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  • 1. Microsoft Surface: Getting under the SurfaceWith all the new models of Tablets popping up the market recently, Microsoft Surfaceone of the head turners. You would be probably curious why the item is so hotnowadays. Since the launching of Microsoft tablet last 2010, its battle between Applenever ends. In fact, it provides an undying topic on blogs and forums on who owns thecrown for the best Tablet ever on the planet.Getting to know the Microsoft Surface Tablet more closely mean dissecting itscapabilities, or even its body, literally.So, what sets Microsoft Surface aside from the pack? Here are the top features:Keyboard. Probably, this is the primary reason why this model is one of the most loved tablets. Its keyboard is real, not a digital type. This provides easy use. You can actually feel the keys move under your fingers. This also provides a fast responsive clicking. And, if you think that the real keypad is a hassle in handling, you can be very wrong. It is hidden well inside the cases. You can easily set it up. (If you are going to use it. Setting up is easy and consumes only a quick time. )The screen is a spacious 10.6 inches high resolution HD which is bigger than the iPad by a full inch.Storage is one of the most important factors about Microsoft surface. There are a lot of rooms to keep your files. It has a 32GB to 120GB memory. You can also install a MicroSD card on the slot provided and an access to SkyDrive cloud as an additional storage. Since it uses Windows 8, File History and storage folder are built-in.

2. Issues on repairs will come in the long run as all things are prone to get broken. Comparing to iPad, Surface is easier to repair. This is because most parts are compartmentalized and does not require de-soldering.Because of these specific features of Microsoft Surface Tablet, many people areflocking to the stores to buy it. Its cutting edge technology combines with its uniquefeatures made it one of the most loved tablets.Special offers on Aimersoft Windows 8 compatible software are now in full swing, youcan save 20% onAimersoft Video Converter Ultimate which helps you convert all videosinto Microsoft Surface Tablet supported format. Apple users can turn to AimersoftVideo Converter Ultimate for Mac which offers the easiest way to convert video/audioto and from virtually any format like MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, MP3, WMA,AAC, OGG, etc. for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc.easily and quickly while preserving video/audio quality in Mac (Mountain Lion). To getmore discount on Aimersoft Windows 8 compatible software, please visit thiswebsite:


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