mekflu no. 8

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Mekflu No. 8


Problem No. 8

Mekanika Fluida Problem 7 & 8Alan Try PutraAndhika RobiBagus WicaksanaLidya AyuPutu Geraldo Rahganda

Problem No. 8A cyclone separator is used to remove sand grains from an airstream at 150C. If the cyclone body is 0.6 m in diameter and the average tangential velocity near the wall is 16 m/s, what is the terminal velocity near the wall of particles of 20 and 40 m diameters respectively? Check with Galileo number to obtain correct region range of R'/(u2). How much greater are these values than the terminal velocity in gravity settling? Density of grains = 2196 kg/m3

Percepatan akibat separator cycloneDo Inspection-Audit Yourself6Diameter 20 m (dengan separator)

Diameter 40 m (dengan separator)

Diameter 20 m (dengan gravitasi)

Diameter 40 m (dengan gravitasi)

Ratio terminal velocity dan gravity settling20m = 0,22 : 0,0093 = 23,640m = 4,14 : 0,0624 = 66,3Problem No.7 Given power law velocity profile for turbulent boundary layer, u/U = (y/)1/7 and parabolic velocity profile for laminar boundary layer, u/U = 2(y/) - (y/)2, a. Calculate and compare */ and /. b. What is your interpretation about these values?

Menghitung displacement thickness untuk aliran turbulenRumus menghitung nilai momentum thickness thickness oleh Von Karman

Rumus diatas berlaku untuk aliran laminer juga turbulen.

Menghitung momentum thickness untuk aliran turbulen For the laminar parabolic boundary-layer profile, compute the shape factor H and compare with the exact Blasius teory result

Turbulen */ = 12,5% of BL dan / = 9,7% of BL