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Michigan Food Policy Council MISSION The Michigan Food Policy Council (MFPC) cultivates a safe, healthy and available food supply for all of Michigans residents while building on the states agricultural diversity to enhance economic growth. Michigan Commission on Agricluture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Michigan Food Policy Council

    MISSION The Michigan Food Policy Council (MFPC) cultivates a safe, healthy and available food supply for all of Michigans residents while building on the states agricultural diversity to enhance economic growth.

    Michigan Commission on AgriclutureSeptember 16, 2009

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • OrganizationOriginally created in 2005, re-authorized by Executive Order 2007-44

    Council Chair: MDA Director or designee from MDA

    Funded, in part, by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation through March 2010

    Additional funding approved by the State Administrative Board in June 2009 to implement the MFPC recommendations

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • PurposeImplement policies from the MFPC 2006 Report of Recommendations

    Identify and address new food policy issues as they arise

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • Council Members

    State Departments:



    MI Strategic Fund Non-foodManufacturingSustainable


    (2)LaborRestaurants25 Council Membersin E.O. 2007-44FoodRetailers

  • MFPC:RecommendationsGrowing the agri-food economyAgri-food entrepreneurshipSupport for food processingInformation & collaboration opportunities to assist agri-food businessesGrocery Stores in Underserved Locations

    Cultivating Agricultural ViabilityFarmland PreservationNew Market DevelopmentMichigan Agricultural Visibility & Ag-TourismFarmers and Farm WorkforceRole of MSU Extension

    Accessing fresh and healthy foodsHealthy Food Access through Direct MarketsCommunity and urban gardensFood Assistance ProgramSummer Food Service ProgramNutrition EducationEmergency Food Needs

    Promoting Michigan FoodsSelect Michigan ProgramFarm-to-SchoolDept. of Corrections & Buy Michigan FirstSupport for Farmers Markets

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • State Procurement: Department of CorrectionsPotato contractJackson-area MDOC sourced 118,608 lbs of Michigan products in 2008-2009Purchasing Michigan collard greens, cabbage, radishes, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, dill, corn, navy beans, red beans, and black beansProgress in State Government

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • Farm-to-School

    Public Act 343 of 2008Public Act 344 of 2008Public Act 315 of 2008Potential farm-to-school opportunities: incentives for renovations/upgrades and challenges at federal level

    Progress in Our SchoolsPicture from Gladwin County Record August 4, 2009

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • PA 231 of 2008

    An property tax incentive for grocery stores in underserved areas

    Signed into law by Governor Granholm on July 15, 2008

    Aligns with concepts in the MFPC Report of Recommendations

    MDA was named in the bill as the lead in determining underserved areas in Michigan that would qualify

    Potential grocery industry opportunity: Food assistance distribution follow-up meeting with stakeholders this fallProgress in Food Retail

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • Bridge Cards and Farmers Markets

    Michigan is leading the way in accepting debit/credit and Bridge Cards at farmers markets

    Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA), in partnership with MFPC, conducted a pilot project to help markets set up electronic payment systems

    Building a network and partnership

    Potential farmers market opportunity: Farmers Market Promotion Program response for a Fall 2009 December 2010 Grant

    Progress in Farmers Markets

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • Special ProjectsMI Neighborhood Food Movers Collaborative effort by the State Of Michigan in response to Detroits underserved areas Project Leader: Kim Trent, Governors Office for Southeast Michigan MFPC is part of the Core Team along with MDA

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • MFPC:Action PlansGrowing the agri-food economyAgri-food entrepreneurship & information/collaboration opportunities to assist agri-food businesses- Model of regional agri-food economic collaboration-Online resource specific to agri-food businesses that would address issues or needs across business scale

    Cultivating Agricultural ViabilityMichigan Agricultural Visibility & Ag-Tourism-Model zoning from Agriculture Tourism Advisory Commission-Support ag tourism legislation

    Accessing fresh and healthy foodsCommunity and urban gardens-Model zoning -State designation for cities following existing food access assessmentFood Assistance Program-State outreach plan

    Promoting Michigan FoodsFarm-to-School-Incentives for renovation or upgrades-Federal barriers-Consideration of Farm-to-School in state grant programsDept. of Corrections & Buy Michigan First-Strengthen distribution or increase/expand processing capacity

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • MFPC Promotion & Recognition

    States looking to Michigan as an example: New YorkOhioVirginia

    North American Gathering of State and Local Food Policy Councils October 10, 2009

    Michigan Food Policy Council

  • More information and copies of the report at: www.michigan.gov/mfpc

    Contact Information:Kirsten G. Simmons, Executive Directorph: (517) 335-4184cell: (517) 243-3987email: simmonsk@michigan.gov

    Michigan Food Policy Council



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