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<ol><li> 1. Micro Services at Gilt May 12, 2015 NYC Microservices Meetup Michael Bryzek CTO &amp; Co-Founder Gilt michael@gilt.com / @mbryzek http://tech.gilt.com / @gilttech </li><li> 2. GILT: LIFESTYLE PLATFORM WOMEN MEN BABY &amp; KIDS HOME EVENTS CITY Gilt is a members-only lifestyle destination and ecommerce site that provides insider access to todays top designer labels as well as exclusive local experiences </li><li> 3. GILT: BEAUTIFUL CURATED ECOMMERCE </li><li> 4. 9 MILLION+ active members 500 MILLION+ monthly press impressions 6,000+ brand relationships 3.0 weekly visits per visitor 40% of sales generated through mobile 180+ countries shipped to 1 MILLION+ social media participants 6.5 MILLION+ mobile downloads with over 2 million push notifications GILT: CONNECTED AUDIENCE 95% URBAN live in a metropolitan area 94% INFLUENTIAL tell friends and family about their Gilt experience 89% SOCIAL are active on social media78% ENGAGED visit the site 6+ times a month, of which, 77% visit 10+ times a month 73% MOBILE shop Gilt on their mobile device </li><li> 5. The beginning. Simple. </li><li> 6. Noon EST Half an Amazon </li><li> 7. Scale! Checkout Cart Browse Inventory AKA The Shield Login Register High RPS Low RPS </li><li> 8. Circa 2011 </li><li> 9. Challenges Felt harder to build new things than it should be Cascading failures / Lack of isolation Hard to incorporate new technologies </li><li> 10. Approach Empower and trust teams </li><li> 11. A Foundation of Psychology Mans Search for Meaning by Frankl Teach Your Children Well by Levine Thinking Fast and Slow by Kahneman "Why don't more people self- actualize if their basic needs are met? -- Abraham Maslow </li><li> 12. Small Teams and KPIs Each team owns a metric (KPI) Provides accountability, alignment Enables autonomy, master, purpose http://www.slideshare.net/reidhoffman http://tech.gilt.com/post/44792645000/scaling-agile-at-gilt https://labs.spotify.com/2014/03/27/spotify-engineering-culture- part-1/ </li><li> 13. Circa 2014 </li><li> 14. Circa 2015 in AWS </li><li> 15. Our Evolution </li><li> 16. New Challenges w/ Micro Services Dev / Test Process Ownership Deployment APIs Monitoring Alerting Single request performance </li><li> 17. http://www.apidoc.me </li><li> 18. Thank you Michael Bryzek CTO &amp; Co-Founder Gilt michael@gilt.com / @mbryzek http://tech.gilt.com / @gilttech </li></ol>