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  • Membership Newsletter Winter 2012

    Roger and Johns Farewell New Behcet Clinic




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  • Dear members,Contents Newsletter Winter 2012

    Richard SamudaChairman

    Spotlight on A&E 4Foundation Trust Application Update 4

    Trust appoints three new non-execs 7

    Midwife-led units lead the way 6

    Goodbye from John 5

    Chancellors statement is good news for Midland Metropolitan Hospital 3

    New Service for heart patients in Sandwell 10New Behcets clinic 10

    Stroke Reconfiguration 9Hello from fundraising 9

    The last few months have been very busy. Three new Non Executive Directors have joined the Trusts Board and we say goodbye this month to two Board Directors who have been here since the Trust was formed Vice Chair Roger Trotman and Chief Executive John Adler. They have both made very significant contributions to the Trust and will be much missed. I am sure many of you will have met them and know you will join me in wishing them all the best.

    We were delighted to see our plans for the Midland Metropolitan Hospital come one step closer with the Chancellors announcement of the scheme as a prime candidate for the new replacement for PFI. This is excellent news for people living in Sandwell and western Birmingham as it would enable us to improve health outcomes for the most seriously ill patients and treat others closer to where they live.

    CQC inspectors made an unannounced visit to both our emergency departments, assessing our services against seven of their quality standards. Five standards were found to be compliant and two had only minor concerns relating primarily to governance processes and not the quality of patient care. Inspectors found plenty of examples of good practice which was very reassuring.

    Whilst the quality of care in A&E has been improving, we have been under immense pressure in A&E which has led to a drop in our performance on the 4 hour A&E target. We are doing everything we can to reduce waiting times in A&E whilst maintaining high quality standards and hope to have turned the corner. Last month the Board agreed to invest more than 2m extra in A&E including 6 new consultants and 21 more nurses.

    Finally, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of our Trust members at the AGM, our priorities event and a meeting for those interested in becoming Governors. The involvement of patients and local people in the Trust is absolutely crucial to the type of organisation we want to be and I look forward to meeting many more of you at some of the activities we are planning over the next twelve months.

    Yours sincerely

    Inspectors put emergency care under the microscope 8

    New nightwear covers patients modesty 11

    Calendar of Events 12 - 15

  • Chancellors statement is good news for Midland Metropolitan Hospital

    Chancellor George Osborne describes new hospital as a prime candidate for the new PF2.


    The Chancellors Autumn Statement this month made reference to the work we are doing with the Department of Health to assess how our plans for the Midland Metropolitan Hospital in Smethwick can be progressed under the new alternative to PFI.

    In his Statement, he introduced PF2 as the replacement to PFI following an extensive review of the Private Finance Initiative.

    Responding to a question from James Morris, MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis, the Chancellor, George Osborne said; We have identified the hospital in Sandwell as a prime candidate for the new PF2.

    I know that it will help improve facilities for the many people my honorable friend represents. It is a very good project and I hope that we will be able to proceed with it.

    The highlighting of our new hospital scheme in his Statement is a positive sign of the support there is for the Midland Metropolitan Hospital concept (and associated Right Care Right Here programme) locally, regionally and nationally.

    The new hospital, which was the only NHS scheme mentioned in the Autumn statement, will be a 670 bed facility providing the full range of emergency and complex services, including full A&E, Maternity, Intensive Care and Paediatrics. Outpatient clinics, Diagnostics (e.g. X-ray) and Day Surgery will also continue to be provided on the Sandwell and City Hospital sites.

    We now need to fully understand the impact of the new PF2 finance model on our plans and will immediately begin that work to make progress as

    soon as possible.

    This brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of providing the highest quality healthcare from 21st century facilities for people living in Sandwell and western Birmingham.

    We anticipate that it will take six months to refresh our plans in the light of the latest developments. Following approval procedures, the procurement, building and commissioning phases of the scheme will then take up to 5 years to complete.

    The Midland Metropolitan Hospital development at Grove Lane will create a significant number of jobs and play a key part in the regeneration of Smethwick, West Bromwich and western Birmingham. The Trust owns all the land it needs at Grove Lane to build the hospital and we intend to start, primarily for safety reasons, controlled demolition on some vacant plots later this month.

  • Spotlight on A&E

    Our accident and emergency departments have been under the spotlight over the last year as the Trust Board has determined there is more we can do to improve the quality and safety of patient care. Improvements to quality and safety have been acknowledged by independent reviews.

    In the last few months, there has been a lot of pressure on our A&E services, with longer than expected waits for patients who need admitting to hospital while we find an appropriate available bed.

    Despite reductions in the length of time patients stay in hospital, and the opening of extra beds over the winter, our hospitals have been under immense pressure and we have struggled to achieve our four hour A&E target.

    Last month the Trust Board agreed to invest more than 2m extra into A&E, to appoint 6 new consultants, 4 new junior doctors, and 21 extra nurses. Administrative support is also being funded to ensure the doctors and nurses spend as much of their time as possible with patients, not with paperwork.

    Acting Head of Nursing Andrew Ferguson said he was optimistic about being able to recruit to new nursing posts, despite difficulties recruiting to consultant vacancies across the country.

    The investment comes on top of 1m additional investment in A&E last year and indicates the Boards commitment to ensuring a first class A&E service for patients in Birmingham and Sandwell.

    We are continuing to make preparations for our NHS Foundation Trust application, including reviewing our governance structures and ensuring our quality, performance, finances, and processes are in a strong position. Overall, we are well placed for a successful application, with an almost completely green performance rating. The area we need to do a bit more work on is our performance on A&E targets, which has been particularly challenging recently. Given the conclusion of the PFI review, we need to look at its implications on our future plans and on the business plan we submit as part of our application. We are in discussions with the Strategic Health Authority about the timing of our application given the latest positive development.

    Foundation Trust application update

    Anthony Brown, Senior Charge Nurse, and Andy Ferguson, Assistant Head of Nursing for A&E, in discussion over a patients care at City A&E Deepartment.

  • Goodbye from John...

    Dear members,

    It is with a deal of sadness that I will be leaving the Trust at the end of 2012 to take up a new position as Chief Executive of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

    The last ten years have not been without their challenges, but I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved since the Trust was formed, particularly around improving the quality and safety of patient care.

    I am especially pleased that the Chancellor has announced the outcome of the PFI review and highlighted our scheme as a prime candidate to be the first to move forward under new financing arrangements.

    As you know, I firmly believe that the Midland Metropolitan Hospital and associated Right Care Right Here programme will deliver significant health benefits, through access to more centralised, specialist services in purpose built facilities, providing more care in the community and support in peoples homes, as well as through keeping outpatient, diagnostic, day surgery and urgent care facilities at our existing sites.

    Im also pleased that were making good progress on one of the promises I made to members about reducing the length of time patients wait for medicines when they are being discharged. There have been some big reductions in how long it takes for medicines to arrive from the time the prescription is written, from over 6 hours to less than 1 hour on one of our pilot wards, and from ov


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