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  • MyFloridaMarketPlace MFMP For Vendors

  • Agenda

    • MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview

    • VIP Account Management

    • Responding to eQuotes

    • Viewing Transaction Information • Transaction Fee Information and

    Payment • Resources


  • Overview of MFMP

    • MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) is the state’s online purchasing system and continues to be a significant tool for buyers and vendors of the State of Florida.

    • MFMP provides a source for centralized procurement activities focusing on best practices and maximizing the state’s buying power to support efficient government.

    • MFMP prides itself on public and private partnerships making procurements easier and faster for both buyers and vendors.

  • • Equal access for small and minority-owned businesses.

    • Ability to submit invoices electronically (eInvoicing).

    • Single registration that enables vendors to receive notifications for all state agency solicitations by commodity code.

    • 24/7 access to bid opportunities and information through: – Vendor Bid System (VBS)

    – Sourcing

    • Improved quality and accuracy of interactions with the state.

    • Customer service support staff available to provide real-time assistance.

    MFMP Vendor Benefits

  • The Vendor Information Portal (VIP)

    • The Vendor Information Portal (VIP) provides Florida’s vendors with self-service tools for registration, account maintenance, performance rating reviews, and transaction fee reporting.

    • Vendors can elect to receive email notifications about upcoming solicitations based on their chosen commodity code(s).

    • Vendor Information Portal (VIP) application

  • MFMP Sourcing

    • MFMP Sourcing is used by the State of Florida to issue formal competitive solicitations and informal electronic quotes (eQuotes).

    • Sourcing application

  • • MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview

    • VIP Account Management

    • Responding to eQuotes

    • Viewing Transaction Information • Transaction Fee Information and

    Payment • Resources



  • Update VIP

    • In order to keep information current, MFMP VIP provide vendors the option to view and edit the following categories:

    – Username or Password

    – General Business Information

    – Contact Information

    – Certified Minority Business Selections

    – Business Locations

    – Commodity Codes

    – Solicitations Selections

  • Update Contact Information

    • It is important that vendors keep their contact information current in MFMP VIP.

    Contact: Communications:

    Main Contact All Account specific communications

    Sales/Solicitations Contact Receives solicitation notifications from Sourcing and/or VBS

    PO Contact Receives Purchase Orders

    Billing Contact May receive reminders to pay the transaction fee

    Remit-To Contact Receives questions about payments

    • To update contacts, open the ‘I want to’ drop down box and select ‘View/Edit My Contacts.’

  • Update Contact Information

    • Vendors have the option to add a new contact by selecting ‘New Contact’.

    • Vendors can also update an existing contact’s information or remove a contact from their VIP account by selecting ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’.

  • Update Locations

    • It is important that vendors keep their locations’ Remit- to addresses updated in MFMP VIP.

    • It is also important for vendors to avoid changing locations that are actively tied to Purchase Orders.

    • Vendors with out-of-date information run the risk of not receiving payments.

  • Update Locations

    • To update locations, vendors can go to the ‘I want to’ drop down box and select ‘View/Edit My Locations.’

    • Vendors can add a new location by selecting ‘New Location’.

    • Vendors can also update existing locations or delete a location by selecting ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’.

  • Select/Update Commodity Codes

    • Sourcing leverages commodity codes to give you visibility to solicitations.

    • Not selecting a commodity code means your business will be ineligible to receive solicitation notifications from VBS or Sourcing.

    • Vendors can select commodity codes by going to the ‘I want to’ drop down box and select ‘View/Edit Commodity Codes’.

  • Solicitation Notifications

    • In order to view and respond to solicitations from MFMP Sourcing and VBS, vendors must register to receive electronic notifications in VIP.

    • Vendor may also establish a sales email address to receive the notifications.

  • Account Inactivation

    • MFMP will inactivate a vendor’s VIP account for four reasons: ‐ Vendor requests to have MFMP account removed. ‐ Vendor requests to consolidate multiple registration accounts

    for different locations into a single registration. ‐ DMS/DFS request suspension of the vendor. ‐ Vendor has been inactive for more than two years (annual


    • When a vendor’s account is set to an inactive status, open purchase orders or invoices cannot be completed.

    • Vendors may delete locations within their active account on their own.

  • Annual Inactivation Process

    • MFMP will inactivate vendor accounts that have not conducted business with the State of Florida over the past two fiscal years.

    • Vendor accounts will not be inactivated if any of the five criteria below are met: ‐ has received an MFMP purchase order. ‐ has received a payment from FLAIR, the state's accounting

    system, or a P-Card payment. ‐ has made an edit to their Vendor Information Portal (VIP)

    account. ‐ has logged into MFMP Sourcing. ‐ Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD) Certified Business

    Enterprise Certificate has not expired before the previous fiscal year.

  • Tips to Keep Account Active

    • To keep your MFMP registration active, vendors should make an update to their VIP account, when applicable, or log into MFMP Sourcing on a regular basis.

    • Below are some sample steps vendors might take to successfully update their VIP account:

    ‐ Change/Update account’s location name(s)

    ‐ Change/Update your commodity code selections

    ‐ Change/Update your Purchase Order contact, Remit to contact, and/or Bill to contact

  • • MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview

    • VIP Account Management

    • Responding to eQuotes

    • Viewing Transaction Information • Transaction Fee Information and

    Payment • Resources



  • MFMP Sourcing

    • Vendors can preview all open formal, competitive State Purchasing Sourcing events by selecting ‘Public Access’.

    • In order to respond to solicitations, vendors must log in using their MFMP vendor account credentials.

  • Accessing Events

    • When vendors log into Sourcing, they will see two event types: − My Events – Solicitations that the vendor has already joined. − Public Events – Formal competitive solicitations that match

    the vendor’s selected commodity code.

  • Public Events

    • In order to participate in formal solicitations, vendors must ‘Join’ the public event.

    • Vendors may also ‘Preview’ the event, which provides read-only access.

  • Event Details

    • Provide vendors with the following event information:

    – Event Clock

    – Event Timeline

    – Terms and Conditions

    – Specifications Sheets

    – Price Lists

  • Review / Decline Event

    • After reviewing the Event Details, vendors may:

    − Download Content

    − Review Agreement

    − Decline to Respond

    − Print Event Information

  • Accept Agreement

    • The ‘Review and Accept Agreement’ link displays the terms of the bidder agreement.

    •Vendors must accept the agreement in order to submit an official response.

  • Event Messages

    • Sourcing gives vendors the option to compose a message to the Event Owner.

  • Text Box Questions

    • Sourcing provides two types of text box fields that Event Owners can include:

    – Single line text