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Microstructured Products. Chemical product engineering asep muhamad samsudin. Chemical Products. Based on the characteristic size scale which is critical to their performance. Cussler and Moggridge. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Microstructured ProductsChemical product engineering asep muhamad samsudinChemical ProductsCommoditiesChemical DevicesMolecular ProductsMicrostructures ProductsExamplesEthylene, ammoniaArtificial kidneysPenicillinSunscreenScaleContinuumMetersNanometersMicrometersKeyCostConvenienceDiscoveryFunctionBasisReaction Engineering, Unit operationsReaction Engineering, Unit operationsChemistryRecipeRiskFeedstockIntellectual PropertyDiscoveryScienceCussler and MoggridgeCussler EL, Moggridge GD. Chemical product design. 2nd edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 2011.Based on the characteristic size scale which is critical to their performance2Critical size of Chemical Products

IntroductionMicrostructure mean chemical organization on the scale of micrometerProduct with microstructure supply added value because of the physical and chemical properties of the microstructure.The Microstructures help the customer satisfy a specific need.For the microstructured products, the most difficult step in design is needs step.Microstructured Products by Industrial SectorProduct FormAerosolsLiquids and Liquid mixturesCream and PastesStructured SolidsSpecialty ChemicalsBug Sprays, Spray PaintsDegreasers, Lube additivesAdhesives, Anti-icersPolymer CompositesAgrochemicalsHerbicides, InsecticidesLiquid FertilizerDairy CleanersControlled release ChemicalsPharmaceuticals and Healthcare ProductsInhalantsSyrupsAnti-itch creamDietary SupplementsFoods, Flavors, and FragrancesPerfume, cooking spray (PAM)Juices, Cooking OilIce Cream, KetchupMargarines, CandiesPersonal Care Product, CosmeticsHair sprays, deodorantsShampoos, Liquid DetergentsSunscreen, toothpasteSolid Detergents, SoapsHome and Office ProductsAir Fresheners,Ink, WaxesPaper, Packaging5


Liquids and Liquid mixtures

Cream and Pastes

Structured Solid6Properties of MicrostructuresThe physical and chemical properties of microstructures vary widely, partially because their ingredients vary widely.Fluids are characterized by their viscosity, and solid by their Youngs modulus and yield stressThe Physical properties of microstructured products are often very different to the properties of the ingredients from which they are made.The physical properties of microstructured products are often complex. The complex properties are often simplified because the continuous phase dominates many of the physical properties. E.g. Sun cream.Many microstructured products change their structured during use. E.g. Ice cream, paint.Properties of Microstructures

Properties of Microstructures

9Example : Liquid BandagesAny bandages must meet three chief needs : they must keep out bacteria and debris, they must maintain a proper moisture balance, allowing the cut to dry, they must reduce paint by covering nerve ending.What microstructure should they have?

10SolutionTo keeping Cut clean : It must not have any pores larger than the size of bacterium, around 1 m.To allow water evaporation : it should have a resistance to water transport which is less than the resistance air surrounding the wound.To reduce pain : The liquid bandages solution should contain an approved disinfectant, like iodine and use willow sap, which includes salicylic acid, the active part of aspirin

Get StartedThe microstructured product design involve two key steps.The need of product must be expressed as quantitative specification.The need will be expressed as consumer desires.

12Get Started13Need Vs. Physical PropertiesAnswer three questionHow to tell when two properties are related?Choose the best descriptorsDiscover relation between the best descriptors and relevant combination of physical properties.


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