microsoft partner network overview june 2010

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MPN Overview for IAMCP Southern California


  • 1. Microsoft Partner Network Overview Glenn Osako Partner Territory Manager July 1, 2010
  • 2. Our Vision Our vision for the Microsoft Partner Network is simpleto provide: Opportunities to strengthen your Capabilities Expertise to help you serve Customers better Communities that spark innovation and Connection Together, we can create innovative solutions that drive profitability and sustain competitive advantage. 2| OUR VISION
  • 3. Whats in It for You? Plugging You into the Differentiating Network Your Business Delivering More Value to Your Customers Helping Market Recognition Customers That Supports You Find You 3| WHATS IN IT FOR YOU?
  • 4. What Membership Opportunity Is Best for Me? Starting in October 2010 4| WHAT MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITY IS BEST FOR ME?
  • 5. How Do I Describe Myself to a Customer? Community & Subscriptions: I am a member of the Microsoft Partner Network. Competencies: I am a Microsoft partner with expertise in Business Intelligence and Virtualization. Advanced Competencies: I am a Microsoft partner with advanced expertise in Search. Competencies & Advanced Competencies: I am a Microsoft partner with expertise in Business Intelligence and advanced expertise in Search. 5| HOW DO I DESCRIBE MYSELF TO A CUSTOMER?
  • 6. Key Changes You Can Expect The Microsoft Partner Network is evolving to provide partners with: Opportunities to strengthen capabilities. Expertise to help serve customers better. Communities that spark innovation and connection. It had gotten too easy for partners to obtain the Gold Certified status Shift to Competency-Based The value of the Gold Certified brand was diminished Membership Opportunities Customers were confused about how to find the best partner The bar has been raised on certification exam requirements Competency and Competencies were renamed to match how customers look for Specialization Changes solutions Specializations are being retired A very high technical and sales bar will be implemented to achieve Advanced Competency the advanced competency Differentiation Benefits will be tailored by both membership opportunity and competency Microsoft Partner Program renamed to Microsoft Partner Network to Visual Identity and reflect customer connection Logo Changes New brand introduced to signify change 6| KEY CHANGES YOU CAN EXPECT
  • 7. Microsoft Partner Network: Planned Timeline Available Now Starting in October 2010 Partners enrolling or re-enrolling as Portals and Collaboration Advanced competencies launch. Gold Certified Partners must have Project and Portfolio participated in the Customer Satisfaction Management New competency and advanced (CSAT) Index starting on November 20, competency benefits available. Search 2009. Server Platform Partner levels (Registered, Certified, Most new Microsoft Partner Network Software Asset Management and Gold Certified) are retired. competencies launched: Software Development Partner Points are retired. Application Integration Systems Management Application Lifecycle Management Unified Communications Sales specialist is introduced for Business Intelligence Virtualization select advanced competencies. Content Management Volume Licensing Customer Relationship Web Development Exam requirements updated for certain competencies. Management Specializations are consolidated into Data Platform new competencies. New Microsoft Partner Network Desktop Platform competencies launch: Enterprise Resource Planning Launch of Microsoft Action Pack Authorized Distributor Solution Provider and Microsoft Hosting Platform Action Pack Development and Design. Digital Marketing Identity and Security Digital Home (May 2011) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Exam requirement policy updated. New partner logos are available for Learning Look for updates on the U.S. Partner partner use. Midmarket Solution Provider Portal. Mobility OEM Hardware 7| MICROSOFT PARTNER NETWORK: PLANNED TIMELINE
  • 8. Competency Alignment to Customer Business Challenges Core Business Application Infrastructure Productivity Platform Systems Identity and Business Unified Data Platform Web Management Security Intelligence Communications Development Content Application Application Desktop Virtualization Search Lifecycle Management Integration Management Portals and Project & Software Server Platform Portfolio Collaboration Management Development CRM & ERP Cross Platform Small & Medium Solutions Business Digital Home Digital Marketing Volume Licensing Customer Authorized OEM Mobility Distributor Small Business Relationship Solution Provider Management Hosting Platform Learning ISV Enterprise Resource Midmarket Solution Planning Provider Software Asset Management 8| COMPETENCY ALIGNMENT TO CUSTOMER BUSINESS CHALLENGES

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