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<ul><li><p>CALL FOR ENTRIES7 T h F E b R u A Ry / 3 1 S T M Ay</p><p>EDIT ION 2016TH</p><p>VS. MEDIADEMOCRACY, MEDIA &amp; FEMINISM</p><p>Submit with</p><p>A proyect by:</p></li><li><p>The 5Th ediTion of MiCGnero, inTernaTional filM fesTival wiTh Gender PersPeCTive will Take PlaCe auGusT 4Th - oCTober 16Th 2016 in MxiCo and noveMber 2016 in arGenTina. </p><p>OFFICIAL RuLES &amp; REGuLATIONSeliGibiliTy requireMenTs1. Submission categories: Narrative or Documentary Feature Film (50 minutes or more) and </p><p>short Films from any country, relevant to the theme of this year : Vs Media. Democracy, Media &amp; Feminism or gender perspective following the sections: Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Ageism and intergenerational relationships, Ecofeminism, Queer and Postporn, Imprisonment and reclusion; Dissonance; Athletic body; Resilience; human Mobility and Migration; Minorities in Focus. For more information please visit our website: www.micgenero.com</p><p>2.The film must have been produced after January 1 st, 2015.</p><p>3. The films must be subtitled in English in case of Spanish speaking and subtitled in </p><p>Spanish if they are in a different language.</p><p>reGisTraTionThe registration must be done through the platform FilmFreeway following these steps:a. Fill the registration form at FilmFreeway (https://filmfreeway.com/)</p><p>b. Upload the screener link at https://vimeo.com/ and send an email to programacion@micgenero.com with the link to a protected screener. The email should include the films </p><p>technical information and access codes for the screener. All links must be available from </p><p>the submission date and until the results are published on June 15 th, 2016.</p><p>Submission deadlines and fees:a.Earlybird, February 7th to March 15th: FREE</p><p>b.Regular Deadline, March 16th to April 30 th: 15 USD</p><p>c.Late Deadline, April 31st to May 31st: 30 USD</p><p> entry fees are not refundable.</p><p>all filMs should be subMiTTed by May 31 sT, 2016. filMs subMiTTed afTer This daTe will noT be Considered.</p><p>seleCTion1. Films will be selected by a Committee of members of the Mexican cinematographic </p><p>community, as well as experts in media and gender studies, selected by MICGnero. </p><p>Their decision will be final.1</p></li><li><p>2. The Selection Committee reserves the right to invite projects to participate in this call for entries.</p><p>3. The Selection Committee reserves the right to change a film to a different category than </p><p>the one presented to, if it is consider convenient, always informing the participant of such action.</p><p>4. The selected films will be contacted directly by MICGneros organizers.</p><p>5. The results of the selection by the jury will be published on http://www.micgenero.com/ on June 15 th, 2016.</p><p>MICGnero will invite one person (director, producer, screenwriter, etc.) to represent the film </p><p>during screenings in Mexico City. Attendants will get:</p><p>a. All-access pass for MICGnero 2016.</p><p>b. Three night-stay in Mexico City during MICGnero 2016.</p><p> **Transportation expenses to Mexico City will be covered by the films representative.</p><p>exhibiTionSelected films must send a digital copy in HD .MOV a 1920 x 1080 px by Dropbox, Drive or </p><p>MEGA, or BluRay** before June 21 st, 2015. To complete the procedure selected films must </p><p>send the following information via email to programacion@micgenero.com:</p><p> Short synopsis (300 chars. Max, with spaces, Arial 12) in Spanish and English. Short filmography of the director and producer in English and Spanish. Three stills of the film in jpg, 300 dpi. Complete technical information in original language. Spanish subtitles in .srt format, separated or embedded in the BluRay exhibition copies, </p><p>or english subtitles in case of spanish speaking Films.</p><p> **The cost of shipping an entry to the Festival must be paid by the entrant. Collect or COD shipments will not be accepted. All international entries must be sent with no commercial value, </p><p>for cultural purposes only to the Festival office with all transportation charges, duties, and taxes </p><p>prepaid by the shipper.</p><p>CoPyriGhTs and inTelleCTual ProPerTy1. The festival organization assumes that the producers or filmmakers applying to this call </p><p>for entries hold the exhibition rights to the piece they are presenting, exempting </p><p>MICGnero of any civil or penal responsibilities.</p><p>2. By no means, the screening copies will be returned, and they will become part of the </p><p>festivals archives. They might be use strictly with cultural purposes only and free or any 2</p></li><li><p>charge within the MICGnero Videotheque, as well as in any other events organized by </p><p>MICGnero, with previous consent by the responsible of the film.</p><p>3.MICGnero might use the selected films for strictly cultural, educational, non-</p><p>commercial purposes, on his tour in Mxico (Oaxaca, Chiapas, Morelos, Quintana Roo, </p><p>Puebla, Nuevo Len, Estado de Mxico, Baja California, San Luis Potos, Veracruz y </p><p>Ciudad de Mxico) and Argentina (Buenos Aires, Crdoba, La Plata y Mendoza).</p><p>4. MICGnero does not pay screening fees.</p><p>5. Participants authorize the organizers of the festival to exhibit the films in VOD platforms in </p><p>case that MICGnero will be held in a period of time on a digital platform. However </p><p>MICGnero agrees to give notice to the owner of copyright before its exhibition.</p><p>6. Participants grant the organizers of the festival the limited non-exclusive Rights to screen </p><p>their films on their respective website, social Networks, at the festival and other </p><p>associated screenings, for which they are not entitled to any fee or consideration of any kind whatsoever.</p><p>7. Participants also grant the organizers of the festival the right to use their name, image, </p><p>voice, likeness, statements, background and biographical material in connection with the </p><p>festival.8. Extracts of selected films could be used for promotional purposes for the event, </p><p> in any form of media: program, invitation, press, trailer and files published on </p><p> http://www.micgenero.com/ or MICGneros channel in YouTube. 9. The submission of the films implies the total acceptance of this call for entries and its </p><p>regulations, and its interpretation and application its responsibility of the MICGnero </p><p>organizers.</p><p>For any doubts or further information regarding this call for entries, please write to programacion@micgenero.com</p><p>3</p></li></ul>