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Michelle Pozzi & Torrie Browne. PERSUASION. Australia Curriculum Writing overview Classroom practice NAPLAN focus and beyond ICT. CHALLENGES. Planning Ideas Can’t elaborate detail Waffle & repetition Generic Time limit Spelling and grammar. Child’s Persuasive Brain. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Powerful Persuasion

Michelle Pozzi & Torrie Browne

1PERSUASIONAustralia Curriculum Writing overview

Classroom practice

NAPLAN focusand beyondICT

2CHALLENGESPlanningIdeasCant elaborate detailWaffle & repetition GenericTime limitSpelling and grammar3Childs Persuasive Brain

3 Bs = Begging, Buttering up,

Immmersed in the genreSystematically taught skills for expressing persuasive Practise skills enter working memoryExtend their creative voice4REMEDIESExplicit direct instruction (I do)Collaboration with peers (We do)Individual practise (You do)

Immersion in genre.Timely feedback and conferencingEnvironmental print scaffoldsNarrow focus on text typeRemedy a lot of these challenges is with the direct instruction modelRepeating cycle of I do, we do, you do5NAPLANThe goal of persuasive writing is to persuade!

Mastery of big-picture writing techniques = High Marks

First phase of attack hurdle that is naplan6NAPLAN MarksEngage reader (audience 6 marks)Strong Ideas (5 marks)Plan Powerfully (Structure 4 marks cohesion 4 marks)Persuade Reader (Devices 4 marks)

Spelling and Grammar (11/48)

7EXPLICIT TEACHINGTennis analogy more effective? - Go play vs. Skill chunking.

Gradual Release ModelModelling (I do)Interaction with others (We do)Solo practise (you do)

8PLANNING & IDEASStrong piece of writing is always based on great ideas.

Teaching Only Planning = 2 weeks

Planning to time limit (5 mins)

Great ideas lay at the foundation of any piece of writingChallenging nimble, time constraintIdeas that are relevant, let alone persuasive9

Walk in and this hits them

10BRAINSTORMINGCreativity can be practised.Students will struggle at firstSkill comes with practiseIgnore test instructions, analyse the pictures.

TEST TIP - Dont walk around the roomPeople standing behind you raises blood pressure and intrudes on concentration.Police interrogation tactic11BRAINSTORMINGClass, group, solo practiseThinking on their feet gamesDrama improv. Games

Patterns emerge common themesRelate to school values

5 min persuasion quickiesImprov games

12GROUP BRAINSTORMING4-6 studentsEach student writes a paragraphBrainstorm For and AgainstSelect + Group main ideasEach person chooses one main idea and elaborates1 min of help from group to improve ideasVALUESCareCooperationPursuit of ExcellenceResponsibility14COLLABORATION (WE DO)Interaction Laughter and learning.

Emphasis on oral to literate

H.O.T.SJudge/Jury4 CornersVerbal boxingGroup BrainstormingRole Plays15GRAPHIC ORGANISERK.I.S 4 Square plannerEasiest = no pre drawn boxes or templates

Strong plan = excellent marks for Ideas (5)Cohesion (4)Structure (4)Paragraphing (3)Experimented with a lot of graphic organisers and planners, but the 4 square = best and easiest.164 SQUARE PLANNER

17PLANNINGTIPS- Thinking = most important- Separate brainstorming and planning from writing. - 2 different timeslots

18IMMERSIONVariety good + badEmbed persuasive texts into all aspects of Literacy program (shared + guided reading)BBC PersuadersTeen Ink Shared Student examples.BTN Kids Picture Books19BBC PERSUADERS

20MODELINGI do think alouds as Im writingInvolve student input

What have I done here?Whats a more persuasive word I could use?

Students copy and rewrite neatly as homework


Purpose of persuasive writing is to persuadehoweverWriting to entertain = writing to persuade22INTRODUCTIONS vs. SIZZLING STARTSBoring but safeScaffolded write by numbers approach Good as a fall back for writers blockFormulaRhetorical question +Opinion +Preview 3 Ideas +Engage Reader (we.)

Security blanketBoys like write by numbers approach

23RISK-TAKING & EXCITINGWhy write something ordinary when you can write something amazing?

Facts dont necessarily change minds, the 3 Es do!Engagement + Emotion + Energy

Compelling stories = Entertain to Persuade24SIZZLING STARTSBefore I think books are better than TV because 1)2).3). Let me explain.

AfterIm in a fantasy land far away, magical and mysterious. I am a sorcerer, a power, a leader of thousands. Ok, I admit it. Im in bed reading a book. T.V. just doesnt compete. 25SHOW DONT TELLKids tell because it is quick and simpleWord pictures = empathise and connectCreates a solid image

TELLBefore Yes we should help other countries because children in places like Ethiopia are dying without water.

The goal is to persuade. Energy, emotion ,

Advertising Collage

Create a full page spread advertising your school. SHOW the best things about the school to others

26SHOWAfter Thirsty? Walk into a shop and pick up a bottle of water. Pay a few dollars, unscrew the cap and drink. Thats if youre lucky and live in Australia. Now take a close look at that small bottle in your hands. If you lived in Ethiopia, that is all the water you have to live on for three days. 27SHOW DONT TELL

28Sizzling StartsTeach using sensory inputWhat can you see, hear, taste, touch, smell?

Scaffold PromptsImagine if.Picture this29AUDIENCEImagine writing to a friendly adult or teacher

Makes the tone less stilted and generic. 30ACTIVITYStudent ad agencies are in charge of marketing flavoured milk to a particular audience.

Use appropriate persuasive devices and language for their audience.Kids- Older peopleTeens- Athletes/Sporty PeopleBusy mums and dads - Weight Conscious

31ELABORATIONChallenge students can find ideas, but cant elaborate

Thesis = hypothesis - wallsElaboration = proof wall paper

Referring to their planner, students can easily plan 3-4 thesis statements which serve as the main theme for their 32PERSUASIVE DEVICESA- AlliterationF- FactsO- OpinionsR- Rhetorical Questions/R- RepetitionE- Examples/Experts/Emotive LanguageS- StatisticsT- Rule of Three

33PERSUASIVE DEVICESTeach explicitly

Identify examplesReadingsWritten workAds/ Movie Clips

Activity Sell a product by creating a poster using A FOREST devices.

Ads teach art of persuasionCollect variety adsIdentifyDevices usedEmotions evoked



The most enlightening passage of Aristotles rhetoric is his identification of three core facets of a good arguer. These were:Pathos: appeal to the emotion of the audienceEthos: a sense of credibility and more competenceLogos: good logical structure

36QUOTATIONSStudents research a good quote on the topic of a persuasive theme.

E.g. Cats are smarter than dogs. You cant get eight cats to pull a sled through snow (Jeff Valdez)

Dogs come when they are called. Cats take a message and get back to you. (Mary Bly)Another way to add elaboration37FINAL ARGUMENTFormula

End with impact use questions, rule of 3, short words and sentences.

3 TechniquesLink to openingShow dont tellCall to action tell the reader what to do.38FINAL PARAGRAPHBefore Finally, plastic bags should be banned because they are not as easily disposed of as some people think. They pollute the land and the sea.

39FINAL PARAGRAPHAfter You think plastic bags are harmless? Tell that to the dolphin with the plastic bag wound around its snout, slowly starving to death. You think theyre light and easily thrown out? Over one million bags a week are buried, ditched and dumped in our country. One little bag blowing in the wind couldnt hurt, could it? One maybe wouldnt. A million does. 40VOCABULARYVocab marked separate to spelling, so have students take risks.I think toys are goodisnt very persuasiveWord walls of emotional + persuasive vocabReinforce words in spelling program

Explicitly teach high modality wordsUse modality strengthening exercises and word cloze414 SQUARE CONNECTIVES

42CONVENTIONSTakes a long time to bring a weak speller up to scratchWork on higher order thinking (planning etc)More empowering that trying to patch weak spots

Practise, practise, practise words and phrases related to persuasive textsWords that crop up in written workWords like extremely dangerous

43CONVENTIONSHigher marks for complex punctuation Brackets, exclamation marks, speech marks, ellipsis () !! . Stronger students use small bits of dialogue to show masteryWeaker students read work aloud to help with commas and full stops.

Last 5 mins to check workHard for kids to focus on detail and big picture thinking at the same time.44EDITINGExplicitly taught and modelledSWAP & CUPS

Peer Editing Start with a Star? (What do you like)What do you wonder? (3 questions)Advice (How to make it better)Plans for revising (Written by the writer)


CapitalisationUsage and GrammarPunctuation Spelling46CUPSRead own work aloud 4 timesSlows down readingEar catches things the eye doesnt.Read one time for each aspect of CUPSAsk yourself, Does this make sense?

Different pen for each stageDictionariesEnvironmental printWork with a different student47GOALSIntegral part of the curriculumEffective communication skillsChallenge other peoples thinking48ICT AMAP collaborative online maps

49ICTWordle vocabulary word art



Students type in words or phrases and computer makes a word cloud or image.

51Animoto Creating ads

52ICTXtranormal -Animated Persuasion


ACTIVITYDraw a portrait of the person you write to.

Display these pictures near the persuasive environmental print as a faces of inspiration gallery55ACTIVITYThree Word ChallengePair students. Each person writes 3 words on a piece of paper e.g. soup, racing, invisible

Swap papers 2 mins to write a persuasive