meeting stringent u.s. paper ballot voting ... hart intercivic is an austin, tx-based election...

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  • Meeting Stringent U.S. Paper Ballot Voting Requirements

    BUSINESS SEGMENT Government PRODUCT Mono and Color Single Function Printers


    • Hart InterCivic needed an on-demand ballot printing solution with the ability to print two-sided ballots, 20 inches in length, without any paper curling or flaking.

    SOLUTION • OKI supplied three printer

    models designed to meet rigorous U.S. government voting standards and provide the required ballot security.

    CUSTOMER PROFILE Hart InterCivic is an Austin, TX-based election solutions provider whose print-based solutions provide enhanced voting security while meeting the rigorous, military-grade standards required at polling places by the U.S. government.

    THE CHALLENGE Regardless of whether polling locations use paper, hybrid or 100 percent electronic balloting systems, election solutions are required to meet the federal government’s military-grade standards to be approved for polling locations.

    For its paper-ballot polling place voting system, Hart InterCivic needed an on-demand ballot printing solution with the ability to print two-sided ballots, 20 inches in length, without any paper curling or flaking.

    THE SOLUTION Hart InterCivic ultimately added three OKI printer models to its election solution. All withstood Hart InterCivic’s rigorous in-house evaluations, which put each device through an extensive range of climate tests to ensure the printers would operate dependably wherever they were installed. The OKI models operated smoothly over a period of three days at military grade

  • hot, cold, humid, and dry environments. These final tests ensured a jurisdiction could store the devices safely between elections without sacrificing long-term functionality.

    Priding itself as the nimblest manufacturer in the print industry, OKI also was able to provide an off-the-shelf solution to increase the feed tray size and was able to determine that the solution to the curling and flaking on 20” ballots was to use a higher temperature fuser setting.

    Beyond OKI’s willingness to adapt, Hart InterCivic also relied on OKI’s customer-first service and support, including the election-specific support hotline that gives election solution providers like Hart InterCivic a direct line to an OKI technical print expert.

    CONCLUSION Hart InterCivic’s election solutions provide the flexibility to accommodate all voting methods, while maintaining basic ease-of-use and simple deployment for poll operators nationwide. Together, OKI and Hart InterCivic help ensure that each citizen has access to voting processes that are secure and protected. | 1-877-VOTE-OKI

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    In OKI, we found a print partner that matches our commitment to customer- first flexibility and excellence,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO, Hart InterCivic. “OKI not only configured equipment to meet our needs at the manufacturer level, they have a top- notch elections hotline for partners.”

    Phillip Braithwaite President and CEO, Hart InterCivic

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