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  • Microservice Architecture 101

    Kochih Wumecca831@gmail.com

  • AgendaIssues with monolithic approach

    Benefits of microservice architectureThings to watch for

  • Few years back

  • Biz PlanStep 1. Develop a website

    Step 2. ?Step 3. PROFIT

  • Monolithic Grails app

  • Everything works fine. Until...

  • Changes in one module breaks other modules

  • Cannot scale up only part of the application

  • High risk adopting new technologies

  • Test, build and deploy jobs take forever

  • Hard to establish ownership and autonomous teams

  • Introducing microservice

  • Benefits

  • Cleaner boundry between services

  • Can scale up services independently

  • Services can be implemented with dierent tech stack

  • Smaller code base, faster to build and deploy

  • Flexible release schedule

  • Enable autonomous teams

  • No silver bullet

  • Things to watch for

  • Ops overhead (config, deploy, monitor, logging, etc.)

  • Transaction management

  • Fault tolerant

  • Testing

  • ReferenceMicroservices

    Microservices - Not a free lunch!Adopting Microservices at Netflix: Lessons for

    Architectural Design

  • Questions?