microsoft surface emerging technology by: jeremy moody, bryson tharp, carrie chudy

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  • Microsoft SurfaceEmerging Technology

    By: Jeremy Moody, Bryson Tharp, Carrie Chudy

  • What is Microsoft Surface?Microsoft Surface is a fully interactional computing platform that enables a user, or multiple users, to access digital content through natural gestures, touch, and physical objects

    Surface technology will change the way consumers explore, learn, share, purchase, and much more

  • Components of SurfaceDirect Interaction



    Object Recognition

  • Direct InteractionMicrosoft Surface allows users to grab digital information with their hands

    Does not require the use of a mouse or keyboard

  • Multi-TouchMicrosoft Surface recognizes several points of contact simultaneously

    Allows up to dozens of contact points at a time

    Typical touch screens only allow one point of contact at a time

  • Multi-UserMicrosoft Surface utilizes a table-like form which allows multiple users to access the Surface together

    Multiple contact points further enhance the multi-user ability

  • Object RecognitionMicrosoft Surface has the ability to connect with certain objects allowing the transfer of numerous types of digital content

    Surface recognizes objects such as smart phones, MP3 devices, even drinking glasses

  • How does it work?Microsoft surface allows users to directly interact through temperatures and cameras activated by direct touch

    Recognizable objects allow Surface to run applications relating to that object

    Uses infrared wavelengths

  • Who uses it?AT&T

    Harrahs Entertainment

    Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

    Surface will be in restaurants, retail outlets, and public entertainment venues in the future

  • Price

    Microsoft Surface is only commercially available at the current time

    Price varies with different contracts made

    By the year 2010 Microsoft surface is expected to be feasible for consumers, costing much less than the commercial product

  • Surface In ActionClick the link below to see Microsoft Surface in action!

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