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Frost Illustrated presents a 12-page insert featuring rosters, photos, interviews with coaches and more! Corporate sponsorship by The Rescue Mission and Lutheran Health Network / St. Joseph Hospital


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    CoaCh Charles JaCksons Corner:Ive been coaching 11 years for Metro Youth Sports and I enjoy watching the kids progress and watching them succeed while making sure they have good grades in school. And, with me as their coach, they have another male fi gure to talk to, to ask questions and someone they can depend on. I also enjoy watching kids play on Friday nights in high school and moving onto college. How do you tHink your team performed last season? We had an average season because I had a lot of 11 year olds on Varsity and on the JV level, I had a lot of nine and 10 year olds so theyre still learning. And, on the Pee Wee level, we had a lot of seven year olds and a lot of new players, so theres a lot of training that needs to take place.were tHere any standout players?Yes, on my Pee Wee level we had seven year old Daion Eldridge and Varsity standouts were Jade Moore, Dillon Jackson, Gianni LaGrone and Maxwell Burney. wHat encouraging words do you Have for your team?Dont ever give up. Once you leave football, life is going to be the same and you cant give up because you are go-ing to have hardships. So if you learn now, while youre young, everything is not going to go your way, that will help you in your life.


    2015 roster

    Varsity JUNiOr Varsity Pee-Wee

    84 Tyrese Davis 22 Kayleiya Craig 5 Khamrius Harris70 Devon Lynch 9 Zavier Jones 24 Cordney Glaspe24 Wisdom Fincher 60 David Ross 1 DMarcus Villa5 Gianni Lagrone 2 Isaac Manning 60 Daveion Ross4 Brion Morre 63 Gervall Beles 9 Khaleal Jones3 Spence Young 68 Lynell Dansby 68 Randy Octave80 Terrell Davis 1 Omarion Washington 80 Daion Eldridge2 Elijah Madison 6 Juron Stapleton 2 Damarion Aldridge81 Jade Moore 26 Bryce Madison 3 Nasir Thomas8 Marquez Rothgen 24 Omarion Brown 4 Ziaynous Petaway9 Yashua Cooper 81 Deshawn Moore 84 Clayvon Washington1 Dillion Jackson 25 Tylandis Terry 63 Calvin Dobson22 Ricky Parker 7 Treyon Davis 65 Elijah Woods65 Maxwell Burney 3 Antonio Moore 6 Nate Hill26 Shavodus Todd 80 Omarion Rogers 26 Nahki Crockett60 Santino Zuniya 65 Sheldon Dobson7 Marlow Richardson 8 Dantonio Wilson Jr25 Jaden Harmon 47 Taiwan Johnson86 Nale Martin 5 Gary Morris6 Deonlyee Matthews 84 DeMarreia Stephans

    70 Omarion Coleman4 Daivion Braxton19 Korin Harris

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    CoaCh alex Brookshires Corner:Ive been coaching for Metro Youth Sports for six years and its fulfilling to see the respect and the discipline thats being instilled within them by how they treat one another, the coaches and adults. And, its also fulfilling to see the smiles on the kids faces because that makes me feel good knowing that theyre enjoying themselves.Answering this seasons questions is Assistant Head Coach JJ Arnold.

    How do you tHink your team performed last season?

    They all came to play, they did their best, they tried hard and they performed very well. were tHere any standout players?They all were because they worked to-gether as a team.wHat encouraging words do you Have for your team?Just believe you can do it and you can do it. School comes first, so get your educa-tion and football is extra so dont get in trouble.


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    2015 roster

    Varsity12 T.J. Carter13 Lah-Shon Miller14 Marquis Billingsley16 Cameron Conley17 Johnny Sewell19 Jalan Carpenter21 Quantri Sanders22 Justin Alexander24 JaMonte Fincher30 Joash Sliver29 Percy White27 JaSuan Lambert35 Mark Muff41 Kobe Hicks42 Corey Tyner44 Elmarion Graham51 Jarmir Soren53 Gery Rucker54 Jay Salinas75 Sam Salinas76 Malik Smith74 Avyonn Creech

    JV1 Donavan Ramos-Ridley2 Christian Riley3 Robert Hogue4 Bravon Bassett5 Donavan Gonzalez6 Zayion Williams8 Jontae Lambert9 Michael Conley10 Terrance Sanders Jr.11 Emmanuel Griffen12 Jaden Yoder21 Ajani Washington22 Isreal Moore23 Ashton Newsome32 Jerionte Wilson34 QuinTrell Simmons36 Tyshon Hill40 Malachi Fincher69 Joshua Whitt Jr71 Victor Jackson80 Tamarkus Jackson82 Landon Hicks88 Demarion Herron90 TreVion Starks92 Tercell Williams89 Dairyon McClendon96 Omari McMllian 98 Edgar Diaz Deleon 99 Neomiah Salinas97 Stephenol Santos III67 Brandon Stucky

    Pee Wee9 Gerrell Biley Jr34 Taurris Carlisle90 Triston Carpenter99 Amari Ford

    JaQuan Hagler3 DaMeon Hogue4 Dimetri McMillen

    1 Tristan Newsome91 Elijah Ramos-Ridley

    Sedrick Robinson71 Marcello Salas Jr2 Qualin Starks Jr

    Kendiya Taylor8 Kamari Underwood

    Kristopher WalkerDominique Williams

    52 Omauri Fitts SewellDamariay Hogue

    64 Josue Maasave27 Tdrees Eldrigde44 C.J. Carrington



    CoaCh Wade raines Corner:Ive been coaching for Metro Youth Sports for six years and its very fulfilling be-cause were role models, father figures, in partnership with their families and we share information with these young men so they can do good work at home, in school and on the field. Answering this seasons questions is Assistant Offensive and Defensive Line Coach Tony Jones.

    How do you tHink your team performed last season? There were some adversity in the beginning of the season but we made it up to-wards the end, in the playoffs and we were one game away from the super bowl. were tHere any standout players?They were all standout players because they all basically came together as one on all three levels.wHat encouraging words do you Have for your team?Believe in yourself to make it happen mind over body. Be conditioned to the point where you can be better every practice and every game. Have the courage to play the game because its a contact sport and you have to be physically and mentally able to do it to fulfill your goals of winning the Super Bowl.

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    2015 roster

    Varsity1 Xzaevyon Hollister2 Dominic Bennett3 Ronald Collins III4 Tyrese Brown5 Derrion Starks6 Christian Flannigan7 Avant Rogers9 Antonn Bradely10 KeDrell Billingsley12 Jayon Martin14 Marvin Jenkins15 Ryan Collins20 Floyd Sandlin22 Gabe Thomas24 Dionee White32 Elijah Brown51 Karmony Flores52 Malachi Graham55 Caldijuan Mitchell95 Mason Northup99 Tyrell Thomas

    JV1 Emarion Brady2 Michael Dye3 Terry Palmer4 Kamarion Roberson7 KeRon Harris8 Davion Stokes9 Jarell Thomas10 Evan Bennett11 C.J. Raines12 Treshawn Parker14 Elijah Brown21 Marcus Cooper22 Julius Hochstuhl24 Antwon Pollard30 Jermaine Freeman32 Brayden Smith55 Melaki Rowlett56 Lukias Warner90 Jaylen Flores95 ZyMarion Wilhite98 Clayton Knight99 Dazhon Ware

    Pee Wee1 Adrian Wooten Jr2 Wade Raines Jr3 Natorian Jones4 Jamarkus Lee5 Christopher Lanier-Mhoon6 Willie Ivy III7 Carmani Addison8 Janoah King9 Tylan Lichtstiger-Jones10 Andre Jones11 Renaul Harris12 Jacob Sharin13 Shawn Johnson14 Jarnard Moore

    15 Areyon Jenkins20 Jamari Powell21 Jordyn King22 Quincy Smith23 Isiah Copeland24 Harold Mack Jr26 Enijay Campbell30 Jonathon Treace32 Xzavier Shugart46 Keandre Mack50 Shaun White Jr51 Letterieus Gibson55 Avantis Arrington56 Rissan Collins90 Jamir Turner98 Elijah Wimes99 Brock Ragsdale Harris*10* Cameron Mack*11* Quinton Smith*15* Isaiah Robertson*26* Kayden Roberson



    The Voices of Unity Youth Choir are proud to announce that we have been invited to participate