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SS 9 BC Curriculum Crossroads Textbook


  • 1. Midterm 2 Review SS 9 January 2014 Period C Thursday, Jan 23 (1-3 PM) Period B Friday, Jan 24 (9-11 AM) Period D Friday, Jan 24 (1-3 PM)

2. Chapter 6 Identify and understand the different geographical regions of North America. Understand how land-forms are created. Understand the effects of the Ice Age in creating the different regions of North America. 3. Chapter 7 Understand the terms of anthropology. Describe the history and lifestyle of the 5 different Native culture groups. Identify the patterns of subsistence, shelter, and transportation of each group. Identity the important natural resources of each group. Describe the social organization of each group. Explain the difference between myth and legend. 4. Chapter 8 Identify important events in the early stages of European exploration and the colonization of Canada. Explain the meaning of colonialism and mercantilism. Evaluate the relationship between the Native peoples and the colonists. 5. Chapter 9 Outline the role of the fur trade in Canada. Describe the function and duties of the fur trade. Identify factors that created conflicts in the fur trade. Describe the economics of the fur trade. Evaluate the importance of rivers and other geographic elements to the spread and success of the Canadian fur trade. 6. Chapter 10 Analyse the causes of the American Revolution. Evaluate the contributions of the Loyalists to the development of Canada. Outline the history of the events that constitute the American War of Independence. Evaluate the role of women in pioneer life. Describe major events in the War of 1812.