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Meetin Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar on 24th March 2013 at dressing room of feroz shah kotla. It was a great to talk to the master face-to-face. Here i will entailed about my dialogues with the master. I request all fans of sachin to forward it to other fans. This is my dedication to the master blaster for his 41st birthday.Atlast, I really hope he reads it someday. The master Blaster, the god of cricket, sachin ramesh tendulkar :) you can download theebook from - Thanks.



April 24,2014

I dedicate this story to all die heart Sachin fans. I dedicate this write-up as a birthday wish to Sachin Tendulkar in 2014. I hope he reads this and all his fans read it.

Please read and then pass it on to others. He turns 41 this year, so at-least forward it to 41 Sachin Fans.

-Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is forever, amen.

Sachin Receiving Bharat Ratna


The Little Master

Spoken words-

Sachin Tendulkar .becomes the first man in the history of cricket, to reach 200 runs in ODI.. and Thank God! Its sachin can you believe it, Sachin Tendulkar hits a six and it falls in the Sachin Tendulkar stand- Rameez Raja Its gone miles in the air! Its a hokey-pokey! (Geoffrey Boycott, India tour of England) He has decided , hes going for the win, ..what a player! ..What a wonderful- wonderful player!- Tony Greg ( sharjah..) He is the master, what master can do, nobody else can do- Ajay Jadeja (IPL) When he hits that straight drive, Boss! I know he is in splendid touch- Navjot Siddhu


I cannot believe it, he was playing so well, he was there on the field moments ago and now hes gone and we will not see him out there again Sunil Gavaskar, (On sachins last dismissal) Sachin is not there, and still crowd is chanting sachin- sachin, they dont know anything else to chant! Harsha Bhogle ( 1st ODI match, post Sachin retirement) He has carried the weight of the nation, I guess we can carry him for sometime on our shoulders- (virat kohli, world cup victory lap) Its a massive ask, if there is one man who can get India to home, its him Tony Greg, (cameras rolling to Sachin, world cup 1996) Iss mahabharat mein ek hi arjun hai, jo india ko jeet dila sakta hai, ..sachin tendulkar, sachin tendulkar, sachin tendulkar,,- B.S. Bedi (pre-world cup 2003, news-debate)

He hit that so hard, it almost took umpires head off- Harsha Bhogle (On sachins straight tennis drive , 152 against Namibia, world cup 2003) Nobody can stop him today. He is invincible. Ravi Shashtri (Tendulkars comeback match in world cup after his fathers demise.)

he hit the pigeon, and hes walking with it , its not your fault Sachin..what a humble man.. Harsha Bhogle

I think that six landed in those houses, its at-least 140 yards, its out of the park! (famous six to Andrew Caddick)

That drive went like bullet through the covers! It came from right middle of the bat!- Ravi Shashtri (Sachin in touch.. )


mujhe shayad lagta hai, aur meine suna bhi hai, ki jabb woh upar suraj ki taraf dekhte hein, toh apne pita ko yaad karte hein- kapil Dev ( Live in commentary box)

Please settle down, I think I will get more and more emotional as this goes on, I want to thank all the people and if I missed someone , I am sorry..Sachin Tendulkar (farewell speech)

that chant sachin-sachhinn.. will reverberate in my ears, thank you for all your love and support- Sachin Tendulkar (last words of speech to fans, shivaji stadium )

Intro to story-

When a die heart Sachin fan tries his best, to meet the man himself.

How will he overcome the odds and will his fan-hood prevail?

I dedicate this article to all Sachin fans. I heartily request all the Sachin

fans to share it with their friends. Thanks.

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Sachin Tendulkar and hoping he reads it. -Amen



Meeting Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

If you are a die heart Sachin Tendulkar fan, above words are no less than salvation for you, as rightly and repeatedly told by so many who sighed at my narrative. This is my story of meeting with my childhood hero and my idol for cricket. My mostly derived example on sportsmanship and every act of my life, that ever needed a positive vibe. I dedicate this article to all those who have dreamt of meeting Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, all his die heart fans and all those who have selflessly & reverently prayed for his success, his godly glory and his long life.

I Dedicate this article to all those who have cried with his defeats, rejoiced with his victories. I dedicate this story to all those who have been heart-broken for his dismissals and all those who have celebrated every glorious shot he played, in his illustrious career. There is no length to sum up, this man of herculean flair and divine conduct. I would rather try to keep up my story in good old simple words and hope that all avid readers and followers on Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, would effectively absorb pleasure of empathy from this story.

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and i have learnt that all the most difficult things and daunting complexities can be solved with three phase concepts ( my lol! Idea). Hence, i have tried here to mix this curious idea along with my writing skills and erratic emotional response of a fan. .

So, i would use RYB i.e. Red Yellow and Blue.

You may consider these three colors as three narrative tracks , running together in this story. Blue color would represent the real time moments in the story, yellow is like the old age diary's pages - of memory, of nostalgia, snippets of my memories connected to the master-blaster.

Red is the passionate fan blood running up to my head and it explains my thoughts and my internal dialogue in this story.


Hence, with all this (lol! Idea) crazy science put together! I hope i can attempt to re-construct my experience which is otherwise- so clear , so vivid and ever-running free inside my head.

Holy yes! It is going nowhere from my permanent memory blocks. Its running like an epic script, like the greatest movie of this century, free from any impure influence of this materialistic world.

Lets begin! But before that, lets make a fan prayer and hope that every Indian kid should aspire to become like Sachin -

"May god bless Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Wishing him a Long -Life full of Glory, Cricket, fun sporting activities, utmost Respect and Divine karma. Amen."

Here, i would also like to quote my father's response on my question-

" aisa kya kiya hoga isne pichle janam mein jo itna jyada sammaan aur izzat mili hai? " ( what has this man done in previous life to be bestowed upon with such honor and respect" )

My father- " pichle 1000 janamon ke acche karmon ka phal hai, warna kisi ko insaan ke janam mein bhagwaan ke barabar ka darza diya jaye, aisa kabhi ni ho sakta, pichle janam ka koi bahut bada sadhu aur tapasvi hoga, dekhne se hi lagta hai, a great human being, a great-great man!"

(his are the fruits not a result of his karma of previous life but of at least 1000 preceeding it, otherwise its not possible that someone in mortal form is being given the status and love of a living god. he must have been a sadhu-tapasvi in previous life, he looks like one. he is a great human being, a great-great man! )


[blue - running story, red - internal dialogue ,Yellow- memories like old diary pages]

March 24, 2013

I got off at pragati maidaan metro station, waiting for my friend to join along. It was bright & sunny, perfect for third day's play. I wasn't expecting much, as India was already winning the home series against Aussies.


We both met on the pavement outside the station and hurried towards the auto-stand. "I have the end club house stand tickets, its the best view, we can sit right behind the side screen", I said. He was busy managing his books & notes in his carry bag, mentally engaged with his preparation for next day's exam, " I got this SG cricket hat, you know, just in case ", said Aadish.

Three days back- I called him up and broke good news. I had passes for first day of play and was mostly getting the third day's too. It was simply a fan prospect, to spectate good test cricket while anticipating a calm and sunny Sunday. I put off our long conversation with a fig hint of another sub-sequent project. It was much bigger, much fonder, in the backdrop of this regular cricket viewing. It was about meeting with that great man.

"Just bring something to get autographed on , its not confirmed but there is a possibility, see ya on sunday", said I, leaving that beautiful hope floating and alive.

Among so many gates to enter Feroz-shah kotla, I have entered through most & seen matches from all views. However, our turn to the end club house stand left the crowd thinner, calmer , much-more civil - such adjectives follow with the word 'privileged viewing'. It all happened just like the first day.

Security check in-

"ye kya lae ho sir!" (what did you bring with you sir) , asked the policeman frisking Aadish.

"books hein sir, exam chal re hein toh wahin se aa raa hun", ( books sir, exams are going on, am coming straight from college ), said Aadish and entered, without bothering much for policeman's cranky reactions, to his care-free replies.


The policeman then frisked me, flipped the pages of green colored stick file i carried, then for a moment gazed upon my poster of Sachin carrying the world cup. & finally let us through. We then finally stepped in the court-yard of club house stand. It was right under BCCI's commentary box.

Deja- Vu!- While Standing at the open lawn beneath this two floored concrete structure. Sunil Gavaskar , Ravi Shashtri and entire official commentary team went past me from that very spot the other day. Sunil Gavaskar looks like a retired colonel from 22 yards, attired in cricketing honour, professionalism and commanding eternal aura of his sunny days. He was marching bright and shining like a king, in his full