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<ul><li><p>Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin Libraries Mexican Archival Collections Useful for Genealogical Researchers </p><p> I. General and Rare Book Collections </p><p>The Benson Latin American Collection maintains extensive microfilm and print collections from all national and local archives of Latin America and the Caribbean. It is especially strong in microfilm collections of documents from the national libraries of Mexico, Great Britain (Foreign Office), Spain (Archivo General de Indias), Peru, and Paraguay. </p><p>The Rare Books and Manuscripts section is a closed stack area which houses not only rare books and archival collections but also rare newspapers, software, audio-visual materials, photographs, sheet maps, memorabilia, and ephemera. Original manuscript holdings are in two broad groups: Latin American sources and U.S. Latino sources. Electronic access to processed collections is available through several sources: </p><p> University of Texas Libraries online catalog ( In-house files available in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Reading Room (SRH 1.101) Benson Collection web site ( TARO Project (Texas Archival Resources Online, </p><p> II. Specialized Bibliography for The University of Texas at Austin Archival Collections Guide to the Latin American Manuscripts in the University of Texas Library. Ed. Carlos E. Castaeda and </p><p>Jack Autrey Dabbs. Cambridge, MA: 1939. Major Microform Sets at the Benson Latin American Collection. Comp. Donald L. Gibbs. 2004. Online: </p><p> The University of Texas Archives: A Guide to the Historical Manuscripts Collections in the University of </p><p>Texas Library. Comp. and ed. Chester V. Kielman. Austin: 1967. Handbook for Translators of Spanish Historical Documents. By J. Villasana Haggard, assisted by Malcolm </p><p>Dallas McLean. [Austin, TX]: 1941. The Bxar Archives, 1717-1836: A Name Guide. Comp. and ed. Adn Benavides. Austin: 1989. </p><p> III. Selective Bibliography: U.S. Borderlands and Northern Mexico </p><p>Barnes, Thomas C., Thomas H. Naylor, Charles W. Polzer. Northern New Spain: A Research Guide. Tucson: 1981. </p><p>Beers, Henry Putney. Spanish &amp; Mexican Records of the American Southwest: A Bibliographical Guide to Archive and Manuscript Sources. Tucson: 1979. </p><p>Cavazos Garza, Israel. Catlogo y sntesis de los protocolos del Archivo Municipal de Monterrey, 1599-1801. 6 vols. to date. Monterrey: 1966-1990. </p><p>Gerhard, Peter. The North Frontier of New Spain. Princeton: 1982. Guerra, Ral J., Nadine M. Vsquez, and Baldomero Vela. Index to the Marriage Investigations of the </p><p>Diocese of Guadalajara Pertaining to the Former Provinces of Coahuila, Nuevo Len, Nuevo Santander, and Texas. [v. 1. 1653-1750, v. 2. 1751-1779.] [N.p.]: 1989- . </p><p>Many publications produced by genealogical societies in Mexico and the United States. These include publications by Los Bexareos Genealogical Society and the Hispanic Genealogical Society of Houston. [The Benson Collection, however, only has volumes 5, 15, 17-22, and 24-25 (last, 2007) of the Hispanic Genealogical Journal!] </p><p>IV. Manuscript and Microfilm Archival Collections A. U.S. Borderlands </p><p>Texas 1. The Bxar Archives at the University of Texas Archives (172 reels; FILM 24,276). 2. The Bxar Archives translations (26 reels; FILM 24,277). 3. Nacogdoches Archives (27 reels; FILM 24,517). 4. Marriage, death and burial registers of San Fernando Parish Church, 1703-1860 (6 reels; FILM 24,222). </p></li><li><p>5. The Laredo Archives [1749-1872] at Saint Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas (16 reels; FILM 23,974). New Mexico 1. Spanish Archives of New Mexico I, 1685-1912. Land transactions including land ownership, wills, land </p><p>grants, and litigation during New Mexico's Spanish and Mexican periods (63 reels; FILM 24,913). 2. Spanish Archives of New Mexico II, 1621-1821 (22 reels; FILM 24,912). 3. Mexican Archives of New Mexico, 1821-1846 (42 reels; FILM 24,914). Florida 1. Calendar of the East Florida Papers, 1784-1821. Spanish Florida Borderlands Project of the P.K. Yonge </p><p>Library of Florida History. Gainesville, FL: 1984. (11 reels, FILM 24,915). Contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents in the East Florida papers, Library of Congress, which are the manuscript records of the second Spanish administration of East Florida, 1784-1821. </p><p> B. MEXICO </p><p>Mexico City 1. Archivo General de la Nacin. Documents, 1524-1884 (962 reels. FILM 22,279). </p><p>Organized by ramos and arranged by volume. In Spanish. Microfilm of ramos (complete): Bandos (1571-1819) Correspondencia de Virreyes (1755-1821) Historia (1529-1856) Justicia y Asuntos Eclesisticos, Seccin </p><p>Eclesistica (1821-1861) Justicia y Asuntos Eclesisticos, Seccin </p><p>Instruccin Pblica (1821-1865) Misiones (1623-1884) Padrones (1594-1865) Provincias Internas (1617-1842) </p><p> Microfilm of ramos (partial): Bienes Nacionales (1810-1834) Operaciones de Guerra (1796-1826) Tierras, Siglos XVI-XIX (1684-1810) Hacienda (1857) </p><p>Indexes to ramos not held by the Benson: Clero Regular y Secular Consulado Cuentas de Jesuitas Hospitales, Protomedicato, Epidemias Industria y Comercio Infidencia Inquisicin, Siglos XVI-XIX Marina Minera Obispos y Arzobispos Templos y Conventos Temporalidades </p></li><li><p> Additional reels contain documents relating to figures prominent in the history and culture of Mexico. Online access: 1. AGN web site: 2. See also: (Arizona State Museum, Documentary Relations of </p><p>the Southwest [DRSW]). Chihuahua 1. Records of the Presidio de San Felipe y Santiago de Janos, 1706-1858 (9 linear feet). Materials are in Spanish. A </p><p>partial calendar for documents dated 1707-1828 in Rare Books Reference. 2. Cathedral Archives, Cd. Jurez (5 reels: 3, 4, 9-11; FILM 24,982). 3. Ayuntamiento Archives, Cd. Jurez (36 reels: 3, 4, 9-11, 16-33, 61-73; FILM 24,981). 4. El Archivo de Hidalgo del Parral (323 reels, index, FILM G2071). Coahuila 1. The Snchez Navarro Family Papers, 1658-1895 (6 linear feet). In Spanish; bulk dates 1740-1866. A partial </p><p>calendar is available. See also: A Mexican Family Empire: The Latifundio of the Snchez Navarros, 1765-1867 (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1975). </p><p> The Snchez Navarro family owned the largest private estate in the history of Mexico. Correspondence, legal and financial documents, reports, lists, and other materials relating to the business and personal concerns, especially ownership and operation of haciendas and a retail store in the Mexican state of Coahuila. Religious matters are the subject of some of the letters and notes to Jos Miguel Snchez Navarro. </p><p>Nuevo Len 1. Harry Lund collection, 1594-1967 (bulk 1820-1876). (12 linear ft.). </p><p>Organized into five series: I. Nuevo Len. II. Tamaulipas. III. Central government and other states. IV. Assorted material. V. Card files. Arranged chronologically. In Spanish. Lund was a historian and professor of Spanish at Pan American College in Edinburg, Texas. </p><p>Manuscripts and printed material pertaining to the history and government of Mexico, particularly the states of Nuevo Len and Tamaulipas. The collection includes decrees, proclamations, broadsides, circulars, correspondence, reports, inventories, minutes of ayuntamientos, marriage records, wills and testaments, and card files. Three-and-a-half linear feet of the collection concern the state of Nuevo Len from 1747 to 1931; two-and-a-half feet relate to the state of Tamaulipas from 1768 to 1895; and one-half foot consists of items originating from the central government in Mexico City, materials relating to states other than Nuevo Len and Tamaulipas, and other documents or fragments. Municipalities prominent in the collection are Linares, Monterrey, Hualahuises, Hidalgo (formerly Santo Domingo de Hoyos), and Agualeguas. Marriage records are mostly from Linares, Nuevo Len; testamentary materials are largely those of Doa Matiana de Len y Vallejo of Santo Domingo de Hoyos from ca. 1792. Over five linear feet of card files contain descriptive information about documents in the collection and notes on 25 towns in northern Mexico and Texas. </p><p>2. Pablo Salce Arredondo collection, 1594-1965 (bulk 1760-1880). (19 linear ft.) Organized into two subgroups: I. Manuscripts. II. Imprints. In Spanish. Partial calendar available in library. Salce Arredondo was a historian and author of Nuevo Len (b. Linares, June 1899). </p><p>Includes manuscripts of state, municipal, and church records, as well as correspondence, decrees, reports, proclamations, circulars, periodicals, and broadsides from Mexico, principally the northern states. The collection consists largely of documents issued by the governments of the states of Nuevo Len and Tamaulipas, and municipalities within those states, primarily Linares, Monterrey, Hualahuises, Galeana (formerly Labradores), and Hidalgo (formerly Santo Domingo de Hoyos). Subgroup I contains manuscript materials concerning marriages, inheritances, and the sale and transfer of property, as well as criminal and civil court proceedings. Both Subgroup I (Manuscripts) and Subgroup II (Imprints) contain laws, proclamations, decrees and reports issued by the states, New Spain, Mexico, and the Catholic Church. Letters and reports from political and military figures describe historical events in Mexico as experienced in the northern states, including the Mexican War for Independence, the Texas Revolution, and the French Intervention. The collection includes 53 Samuel Bangs imprints produced in Mexico between 1822 and 1837. </p><p>Tamaulipas 1. See Harry Lund Collection, Nuevo Len. 2. See Pablo Salce Arredondo Collection, Nuevo Len. </p></li><li><p>3. See Laredo Archives, Texas. Veracruz 1. Archivo de la parroquia de San Miguel en Orizaba, Arquidicesis de Jalapa (registros parroquiales, 1624-1897). </p><p>(LDS film; 79 reels; FILM 24,911). 2. Microfilm of historical documents amassed by Patrick Carroll and others: </p><p>a. Archivo de la Parroquia de la Inmaculada Concepcin, Crdoba, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico, registros parroquiales, 1728-1791. (2 reels of baptisms and marriages; FILM 26,363. </p><p>b. Diligencias promovidas por Andrs Fernndez de Otaz ... contra negros cimarrones de Palacios, Breve Cozina y Mandinga, pueblo de Soya. (1 reel; FILM 26,365). </p><p>c. Documentos sobre los bienes del Marqus de Sierra Nevada. Reel 1 (194 leaves) contains detailed inventories of the estate of the Marqus de Sierra Nevada. Leaves 35-65 include lists of slaves, their occupations, families, and valuations. (2 reels; FILM 26,364). </p><p>d. Archivo Notarial de Jalapa Enrquez, 1578-1702. (6 reels; FILM 26,367). e. Padrones de Zempoala, Jalapa y otas partes de Nueva Espaa, 1791-1792. (2 reels; FILM 26,366). f. Archivo Municipal de Crdoba y Archivo Notarial de Crdoba, Mexico seleccin de documentos sobre </p><p>esclavos y padrones, 1725-1828. (4 reels; FILM 26,362). g. Archivo Notarial de Crdoba, Mexico. (2 sets; FILM 26,360 and FILM 26,361). h. Archivo Municipal de Crdoba, Mexico, 1618-1818. (17 reels; FILM 26,359). i. Archivo de la parroquia de San Jernimo de Coatepec, Mexico, registros parroquiales, 1593-1830. (5 reels; </p><p>FILM 26,358). </p><p>Keyword Searching University of Texas Libraries online catalog ( </p><p> Keyword search for terms: archivo municipal Mexico catalogs retrieves 40 items including works for the municipios of Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, Mina (NL), Monterrey, Saltillo, Torren, and others. Keyword search for terms: archivo estado Mexico catalogs retrieves 81 items including works for the states of Aguascalientes, Estado de Mxico, Michoacn, Nuevo Len, Oaxaca, San Luis Potos, Sinaloa, Sonora, and Yucatn. Keyword search for terms: archivo general Mexico catalogs retrieves 233 items. Keyword search for terms: genealogy Mexico retrieves 229. These items represent catalogs and indexes of notarial records; church records of births, deaths, and marriages; Spanish and Mexican census records for Mexico and New Mexico; books and serial publications on heraldry and genealogy; and biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias. Subject search using the form: [SURNAME] family may result in direct hits. For example, Trevio family results in 3 hits; Garza family in 10 hits; and so on. Subject search for term: Mexican AmericansGenealogy results in various hits including subdivisions (Handbooks, Manuals, etc. and Periodicals). </p></li></ul>


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