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  • 1. SBCC Midweek Service Prayer Focus: FAMILY


  • Pray that God will cover our families and keep them protected from the evil one.
  • Pray for the husbands and fathers in our families that they would always seek the Lord in all their decisions and directions for the family.
  • Ask God to strengthen and affirm the wives and mothers. Pray that the Lord will bless their hearts desires for their families.


  • Thank the Lord for his daily provision for our needs. Ask God for his favor for our families special needs.
  • Pray for the families who are facing difficulties. Ask God to unite them in mind, heart and spirit with his love and truth.
  • Please pray for overall good health for all the families and its members. Pray also for salvation of Jesus to come to our family members who do not know the Lord yet.


  • Pray for good health for everyone.
  • May the Lord help Xaris in the everyday demands of her work and bring her success in what she does.
  • Ask the Lord to lead Dia (Faith) to the job where she can maximize her knowledge and skills and grow in her walk with the Lord.
  • Pray for Johns studies.


  • Praise the Lord for another year added to JV. He celebrated his birthday yesterday.
  • Please pray for continuous healing for Errold and recover quickly from the paralysis on the left side of his face. Pray for healing also for RJ on the wound in his right arm.
  • Please intercede for the wedding preparations of Normi and her fiance Daniel. May the Lord grant wisdom for them in their planning and also protection from the attacks of the enemy.
  • Praythat God will keep the family from harms way and to grow in love and unity everyday.


  • Pray for Isaac's healing. His fever relapsed. Praise God that he is still a happy baby in spite of the sickness.
  • Pray for daily protection for the rest of the family.

7. ROSALES FAMILY Lets intercede for Kuya Ramon Rosales mother, Andrea Rosales, who is in the US. She suffered stroke in 2007 and she was bedridden since. The doctor said she only has two weeks to live. He was able to share to her over the phone and was told by his sister that she is listening though she just cant speak. Lets pray that she will truly surrender her life to Jesus. Intercede also that God will extend her life that she may enjoy her remaining days to serve the Lord and be with her love ones. 8. BORJA FAMILY Thank God for his goodness because Mae will be attending the Family Camp in April. ALBERTO FAMILY Pray that Edwins blood pressure will stabilize. He lately experiences highblood pressure. 9.

  • Pray that the houses visited and invited will come with ready hearts to receive healing from the Lord both physically and spiritually.
  • Intercede that this mission will truly serve Gods purpose in this community and provide the opportunity to connect and reach out to them.
  • Pray for coordination among the committees (Medical, Dental, Registration, Pharmacy, Counseling, Childrens Ministry, etc.).
  • Ask for Gods strength to empower all the volunteers tomorrow.


  • Ask the Lord to cover this place with the most precious blood of Jesus and rebuke the works of the enemy that will hinder His Word to be received by the people.
  • Pray for supernatural healing to be experienced by those who come to God and seek Him.
  • Pray most especially for the counselors who will be talking to the patients. Intercede for them and ask for the Holy Spirit's boldness to be upon them that they may speak the truth and share the Gospel with clarity and power.


  • Commit to the Lord this activity. May it be done according to how He wants it done. May it not be just an activity but an avenue to once again encounter Jesusnot only for the patients, but also for all of SBBCers and volunteers.


  • Thank God for the opportunity that he opened for SBCC to minister to more than a thousand students there. The administration gave SBCC an hour to facilitate a program during the students recollection (spiritual retreat).
  • Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom and creativity to come up with a program that will invite them to come to know the Lord in a personal way. Ask God to prepare the people who will speak and empower them through the Holy Spirit.

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