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  • Micro Personal Loans Provides financial support to accomplish diverse personal needs such as education, overseas travel, home renovation, urgent medical expenses and recreation or in any other financial commitments of any salaried employee. This product serves the under-served low income employees who are not catered by Banks and other financial institutions.

    Society Loans Provides bulk loans to Sarvodaya Shramadana Societies for onward lending to their individual members. This product assists in uplifting the lives of rural low income customers who are members of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Societies and helps to propagate Sarvodaya values of self-sufficiency.

    Housing Loans These consist of loan facilities to support housing constructions, extensions, renovations or repairs. The product mainly caters to low income micro customers who cannot avail themselves to housing loans provided by Banks and other financial institutions.

    SME Loans SME facilities are offered in the forms of term loans, short-term loans and revolving loans for customers for business purpose to facilitate the financial needs of their businesses.

    Liability products SDF offers a wide range of deposit products to suit specific requirements of the customers. Following accounts are operated.  Savings accounts  Fixed Deposits  Minor savings accounts  Senior Citizen accounts

    2.0 Interest & Commission

    Interest & commission rates applicable are displayed in our web site at www. sarvodayafinance.lk

    Based on the market conditions our interest and commission are revised from time to time.


  • 2 Fees & other charges

    Please refer Sarvodaya Development Finance Ltd tariff sheet applicable for charges & fees, and all those

    appear in the web site www. sarvodayafinance.lk

    3.1 Documentation charges


    Up to 01 Mn 3000 + 0.5% of leased amount 1.0Mn - 2.0Mn 3500 + 0.5% of leased amount 2.0Mn - 3.0Mn 4000 + 0.5% of leased amount 3.0Mn - 4.0Mn 4500 + 0.5% of leased amount 4.0Mn – 5.0Mn 5000 + 0.5% of leased amount 5Mn and above 6000 + 0.5% of leased amount

    SME Over 2.0 Mn facility 0.5% of the facility Amount

    (Maximum 200,000/=) Micro Loans + Personal Loans/SME 0.5% of the facility Amount

    Group Loans Rs.500 for 1st Loan and Rs. 750 from 2nd facility onwards

    Pawning Re issue of misplaced pawning receipts 250/-

    3.2 Rescheduling Charges

    Loan Balance Fee Below Rs.1.0 Million Rs.3,000/- Rs.1,000,001 – Rs.5,000,000 Rs.7,500/- Rs.5,000,001 – Rs.10,000,000 Rs.10,000/- Over Rs.10,000,001 0.1% of the remaining loan balance subject

    to a maximum of Rs.250,000/-

    http://www.sdf.lk/ http://www.sdf.lk/

  • Mr.Felician Jayakody AGM-Credit Sarvodaya Development Finance Ltd., No.45, “Arthdharma Kendraya”, Rawathawatte Road, Moratuwa. Tel-0115444666 Email:felician@sdf.lk


  • Complaints submitted to the above officers will be acknowledged. Response with actions to be taken will

    be communicated to respective customers within 7 working days

    5 Complains & Grievances

    Please be advised that if any Customer of SDF has any reason to complain in regard to services rendered

    by SDF or has any dispute or grievance against SDF, he/she is kindly requested to contact the above two

    personnel, and they will take every effort to resolve the issue.

    If such resolution is not up to your expectation or if the issue raised by you is not settled within 4 weeks,

    the services of an independent Financial Ombudsman are available for you to take your complaint to, for

    further details please ask an officer in the office you deal with or contact the office of Ombudsman direct.

    Contact details are as follows.

    The Financial Ombudsman

    1434, Vajira Road,

    Colombo 4.

    Tel: 011-2595624



    6.0 Procedure for Recovery of Loan

    SDF shall make every endeavor to facilitate the re-payment of the credit facilities by the Customers.

    These endeavors may include re-scheduling and re-structuring of facilities to suit customers’ cash flow

    within the SDF’s overall lending policy on case by case basis. In the event the customers are still unable

    to settle, SDF may be compelled to take steps to recovery actions under the provisions of Law and other

    remedies available such as repossessions etc.

    All legal and other expenses incurred by SDF in this regard shall be borne by the Customer.

    7.0 Disclosure

    SDF shall observe strict secrecy in respect of all transactions of the Customer with SDF subject to the

    provisions of the relevant acts & regulations.

  • 8.0 Financial Transaction Reporting Act No.6 of 2006

    Where SDF has reasonable grounds to suspect that any transaction may be related to the commission of

    any unlawful activity or any criminal offense, SDF shall report such transaction to the Financial

    Intelligence Unit under the provisions of section 7 of the Financial Transaction Reporting Act.No.6 of


    6 Compensation for premature withdrawal /termination

    In the event of premature withdrawal/ termination by the customer, a compensatory payment depending

    upon the number of premature months/years shall be availed by SDF.

    1 Products and services 2.0 Interest & Commission 2 Fees & other charges 3.1 Documentation charges 3.2 Rescheduling Charges 3.3 Service Chargers

    3 Procedure of obtaining SDF products & services 4 Major Terms & Conditions 5 Complains & Grievances 6 Compensation for premature withdrawal /termination


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