Microcurrent Facials Will Give You Younger, Perfect Skin for The Holidays

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  • 1. Microcurrent Facials Will Give You Younger, Perfect Skin for The HolidaysWhat spas offers the best microcurrent facials?Theres a reason A-list stars maintain their red carpet radiance. New York-based skincare salonowner, Joanna Vargas, mixes science with natural products to help her celebrity and professionalclients achieve glowing skin with the use of microcurrent facials. Through the application of lowlevels of electricity- 1/1,000,000 of an amp (a light bulb runs on less than one ampere), stimulationof the face and neck muscles lead to a completely rejuvenated appearance. Like a sculptor the topaestheticians, including Vargas, use microcurrent as a tool to dramatically slim the jawline andreduce wrinkles, giving the face an optimally youthful look.Dating back as early as 1748, the medical field has proven through repeated studies andapplication that microcurrent is essential in aiding the repair of muscle tissue. Electrical facials area safe and effective means to give all skin types an age-reversing workout. By shortening musclefibers the dermal layers become more buoyant to enhance facial "convexities" for the natural facelift touted by Dr. Perricone, MD, and the top day spas. In conjunction with a healthy balanced diet,he believes electric facials are the best strategy for decreasing wrinkles.Microcurrent is advanced skincare that pampers the skin towards optimal radiance in time for theholidays. It is the natural face lift that brings a youthful appearance without the need for surgicalprocedures. This mild electrical facial is a gentle way to firm the visage while erasing fine lines andwrinkles for a visibly ageless complexion. The skin is significantly more taut and smooth by theend of a professional microcurrent facial, available at high end spas in NYC, Los Angeles andother metropolitan areas.Microcurrent therapy is a noninvasive spa treatment for rejuvenating your complexion. When youchoose a series of these high-tech facials at prestigious holistic day spas, the results arecumulative with these positive effects:Refreshes the faceDrains excess fluidsReduces puffy skin

2. Eliminates acne bacteria for clarityDiminishes dark circles around the eyesTriggers cellular repair for healthy flawlessnessBoosts overall dermal radianceWhat the experts say about microcurrent...According to Dr. Nicolas Perricone, a leading dermatologist in the aesthetic field, "convexities" arewhat make the face look younger. He actually recommends microcurrent facials, along with naturaltopical face care, as the best anti-aging alternatives to Botox. "If you look at the cheekbones, theforehead, the temples, the jawline of someone young, they come out in an arc away from the face.They bulge out. Around the age of 40 to the midfifties, the convexities go flat. From 60 up, theycan go concave. Electrostim [microcurrent] keeps the muscles plump and active, preventing orcorrecting loss of the convexities."www.joannavargas.comClick To See Moreluxury spa in new york city