Middle East Peace: How You and I Can Make a Difference

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An engaging presentation about being part of the Universal Peace Federation's Middle East Peace Initiative, which includes visits to sacred and historic sites, interfaith encounters, opportunities for service, and briefings with officials.


<ul><li> 1. Middle East Peace InitiativeMiddle East Peace InitiativeUniversal Peace FederationUniversal Peace Federationwww.upf.orgwww.upf.orgMIDDLE EAST PEACE:How you and I canmake a difference</li></ul> <p> 2. Can this land ever see peace? 3. Bombs in Jerusalem . . . 4. Miles of wasteland in Gaza . . . 5. Where do we find hope? 6. What is the Middle East PeaceInitiative all about?How did it start?Does it work? Can anything work?What can we do? 7. First-hand understanding is best. 8. On MEPI trips we see Jerusalem 9. Visit the Mount of Olives 10. Get baptized in the Jordan River 11. Sail on the sea of Galilee 12. And imagine what it was like 13. When Jesus sailed these waters. 14. Everyone has a fine time! 15. But then we go to Bethlehem 16. To see the church of the Nativity. 17. Coming back to the border 18. We pass through a checkpoint. 19. It reminds one of East Berlin 20. We march together for peace 21. With people from many nations. 22. We pray at the Western Wall 23. And go to Al Aqsa mosque. 24. There is dramatic repentance 25. And heartwarming reconciliation. 26. All kinds of people join in. 27. At a peace rally in a park 28. Local people show their concern. 29. Faith leaders speak passionately 30. And all listen carefully. 31. Everyone likes it, from the old 32. To the very young 33. There is a lot of dancing 34. And many new friendships. 35. People of all faiths come on stage. 36. A Muslim lights Hanukah candles 37. Faith leaders pray for peace 38. And everyone joins in. 39. We also arrange service projects 40. Art workshops for peacemaking 41. Tree planting always a favorite 42. And in fact an old Israeli tradition 43. Muslim volunteers helped clean 44. A neglected Lutheran cemetery. 45. Everyone worked hard together 46. Even the youngest kids joined in. 47. Volunteers held parties 48. For the children of Bethlehem. 49. For the first time in several years 50. Christmas decorations went up. 51. Arabs tutored Jewish youth. 52. The youth learned old traditions. 53. Working together brings hope. 54. Arabs and Israelis host us. 55. Jews share bread and wine. 56. A sheikh offers a warm smile. 57. We celebrate Palm Sunday 58. Grieve over terrorist attacks 59. And bring the light of hope. 60. There are disagreements 61. Times of somber reflection 62. And celebration with new friends. 63. We visit the sick in hospitals 64. Weve made new friendships 65. Held meetings in the Knesset 66. At a hotel in Gaza City 67. In the Jordanian Parliament 68. At the Islamic Sharia Court 69. And in private homes 70. Always hoping for a new generation. 71. The first step is to get involved!It starts with encounter making efforts tomeet people who are different.We can learn about each others faiths andtraditions where we live.We can engage in service to othersAnd test the proposition that we can beOne Family Under God. 72. Involveyourself andyour familyin serviceprojects. 73. Have you evervisited a house ofworship ofanother faith? 74. Invite people ofdifferent backgroundsto your next picnic orholiday gathering.Start with neighbors orthe parents of yourchildrens friends. 75. Join incelebrations ofthe UNInternationalDay of Peace,September 21each year. </p>