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MFL DVD Resource. TOPIC: CULTURE. Jean de Florette. Jean de Florette is a French historical drama film directed by Claude Berri, based on a novel by Marcel Pagnol. Excerpt from the film: 01:03:55 > 01:05:35 Cultural differences between the villagers and the city folk. Jean de Florette. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • Jean de FloretteJean de Florette is a French historical drama filmdirected by Claude Berri, based on a novel by Marcel Pagnol.

    Excerpt from the film: 01:03:55 > 01:05:35Cultural differences between the villagers and the city folk

  • Jean de FloretteWhy do you think the family goes into the village?

    What are the men of the village in the middle of doing?

    What are the obvious differences between the Concordet family and the village people?

    What is the attitude of the servers at the bakery?

    What happens when the family leave the bakery?

    What might be the feelings of Jean the hunchback at this time?

  • Jean de FloretteImagine you are Manon, the little girl. Before going to bed that evening, you write in your private diary. Tell what happened in the village and describe your feelings. Start:

    Mon cher journal, Aujourdhui ctait une journe.

    In pairs, imagine the conversation between Jean and his wife Aime that evening. Create a dialogue that lasts at least 2 minutes.

  • La HaineLa Haine is a French black-and-white film written,co-edited, and directed by Mathieu Kassovitz.It is about three teenage friends and their struggle tolive in the banlieues (outskirts) of Paris, during the riots.

    Excerpt from the film: 01:11:44 > 01:15:38The three protagonistsfind themselvesin an art gallery.

  • La HaineThe three protagonists find themselves inside an art gallery at an opening event. Make a list of differences between the boys and the guests at the gallery.

    Do you think they fit in? Why/not? Is their response justified?

  • La HaineHave you been / would you go to an art gallery? What are your views on street art? Describe the people you saw there/think you would see there.

  • Joyeux NolJoyeux Nol is a film about the World War I unofficialChristmas truce of December 1914, depicted throughthe eyes of French, British and German soldiers.

    Excerpt from the film: 01:32 > 02:40The first scene ofthe film where studentsfrom three countriesare reciting phrases abouthow brilliant their countryis compared to others.

  • Joyeux NolTalk about what you already know about the First World War, and compare it to todays wars.

    Watch the first time without sound or subtitles. What historical period is it? How do we know? How can we tell what nationality the boys are? In your opinion, what are each saying? Do they express their own ideas?

    Re-watch with sound and subtitles. Review the questions above.

    What do they say? Write down a sentence for each boy, that, to you, sums their speech up.

  • Joyeux NolWrite a description of each student. Mention his appearance, his clothes, his demeanor and attitude. (40 words per person)

    Describe or draw three students in 2010, one from each country: Great Britain, France and Germany. Do an oral comparison of your drawn students with the students from the film.

    For example: The German boy from 2010 is wearing trainers, but the one from 1913 was wearing leather boots.

    Do you think you could talk about your nationality with such pride at school? Why/why not?

  • Bienvenue chez les ChtisA comedy where a postmaster in Southern Francegets transferred to a remote region in Northern France.

    Excerpt from the film: 01:15:51 > 01:18:38Julie arrives in Bergues and is being shown around by Antoine and his colleagues.

  • Bienvenue chez les ChtisDescribe what there is and isnt in Bergues mining village (look up and review some words that usefully describe town and rural life beforehand). What might be (culturally) lacking, and why?

    What stereotype might the residents be playing up to?

    Design a leaflet to advertise your area to attract new business.

  • Bienvenue chez les ChtisUse this scene to start a research task about very rural northern communities in France.

    In groups produce a well researched voice-over to accompany the clip in the style of a mock documentary on this.

  • PersepolisPersepolis is the poignant story of a young girl in Iranduring the Islamic Revolution

    Excerpt from the film: 01:15:48 > 01:17:25Marji questions authority.

  • PersepolisWhat do you feel about Marjis comments about the unfairness of religion? Do you agree that there appears to be a level of hypocrisy being shown by the men and if so, what might their response be?

    How is the scene set up to illustrate the divisions between men and women that the committee members are seeking to widen further?

  • PersepolisWhat do you think about the discussion in the garden afterwards?

    What did you learn about the attitudes and thoughts of the two women? How do you react to them? Are you in agreement with some of the attitudes expressed?


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