quran I nternational between the intervening nights of 1 1th and 1 2 th of Rabi-ul-Awwal (February 1 5, 2011) at the historic M inar-e-Pakistan and Romford L ondon. T he c hief highlight of the C onference was the keynote s peech of Shaykh-ul-Islam D r Muhammad Tahir-ulQ adri, whic h he delivered from U K through video c onferencing to an audience of hundreds of thous ands of people all the over the world. T he proceedings of the C onference were telecast live by A RY N ews and in well over 90 c ountries via internet. [Click for more detail]


Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri addresses the 27th annual Mawlid-un-Nabi Conf erence held at historic Minar-e-Pakistan through video conf erencing f rom UK.


Women's overwhelming participation in the International Mawlid-un-Nabi Conf erence at the Minar-e-Pakistan


Thousands attend MQIs Milad March in three citiesD ated: 0 6 February 2 011 T housands of people participated in the M ilad M arch organized under the banner of M inhaj-ul-Quran I nternational and expressed their love for the H oly Prophet (peace be upon him). T he March, which was meant to welc ome the advent of the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awwal and for the demonstration and promotion of love and respect fo