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Michael T. Brown Hennepin County Enterprise Virtualization Administrator Hennepin County Central IT Enterprise Virtualization Services (EVS) October 01, 2008 - VMUG Slide 2 Virtualization Team VI ESX Host Team Val Ross Team Supervisor and Virtualization Program Manager Michael Brown - VI Administrator Robert Backer - VI Administrator Backup Chris Gaasch Network and SAN Architect Rick McLagan - QA and Resource Management Becki McDonald - Project Manager VM AdminTeam Robert Backer, Reg Giacomini - VM Deployment and Configuration Bob Lerner - VM Imaging and template design Jerry Stenberg - VM Security Management Support Larry Ingram Manager (approves purchases and signs the checks!) Val Ross -VM Gatekeeper All requests for VMs go through the server request system. Customers HSPHD, Public Defenders Office, EHD Remedy, Taxpayer Services, Public Works, MHP, IT Development, Enterprise IT Services and YOU! Slide 3 Why Virtualization? Business Benefits for Hennepin County Slows physical growth in the Data Center facilities; with the rate of the server farm growing 60% per year, the Data Center would be out of floor space by 2011 Replaces many, underutilized servers with fewer, more powerful servers Lowers hardware, software and datacenter costs. A VM is approximately Half the monthly cost of a physical server! In 2007 EITS saved nearly $1,000,000 in defered hardware purchasing alone, due to virtualization! Provides a scalable server solution to meet variable business demands Improves server time to deployment from approximately two months to less than a week Provides the foundational technology for disaster recovery/business continuity for Windows-based applications Slide 4 Virtualization Project Stages Design, Plan, Document July 06 Pilot Go Live- Nov. 2006 ESX 2.5 three node cluster VC 1.5 Production Deployment Feb. 2007 ESX 3.0 two new three node clusters VC 2.0 Slide 5 Rack Space Comparison 120 physical servers = 4 - 8 servers per rack fully using at least 20 racks 120 virtual servers on 6 Hosts = 3 servers per rack over 3 racks (and theres still room in the racks for more servers) = Slide 6 Slide 7 Current VI3 Environment 10 VI3 Hosts at Primary Data Center 6 - Hosts for Production Servers 4 - SUSE Linux Vignette Web Portal 10 VI3 Hosts at Secondary Data Center 3 - Hosts for Production Servers 3 - Hosts for Windows Test and Dev Servers 4 - SUSE Linux Vignette Web Portal Slide 8 Hardware HP Proliant DL 585 G2s (Sorry DELL!) 4 dual core CPUs 32 GB Local drives SAN Attached IBM DS 8100 Slide 9 Networking Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13 SAN Design 2.4 TB Slide 14 Default VM Settings Memory: 512 MB C: drive: 9 GB (soon to be 12GB) D: drive: 10 - 50 GB [upon request; RDM] CD/ISO: Common file ISO repository VMISO LUN Presented to all VI3 hosts. VM Template Update Frequency: Quarterly Slide 15 Resource Pools PreProd Development Production Standard Production - High Slide 16 HJIP IBM MQ Series Brokers and Websphere App Servers Internet web portal presence - Vignette (SUSE Linux) 180+ VM Servers and growing 20 to 1 or higher Consolidation Ratio Goal Server Virtualization is now offered as a Production Enterprise Service What is Currently Virtualized? Slide 17 Overcoming the stigma Not for just testing anymore Network design limitations No L2 No Site to Site VMotion - Yet Backup and Recovery of image files requires large amounts of SAN storage Everyone wants their own virtual environment! Policies and procedures defined and in place Licensing applications per CPU Virtual Challenges? Slide 18 Virtual successes 135 days of uptime Acceptance of Virtualization in Production OpsMgr 2007 100% virtual SQL Server 2005 virtualized No experience (or consultants) necessary! Slide 19 Next Generation: Upgrade to VC 2.5/ VI 3.5 4 HP DL585 G5 w/64 GB, 4 quad core. 3 more clusters planned this year Site-to-Site Recovery for DR/BC Bidirectional SAN mirror replication Integrated Patching of Hosts and VMs Virtualize DMZ Virtual Appliances Started APEX Virtualize PeopleSoft and Oracle Test/Dev implementation PowerShell Automation of Adminstration Whats in the Future? Slide 20 Questions?


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