memoirs of world war i honors u.s. history

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Memoirs of World War I Honors U.S. History. Mr. Fee Mrs. Keruskin Mrs. Mason. Lesson Goals . Project/Requirements. Resources. Web Paper-based. Your Goal. Take the Persona of a WWI Soldier , Nurse , or Ambulance Driver. Compose a Letter Home or a Diary Entry . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Memoirs of World War IHonors U.S. History

Mr. FeeMrs. KeruskinMrs. MasonLesson Goals Project/Requirements

ResourcesWebPaper-basedYour Goal

Take the Persona of a WWI Soldier, Nurse, or Ambulance Driver.Compose a Letter Home or a Diary Entry Provide Detailed Knowledge & Your Opinion

A WWI Soldier's AccountA WWI Nurse's Account

What do I Include in my Document?Date

Causes of the War

Who was Fighting & Why

Allied Feelings Regarding U.S. Involvement

Motivation for Fighting/Serving

What do I Include in my Document?Conditions in the Trenches/Hospitals

Battle Description

Conditions Faced by Combatants (e.g., food, quarters, weapons, etc.)



Where can I find Information?Web ResourcesVeteran's History Project Sponsored by the Library of Congress. Provides personal accounts from those who experienced life in the trenches of WWI.

WWI Document ArchiveAssembled by volunteers of the World War I Military History List. An archive of primary documents (diaries, memorials, personal reminiscences). Includes an image archive . Good info for nurses/ambulance drivers!

WWI Retrogravures Includes information about the origins of WWI along with data relating to the financial cost of the war.

Where can I find Information?Web Resources

Photos of the Great WarWWI image database filled with WWI photos that have been categorized into various albums.

PBSFilled with valuable information (e.g., timeline, maps) that will help you complete your project successfully.

Where can I find Information?Paper-Based Resources On Reserve - Library Cart