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A fundamental approach to the biology behind nutrition for optimal body composition. How to eat for less fat and more muscle. Find


  • 1. Metabolic Chaos A fundamental approach to restoring internal harmony RWL Coaching Team

2. Basic principles of RWL nutrition Increase protein intake Increase fibre intake Increase fat intake (poly and monounsaturated) Increase nutritional density of food Increase the energy demands of the body Restored energy balance and improved health 3. Cellular Biochemistry . Here we go! 4. Cellular Biochemistry 5. Glycolysis Feel the burn 4 units of energy Anaerobic Fast Lots of waste 6. Glycolysis in action 7. Cellular Biochemistry 8. Aerobic Metabolism 32 units of energy Aerobic Slow No waste 9. Cellular Biochemistry and food 10. The aftermath 11. Internal Starvation Eating lots of food but not feeling energetic Muscular atrophy Skinny/Fat 12. Turning off the tap Reducing excessive carbohydrate consumption Restoring insulin sensitivity through HIT and diet 13. Unblocking the drain 14. Increase protein intake Improves energy balance Thermogenic Effect Metabolism Muscle growth Aids exercise Improved recovery Improves insulin sensitivity both directly and indirectly 15. Substitute fibrous carbohydrates Improves energy balance Thermic Effect Metabolism Aids exercise Improved recovery Improves insulin sensitivity indirectly 16. Increase healthy fats Aids exercise Improved recovery Improves insulin sensitivity directly Slows digestion Improve cardiovascular health 17. Unblocking the drain 18. The result? 19. Contact Us 01162 763 411 Next seminar: Evidence based recommendations for resistance training