Microservice, Microservice. Wherefore Art Thou, Microservice.

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<ol><li> 1. Microservice Microservice Whereforartthou Microservice___________________________________ NicJackson - EngineeringEvangelist </li><li> 2. Whatwewillcovertoday Service discovery Server side patterns Client side patterns Fault tolerance patterns </li><li> 3. Context Services typically need to call one another Monolithic applications communicate through language level or procedural calls With SOA services generally run at xed or well known locations Microservices are easy Building Microservice systems are hard </li><li> 4. Serverand ClientSide Discovery </li><li> 5. DNS Advantages Simple Well understood Disadvantages TLS How do you update it? </li><li> 6. Dynamic Service Registries Zookeeper Consul Eureka EtcD Sky DNS </li><li> 7. Zookeeper </li><li> 8. Consul </li><li> 9. Eureka </li><li> 10. etcd </li><li> 11. SkyDNS </li><li> 12. Registrator </li><li> 13. Server side Discovery </li><li> 14. Clientside Discovery </li><li> 15. Faulttolerance patterns Timeouts Circuit Breaking Bulkheads Fail fast </li><li> 16. Timeouts </li><li> 17. CircuitBreaking </li><li> 18. Bulkheads </li><li> 19. Bulkheads </li><li> 20. Failfast </li><li> 21. Frameworks Build and Deploy Orchestration Service Discovery </li><li> 22. Frameworks Docker Cloud AWS Container Service Mesos Kubernetes Datawire.io </li><li> 23. Thankyouandanyquestions? twitter: @sheriffjackson @NOTHS_Tech email: nicholasjackson@notonthehighstreet.com github: http://github.com/nicholasjackson weare hiring: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/work-with-us </li></ol>


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