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  • 1. Michigan Geography
    Lower Peninsula

2. General Geography
Bodies of water (The Great Lakes) border the lower peninsula
States of Ohio & Indiana border the southern state line
3. General Geography Cont.
Often known as
The Mitten
The L.P.
Below the Bridge
4. The 5 Regions:
5. What Determines a Region
Geographic Placement
6. Northern Michigan
Small to medium size cities
Large portion of Great Lakes shoreline
7. Northern Michigan Cont.
Tourism is the main industry
Frequently know to seasonal residents as Up North
8. Tahquamenon Falls State Park
Northern Michigan Cont.
State & National Forests
9. Porcupine Mountains
Wilderness State Park
Northern Michigan Cont.
State & National Forests
10. West Michigan
Examples of different types of areas in the West:
Muskegon (North)
Grand Rapids (Northwest)
Kalamazoo/Battle Creek (South West)
11. West Michigan Cont.
Boundaries are questionable and uncertain
Population density, land use, economic, & cultural characteristics (primarily Southwest)
12. West Michigan Cont.
Famous Fruit Ridge
13. Mid-Michigan Cont.
Primarily agricultural (corn, beets, soy beans)
Some automobile manufacturing
14. Mid-Michigan
Sub region: Southern MI
Mainly farmland
Moderate size cities
Home to our State Capitol
15. Flint/Tri-Cities Region
2 sub regions: The Thumb & Greater Tri-Cities
Home to Flint
5th largest city in MI
16. Cont.
Many lakes & rivers
Economy is dependent on manufacturing

  • Michigan Sugar Company

18. Dow Chemical Company 19. Delphi Corporation Flint/Tri-Cities Region Cont.
Large Corporations
20. Southeast Michigan
Majority of state businesses & industries
Over half of the states population
21. Cont.
Home of Detroit
States largest city
22. Biography & Credits
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