Middle Last Name First Name Name Cemetery Location of Cemetary ListinBobb Paul M. Cedar Hill Cemetery Beavertown, PA WWII ... Last Name First Name Name Cemetery Location of Cemetery War Fought

Download Middle Last Name First Name Name Cemetery Location of   Cemetary ListinBobb Paul M. Cedar Hill Cemetery Beavertown, PA WWII ... Last Name First Name Name Cemetery Location of Cemetery War Fought

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  • LastName FirstNameMiddleName Cemetery LocationofCemetery WarFought


    Aber William A. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIAbramson Alfred WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIAcker Lawrence W. OrchardHillsCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIAckley Charles E. SalemLutheranCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIAdams Ernest F. DunklesCemetery Kutztown,PA WWII YesAdams Fred J. Lawver'sChurchCemetery McClure,PA WWIIAdams William Jr. WitmersMemorialCemetery PortTreverton,PA WWIIAdams William M. NorthumberlandMemorialPark Stonington,Pa. WWIIAiella Philip J. IndianTownGapNational Annville,PA WWII YesAiello Leborio J. IndianTownGapNational Annville,PA WWII YesAmig Charles M. EvergreenCemetery Freeburg,PA WWIIAnderson Dale F. RichfieldCemetery Richfield,PA Korean YesAnderson Donald M. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIAnderson John A. McEwensvilleCemetery McEwensville,PA WWII YesAnderson Walter E. WitmersMemorialCemetery PortTreverton,PA WWIIAndrews Fredrick J. Shreiner'sCemetery MonroeTownship WWII YesAngst Kermit F. EvergreenCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIApp Charles W. TrinityLutheranCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIArbogast Gordon E. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIArbogast Harry W. EvergreenCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIArbogast Ralph H. SalemLutheranCemetery Selinsgrove,PA KoreanArbogast Robert D. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA KoreanArnold Harry A. ParadiseCemetery PortTreverton,PA WWIIArnold Harry H. Grubb'sCemetery PortTreverton,PA WWIArnold Ralph C. RichfieldCemetery Richfield,PA WWII YesArnold Samuel M. St.Paul'sCemetery Mifflin,PA WWII YesArrison Byron A.Jr. ArlingtonNationalPark Arlington,VA Vietnam YesAshbridge Edward L. UnionCemetery McClure,PA WWIAttig Charles E.Sr. OrchardHillsCemetery ShamokinDam,PA Korean&VietnamAttinger Douglas E. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA KoreanAttinger Franklin S. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIAttinger Fred H.II GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIAucker Ernest G. FairviewCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIAucker George A. FairviewCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIAucker James FairviewCemetery Freeburg,PA WWIIAucker Raymond K. RichfieldCemetery Richfield,PA WWII YesAucker Robert F.Jr. EvergreenCemetery Freeburg,PA WWIIAucker Victor E. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIAuman George O. SalemLutheranCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIAumiller George C. CedarHillCemetery Beavertown,PA WWII

  • Aumiller John F. CedarHillCemetery Beavertown,PA WWIIAumiller Neil M. OrchardHillsCemetery ShamokinDam,PA VietnamAumiller Park E. CedarHillCemetery Beavertown,PA KoreanAumiller Paul H. EvergreenCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIAumiller Carl G. BeaverspringsCemetery Beaversprings,PA WWIIAurand Eugene F. ReformedCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIAurand Jay A. PaxtonvilleCemetery Paxtonville,PA WWIIAurand Ray W. SalemLutheranCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIAurand Robert W. NorthumberlandMemorialPark Stonington,Pa. WWII YesAurand Robert W. SalemLutheranCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWII

  • LastName FirstNameMiddleName Cemetery LocationofCemetery WarFought


    Babick Edward M.Jr. Unknown California Vietnam YesBachman Paul H. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBachman Robert C. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBahner Jacob E. EvergreenCemetery Menomonie,Wisconsin WWI YesBailey Clyde A.Sr. Shreiner'sCemetery Selinsgrove,PA VietnamBailey Donald E. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA KoreanBailey Earnest C. EvergreenCemetery Freeburg,PA WWIIBailey Forrest E. St.Paul'sCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBailey Francis S. Shreiner'sCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBailey Glenn A. CedarHillCemetery Beavertown,PA WWIIBailey Gordon M. OrchardHillsCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBailey Marlin M. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBailey Marlin N. St.Paul'sCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBailey Max E. Shreiner'sCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBailor Henry E. RichfieldCemetery Richfield,PA WWII YesBair Mark W. Mt.TunnelCemetery Elizabethtown,PA WWII YesBaker Albert W. ChurchHillCemetery KellyTownship Korean&Vietnam YesBaker Archie C. McClureCemetery McClure,PA WWIIBaker Cluney A. McClureCemetery McClure,PA WWIIBaker Donald E. HumanityGiftsRegistry Philadelphia,PA WWII YesBaker Ellsworth A. FairbotvilleCemetery Unknown WWI YesBaker Hassell S. Unknown Unknown WWI YesBaker Henry E. BlackOakRidgeCemetery McClure,PA WWIIBaker Lynn B. CedarHillCemetery Beavertown,PA VietnamBaker Paul L. Samuel'sChurchCemetery McClure,PA WWIIBaker Raymond H.Jr. BannervilleCemetery W.BeaverTownship WWIIBaker Robert D. UnionCemetery McClure,PA WWIIBaker Theodore W. UnionCemetery McClure,PA WWIIBaker Warren A. UnionCemetery McClure,PA WWIIBaker Clarence E. Shreiner'sCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBall Herman WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIBall Warren H. JuniataMemorialParkCemetery Lewistown,PA WWII YesBallantine Lewis S. OddFellowsCemetery Shamokin,PA WWII YesBalmer Russell B. AdamsburgCemetery Beaversprings,PA WWIIBalmer Wayne A. BeaverspringsCemetery Beaversprings,PA VietnamBarner Samuel A. St.ThomasCemetery Mt.PleasantMills,PA KoreanBarni Robert J. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBasom Donald B. St.John(Barners)/(Perry)Cemetery Liverpool,PA WWII YesBasom Nevin J. EbenezerCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBasom Robert E. PomfretManorCrematory Korean Yes

  • Bassler Clair P. HillsideCemetery McAlisterville,PA WWII YesBastress Clark E.Jr. Shreiner'sCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBastress Robert M. EvergreenCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBathurst Harry M. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIBathurst John S. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBatt John D. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBaumgardner Arthur F.Sr. Samuel'sChurchCemetery Mifflin,PA WWII YesBeachel Cloyd I. GodsMissionaryChurchCemetery Beavertown,PA WWIIBeachel Edwin C. HarmonCemetery Milton,PA WWII YesBeachel Russell C. God'sMissionaryChurchCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBeatty Donald R. FairviewCemetery Mt.PleasantMills,PA KoreanBeaver Franklin L. KratzervilleReformedCemetery Kratzerville,PA WWIIBeaver Herman E. Erdley'sChurchCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBeaver Ralph N. ZionReformedCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBeaver Robert L. ChesnutHillsCemetery Winfield,PA WWII YesBeaver William S. WinfieldCemetery Winfield,PA WWI YesBeck Charles F. GreenlawnMemorialParkCemetery Montgomery,PA Korean YesBelelisha Robert M. HartletonCemetery HartleyTownship Korean YesBell Chester L. GuierCemetery Winfield,PA Korean YesBell Elmer J. TroxelvilleUnionCemetery Troxelville,PA WWIBellis Edward J. PomfretManorCemetery Sunbury,PA WWII YesBender Charles H. OrchardHillsCemetery ShamokinDam,PA KoreanBender Robert C.Sr. JuniataMemorialParkCemetery Lewistown,PA Korean YesBenfer Franklin R. HighlandCemetery NewColumbia,PA Korean YesBenfer Harry R. BeaverspringsCemetery Beaversprings,PA WWIBenfer James F. LewisburgCemetery Lewisburg,PA WWII YesBenfer Park R. TroxelvilleUnionCemetery Troxelville,PA WWIIBenfer Scott H. EvergreenCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBenfer Theodore J. HighlandCemetery NewColumbia,PA WWII YesBenner Harry R. FairviewCemetery Mt.PleasantMills,PA KoreanBenner Roy H. VerdillaCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBenner Walter M. ArbogastsCemetery Mt.PleasantMills,PA WWIIBenner Warren O. UnionCemetery Richfield,PA WWII YesBenner Elmer F. OrchardHillsCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBennet David A. DryValleyCemetery JacksonTownship WWI YesBenson Irvin E. StoneChurchCemetery Mechanicsburg,PA WWII YesBenzenberg Henry C.Jr. Cremated Reading,PA Korean YesBerge John F. LewisburgCemetery Lewisburg,PA WWII YesBerger Person B. SalemUMChurchCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBergstresser Edwin L. UnionCemetery Woodward,PA WWII YesBergstresser Edwin L. WoodwardUnionCemetery Woodward,PA WWII YesBergstresser Stephen W. UnionCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBerkey Gerald W. Shreiner'sCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWII

  • Berry Clarene M. OrchardHillsCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBertram Robert F. SalemLutheranChurchCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBesek John B. PomfretManorCemetery Sunbury,PA WWII YesBetsker Irvin J. NorthumberlandMemorialPark Stonington,PA WWII YesBetzer Raymond E. FairviewCemetery Freeburg,PA KoreanBickel Drew L. OrchardHillsCemetery ShamokinDam,PA KoreanBickhart Arthur E. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBickhart Charles H. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA VietnamBickhart Clarion M. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBickhart Donald E. Grubb'sChurchCemetery Mt.PleasantMills,PA WWIIBickhart Donald R. TroxelvilleUnionCemetery Troxelville,PA WWIIBickhart Franklin G. TroxelvilleUnionCemetery Troxelville,PA WWIIBickhart Gerald E. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBickhart Paul O. WaysideCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBickhart Roy R. PaxtonvilleCemetery Paxtonville,PA WWIBickhart Russell E. TroxelvilleUnionCemetery Troxelville,PA WWIIBidelspach Terry D. OrchardHillsCemetery ShamokinDam,PA PersianGulfBidelspach Uriah S. OrchardHillsCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBilger Banks E. Erdley'sChurchCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBilger Bright O. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBilger Marlin R. UnionCemetery McClure,PA WWIIBilger Robert W. GlendaleCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBillhime Earl S. ZionChurchCemetery Middleburg,PA KoreanBingaman Bernell M. ZionChurchCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBingaman Dale L. ZionChurchCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBingaman Jay F. BeaverspringsCemetery Beaversprings,PA WWIBingaman Jay W.Jr. ZionLutheranChurchCemetery Treverton,PA Vietnam YesBingaman Max H. CedarHillCemetery Beavertown,PA WWIBingaman Paul E. McClureCemetery McClure,PA WWIIBingaman Percy L. UnionCemetery Selinsgrove,PA WWIIBingaman Ralph B. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBingaman Ray E. ZionChurchCemetery Middleburg,PA WWIIBingaman Roger Q. PaxtonvilleCemetery Paxtonville,PA WWIBingaman Stanley J. TroxelvilleUnionCemetery Troxelville,PA WWIIBingaman Walter B. UnionCemetery PennsCreek,PA WWIIBingaman William F. TroxelvilleUnionCemetery Troxelville,PA WWIBingeman Charles C. WestSideCemetery ShamokinDam,PA WWIIBingman David J. CedarHillCemetery Beavertown,PA WWIIBingman Glenn N. AdamsburgCemetery Beaversprings,PA WWIIBingman J


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