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  • He is Tchantchs! He livesin Sartay School! Sartay School is in the city of Embourg near Liege and Brussels!He is a very good singer! He loves singing!He is a very good kid and a good friend!Students and teachers love Tchantchs!

  • This is the Cypriot mascot! He lives in the school of Nicosia!The mouflon (or also called agrino)! It is a specie only found in Cyprus!The Cyprus mouflon populationcontains only about 3000 animals.

    The mouflons are very shy and agile; they move very faston the steep slopes of the Paphos forest and are verydifficult to approach, especially when they are frightened.The mature male mouflon is a strong, well-built andbeautiful animal.

  • They are Laine and Laurits! They are an Estonian couple!They are wearing the traditional Estonian dress!They are from Laulasmaa School!

    Laulasmaa is near Tallin!Students and teachers love them!

  • Sumo is the Finnish puppet!Sumo is a dog that lives in the town of Kauhava in Finland. Finland is the land of the snow! He lives in Keskustan Koulu. Students and teachers love Sumo! In his free time, Sumo helps Santa Claus!

  • He is Leo! He is a Lion that lives in the School of Keratsini! This school is near Piraeus! Piraeus is next to Athens and its a port area. In the entrace of the Port there was a lion and the name of the Port was Porto Leone! Now the original lion is in Venice! Leo is wearing the greek flag! And do you know?The Olympiacos football team has a lion as a symbol too!

  • This is the Irish mascot! She lives in Loreto Senior Primary School in Dublin! She is wearing the school uniform, a red cardigan and a black skirt! She is reading an Irish book and playing the traditional Irish game: Hurling! Students and teachers love her!

  • She is Paula. One of the school puppets from Vall de Palau School in Sant Andreu de la Barca. She lives in the Palau School!Students and teachers love her!In her free time, she loves walking around the city of Barcelona and visiting Gaudi buildings, parks and sculptures!