mendelian basis of inheritance

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Mendelian Basis of Inheritance

Gregor Mendel- Father of Genetics

Studies of Gregor Mendel

Mendels 4 Postulates Unit factors in pairs Dominance /Recessiveness Segregation Independent Assortment

Monohybrid Cross

Monohybrid Cross Genotype-geneticmakeup of an individual Phenotype-physical traits of an individual as expressed from the genotype


Problem Solving:

1. In a cross between a black and a white guineapig, all members of the F1 generation are black. The F2 generation is made up of black and white guinea pigs. Diagram this cross, showing the genotypes and phenotypes. 2. Albinism in humans is inherited as a simple recessive trait. For the ff families, determine the genotypes of parents and offspring. When two alternative genotypes are possible, list both. A. Two normal parents have five children, four normal and one albino. B. A normal male and an albino female have six children, all normal. C. Which of the Mendels postulates are illustrated?

Dihybrid Cross

Problem Solving: Mendel crossed peas having round seeds and yellowcotyledons with peas having wrinkled seeds and green cotyledons. All the F1 plants had round seeds with yellow cotyledons. Diagram this cross through the F2 generation using both the Punnett square or branch method. With regard to the ABO blood types in humans, determine the genotypes of the male parent and female parent: Male Parent: Blood type B whose mother was type O Female Parent: Blood type A whose father was type B. Predict the blood types of the offspring that this couple may have and the expected proportion of each.

Principle of Segregation

Incomplete Dominance

Multiple Allelism Dominance/Recessiveness Codominance


Trihybrid Cross

Human Inheritance


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