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  • 8/14/2019 Meeting Minutes Joint Planning and Budget Committee


    Meeting MinutesJoint Planning and Budget Committee

    January 27, 2010, 1:15 p.m.

    Members present: Anderson, Bakkum, Benson, Blum, Colclough, Dill,Herro, Hetzel, Jorstad, Knudson, Leahy, Loh, Morgan, Nicklaus, ONeill,Riley B., Riley D., Senger, Sherony, Sleznikow, Smith, Taylor, Vogt

    Members excused: Enz Finken, HemmerMembers absent:Consultants present: Hinds

    Guests: Abler, Agarwal, Arens, Hoar, B., Evans, Gow, Keifer, May, Tillman,Wilson, C.

    M/S/P minutes from the December 2, 2009 meeting.Future JP&B meetings scheduled for spring 2010: March 3, April 7, and

    May 5

    AnnouncementsJoe Gow reported on the State of the State Address. He also reported on theEducational Attainment retreat that he attended with other UW Chancellors. Atemplate will be produced to show what all campuses proposed for educationalattainment. System wants to bring this to the April Board meeting.

    A question/answer session with the Chancellor followed.

    Update on the Advancement Searchad copy has been sent to the Chronicle,timeline for on-campus interviews is mid-April.

    Bob Hetzel reported that student scholarships will be back in the $500,000 range.We will have more scholarship dollars for our returning students. Bob shared aspreadsheet that showed fees for rooms and meals for students next year will notincrease. Other System schools are increasing room rates by 3-7%. Segregatedfees will increase by 1.9% next year. Next year, seg fees are $1,104.60.

    Old Business

    Discusses Educational Attainment Report (see attachment) Will use our enrollment reserve to meet the deficit from this year. International students and transfer students will increase to help meet the

    deficit. Jay Lokken feels confident that we can grow by 50 international students next


    New Business

    Next round of GQA- timeline If we are able to realize the 703 student growth in Year 5 of GQA, there would

    be another new 25 faculty and 6 staff positions (in theory, Fall 2011). Bob

  • 8/14/2019 Meeting Minutes Joint Planning and Budget Committee


    Hetzel says that we will need numbers from 10 day enrollment in order todetermine if we can hire for the Year 5 GQA positions. Bill Colcloughsuggested that we could advertise earlier than October by includingcontingent upon funding in position advertisements.

    Discussion of Google Apps Students, faculty and staff were surveyed, there were open forums and the

    committee had the information they needed to recommend Google Apps. We would use Gmail and the Google calendar and will look into other Google

    applications. It will provide us with much larger email boxes. Google Apps will provide a much easier collaborative environment. There isnt a specific timeline at this time. IT is working on all of the technical

    issues that need to be worked out. Other universities have used an opt inmethod so that users chose when to convert to the new system. A final datewould be set so that everyone would get on the new system.

    John Tillman will keep the campus updated on the progress of the transition.

    Institutional Information Technology Plan John Tillman reported on a document that was required by System. The

    legislation asks that each UW System campus submits a yearly plan for IT. Ifthe committee has questions about the document, we can ask John Tillman.

    Meeting adjourned 2:24

    Respectfully submitted,

    Ronda Smith


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