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Member EngagementTransform the way users interact with your organisations website1

Content Is KingKey TopicsThe Importance of SegmentationSignificance of PersonalisationRewards Systems via GamificationDynamic Data2

What is Member Engagement?


Content Overload


There is no Strategy!

POLL Question: Do you have a formally documented content strategy? 5

The Pattern of Actions to Achieve an Objective


Potential Content Objectives Bring your Association to the attention of non-members

Increase the perceived value of an individual members membership

Assist them solve a problem Introduce them to other entities Challenge their thinking3. Nurture a member to make a purchase

4. Increase renewal rates within specific segments

5. Share the value other members have received78VALUE




Serving the Member Journey with ContentSTATUS QUO SHATTEREDSEARCH AROUND PROBLEMFRAME PROBLEM & SOLUTIONTALK TO PEERS & EXPERTSSTART ENGAGING PROVIDERCALMPROCUREMT PROCESSNEW MEMBERS JOURNEYCopyright2014 Bruce Ian RasmussenThis document remains the property of Bruce Ian Rasmussen and is confidential9

Content AnatomyLOCATEACTIONDISTRIBUTEWhats the context? Where are they on the members journey? Who are they?CONTENTWhat action do you want them to take after reading the content? What is the conversion?How are you going to distribute the content / make contact with them?What is the content going to be? Topic, format etc?1234Copyright2014 Bruce Ian RasmussenThis document remains the property of Bruce Ian Rasmussen and is confidential 10

Content TYPES along the MEMBER journeyDISRUPTIVE CUSTOMER INSIGHTSBlog postsVideoArticlesIndustry reportsWhitepapersEventsPodcastsSTATUS QUO SHATTEREDWebinarsSEOd landing pagesHow to GuidesBlog postsTop 10 lists

SEARCH AROUND PROBLEMWebinarsSEOd landing pagesHow to GuidesChecklistsCheat sheetsBlog postsSelf assessment toolsQ & AFRAME PROBLEM & SOLUTIONCase studiesTestimonialsReferrals Ask the expertFree consultation TALK TO PEERS & EXPERTSYour website pagesTestimonials Fact sheets Marketing/Sales materialsSTART ENGAGING PROVIDERBlog posts InfographicsVideoArticlesIndustry reportsWhitepapers EventsPodcastsebook CALMCopyright2014 Bruce Ian RasmussenThis document remains the property of Bruce Ian Rasmussen and is confidential11

How to Optimise for Successful Delivery of Content


How to Deliver Content Effectively







Create Interest Groups (IG)Capture content specific to the IGCreate relevant communication, events, products & servicesKeep collecting data on each individual


Poll Question: Do you use Interest Groups as part of your communication strategy? Process of dividing a market into groups/segments of members who have similar needs or characteristics and are likely to have similar interests and buying patterns


Commonly used basis for Segmentation


Capture Data Specific to your Organisation Career Status Student, Graduate, Retired, etcAccreditation Details (Health)Services sought/provided (Service Providers)Additional benefits such as registered practice for medicare, mobile services etc (Podiatrists, Dental, Physiotherapy)


OutcomesDeliver information relevant to needs Targeted newsletter mailing lists Member Directory Real time reporting

"Decisions need to be based on data, not guesswork". Belinda Moore, CEO, AuSAE 4.Membership Financial Activity

"Segmentation enables you to make informed decisions about resources allocation and maximise the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.


PersonalisationDelivery of targeted and personalised online content based on what we know about a website visitor

Encourage visitors to Log in

Address the needs of ALL types of visitors

One size does NOT fit all

POLL QUESTION: Can you personalise website content?

We need to increase online engagement to forge a much stronger and closer relationship with our members, potential members and lapsed members.

One size fits all = digital body language required for tracking.


Digital Body LanguageThe tracking and aggregation of ALL digital activity related to an individual that visits your website (email, link clicks, page views, navigation use, etc).

This digital body language data is used to create a visitor profile recording their geographic, demographic and psychographic information.

A data score is recorded which highlights their most likely location, and service and industry interests. This score is used to personalise content delivered to the visitor.

Dynamic ContentContent that is customised to the visitor based on their Digital Body Language profile.

Static ContentContent that is shown to all visitors independent of their needs, interests or location.

Benefits of Dynamic ContentBuilds a persona around a person that provides knowledge of their interests, skills and other segmentation data.Offers individual or personalised experience to meet the visitors needs.Increases engagement and builds value.


No user account25



Content DeliveryOnce you know what your users are interested in you can deliver personalised content that matches their needs and interests.

Members manage their communication preferences through the member portal.



POLL QUESTION: Do you think gamification can help your association?

Reward members & build retention




Gamification builds engagement which is reflected by the time spent on site 2mins 5mins. 32

How can Not-For-Profits Gamify their websites?Recognise and reward users who perform interactions and activities with your organisation.

How do you want to reward members? which could include:

content readmoney spent events attended content submitted points for better contentpresenting on a committeeopening a newsletter community collaboration ask a questioncomment on an article

Other Consideration:

score interactionspoints may decay over time (100 points gained this year may only be 10 points by next year)what is each activity worth and how quickly will they decay?life time leaderboard

Quantifies something that would otherwise be a vague concept.

Data mining made easy with the ability to target high concentration of members who aren't engaged.

Extra incentive to reach members who have xero or low scores and reward those who have high scores


Leaderboard= been most active on the site linkedin contribution


Using Dynamic Data to Improve EngagementWhile 52% of members rate their association overall communication as good, only 13% rated it as excellent and 35% think it is average or below average. "Associations need to actively engage in all of these online mediums to accommodate the different preferences of members AuSAE, association matters


How to get the right message to the right peopleDynamic listsSegmentationPersonalisation Deliver 100% unique communication to each individual36

OutcomeOrganisations that report high member engagement scores are in turn rewarded with high member retention.

Know where to focus services and content based on what is popular amongst users.


and rememberContent is King Segmentation is vital Personalisation is a mustReward members for their engagement (gamification)An Increase in retention of 5% can increase profits 25 -75% - AuSAE38



Learn more and see these techniques in action!

Improve your retention rates and grow your association today!


GOAL!Transform the way users interact with your website! Thank you for listening 41


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