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  • EPAC General Meeting Minutes April 2016 Page 1 of 13

    Meeting Minutes of the Engineer Professional Advisory Committee

    Wednesday, April 27, 2016

    The Engineer Professional Advisory Committee (EPAC) welcomes your input and participation. Meetings are open to all Public Health Service Engineers and Architects, both Commissioned Officers and Civilians. Next Meeting Date: The next EPAC meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 from 1400-1530 EST. Conference Line Information: Call Line: 1-641-715-3580 Passcode: 341469# Webinar: I. CALL TO ORDER

    LCDR Piermatteo called the meeting to order at 1400 EST. Attendance was taken and a quorum of EPAC members was present. Section VIII below shows the EPAC meeting attendance this year to date.


    LCDR Piermatteo called for a motion to approve the March EPAC General Meeting minutes. LCDR Kohler put forth the motion. CDR Kesteloot seconded the motion. There was no discussion. The motion carried and the meeting minutes were approved.


    A. Office of the Chief Engineer: RADM Randall Gardner (

    Thanks to everyone on the committee and the work you do to support the engineering community Commissioned Corps Officers along with civil servants!

    A few weeks ago, the CPO had the privilege of being at an USA Science and Engineering Fair in the Washington D.C. Area. It was incredible to see the number of people looking into engineering and science professions.

    No leadership meeting this month. Appreciate the work EPAC Chair is doing on the Committee to advance the work that

    the EPAC is doing.

  • EPAC General Meeting Minutes April 2016 Page 2 of 13

    CPO part of strategic planning workgroup (includes OSG and DCPPR) o Still working on the Doctrine of the Commissioned Corps.

    Appreciate the new Newsletter that just came out. o Emphasis that partnerships are important! We work with others to accomplish

    even greater things. Many events coming up (e.g., COF conference and SAME JETC). These are great

    opportunities to present and connect with others in the field of Public Health. Open floor for questions or comments for the CPO:

    o CPO Leave under Direct Access is a cumbersome process, regarding entering and not taking leave; this is being worked on.

    o CPO Policy restricting civil servants by number of years in service, who wish to convert to the Commissioned Corps, has been rescinded.

    B. EPAC Chair: LCDR Kimberly Piermatteo (

    Thank you to those officers who volunteered to staff the DC COA/Engineer Category table at the 2016 USA Science and Engineering Festival on April 16th and 17th! Thank you to the DC COA for allowing us to collaborate with them!

    National Park Rx Day was held on Sunday, April 24th. Thank you to those who participated!

    Thank you to LCDR Jennifer Stevenson and LCDR Abbas Bandukwala for assisting me in staffing the Engineer Category table at the 8th annual FDA PHS Awareness day event on Tuesday, April 26th.

    CCWIAB Leadership Panel: Positioning Yourself for Success (Monday, May 2nd; 14:00-15:00 EDT). Webcast Link:

    2016 USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium Gimme Five: Building a Better Tomorrow through Prevention Today (May 15th 20th; Oklahoma City)

    Call for Abstracts and Volunteers 2016 AMSUS Annual Continuing Education Meeting (November 29th December 2nd). For more information about abstract submission including the submission portal please go to: Interested in volunteering, email LCDR Cody Thornton (

    Spread the Word: Open Application Window for Engineers (June 1st 30th) April 1st Readiness Results Engineers 93.01%


    A. Awards: LCDR Jitendra Virani (

    Special Assignment Award (SAA) Nomination for EPAC Members: Award Subcommittee is working on putting SAA nomination package together for year

  • EPAC General Meeting Minutes April 2016 Page 3 of 13

    2016. At this time we are collecting information we need to prepare the nomination package from eligible EPAC Members.

    o Who is eligible? Voting members of the EPAC for 3 or more years and have never been nominated for SAA for the time served on the EPAC.

    o If you are eligible, please send the following information to the Award Subcommittee Chair, LCDR Jitendra Virani at along with a copy of your Appointment Letter which you received from the EPAC when you were appointed as a voting member of the EPAC. When sending your information, please use the following as subject of the email: Information for Special Assignment Award Nomination for EPAC Members

    Full Name with current rank

    PHS ID

    Employee ID

    Service Years to EPAC (e.g. 2013-2015)

    Operation Division (OPDIV) (e.g. FDA, HIS, etc.)

    B. Career Development: CDR Jonathan Rash ( Reported by CDR Mark Jackson The workgroup to re-write the Engineer Handbook has re-formed under the

    leadership of co-chairs CDRs Rebecca Pollis and Jason Hrdlicka. Anybody interested in assisting with this effort should contact CDR Rash.

    Final revisions to the new CV Template and Guidance Document for Engineer Promotions are still under review expected to be routed for EPAC approval soon and presented at the USPHS Symposium in May.

    Progress continues on the Agency Panel Round Table presentations. The IHS presentation is complete, and the others (FDA, CDC, EPA, and NPS) are progressing steadily.

    The subcommittee continues to represent the category at OBC and facilitate webinars for all EPAC. If your subcommittee has information it would like to present in a webinar format, please contact CDR Rash to arrange recording and/or broadcasting.

    Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of every month at 1600 EST. The next meeting is scheduled for May 23rd (NOTE: a week later than usual to avoid conflict with USPHS Symposium).

    C. Events: CDR Frank Chua (

    2016 COF Symposium Engineer Category Day (Led by LCDR Diana Wong): o Oklahoma City from May 16-19 with Category Day on May 18th.

  • EPAC General Meeting Minutes April 2016 Page 4 of 13

    o Seeking attendees to volunteer to assist with the following duties: session moderators, photographers, and aide-de-camp. If interested, please contact LCDR Diana Wong at by May 1st.

    o Mentoring session set for May 16th from 1615 1800. Speed mentoring format planned depending on the number of participants. Room location TBD. Attendees interested in participating, please contact CDR Frank Chua at

    o Order of Engineer ceremony scheduled after Category Day from 1715 - 1745. o LCDR Diana Wong has emailed details for the above events to the attendees on

    April 12th. Please contact LCDR Wong if you are attending and did not receive this email.

    2016 SAME JETC (led by CDR John Kathol): o Phoenix, AZ at the Phoenix Convention Center from May 24 26. o PHS All Hands Meeting scheduled on May 25th. The All Hands Meeting is an

    opportunity to sit with RADM Gardner as group and discuss things PHS related. o Society Ball Dinner and Awards Gala on May 26th from 2000 2400 where

    SAME will recognize this years award winners selected by the EPAC. o Self-funding attendees who are SAME members may be able to have the $97

    registration fee waived. Please contact CDR Steve Sauer at prior to registering.

    o Seeking volunteers to staff the engineer booth. Those attendees interested in volunteering please contact CDR John Kathol at

    2016 AMSUS (led by LCDR Shad Shoppert) o National Harbor, MD from Nov 29 Dec 2. o Call for abstracts. For more information about abstract submission including the

    submission portal please go to: o ACTION ITEM: Looking for a volunteer to serve as an alternate to LCDR

    Shoppert. Anyone interested in volunteering, please email CDR Chua at

    Meetings are held on Fridays at 1000 EST for the general Events Subcommittee and Category Planning Team and 1030 EST for JETC Planning Team. The next meeting is scheduled on April 29th, 2016.

    D. Information: LCDR Jim Kohler ( Website Migration: New *Draft* EPAC site is

    online: o Site is similar to existing o ACTION ITEM: Please take time to review pages relevant to your

    subcommittee and contact me with any corrections or suggestions.

  • EPAC General Meeting Minutes April 2016 Page 5 of 13

    o Old site running in parallel until new site is final and processes (such as requests for updates) are familiar to everyone.

    Content management: Website is up to date. o ACTION ITEM: Please continue to send any new requests for postings or

    revisions to EPAC Newsletter: Spring Issue was published on April 26. It can be found

    here: o ACTION ITEM: Please send article ideas for Fall Issue to Combined Category Newsletter:

    o Spring/Summer issue expected to be published by mid-May. o ACTION ITEM: Please send articles that may be of interest to a broader

    audience beyond engineers to Social Media:

    o (the


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