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  • Meet Optimizely X RecommendationsDeliver recommended products and content

  • Chris TiutanProduct Marketing Manager

    Jon NoronhaDirector, Product Management

  • Agenda

    Introducing Optimizely X

    Recommendations overview


    How it works

    Use cases


  • Experimentation is at the core of every discovery

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  • Experimentation Platform

  • Optimizely X Web ExperimentationDeliver great web experiences on every device

    Optimizely X Web PersonalizationDeliver targeted content and experiences in real time

    Optimizely X Web RecommendationsDeliver recommended products and content

    Optimizely X Full StackDemocratizing the power of deep experimentation using Python, Java, Ruby, Node and more

    Optimizely X MobileDeliver great mobile app experiences

    Optimizely X OTTDeliver great over-the-top TV app experiences

  • Hands-off ROI

    Powered by machine learning

    Not a black box

    Deliver recommended products and content

    app.optimizely.comOptimizely X


  • Demo

  • How it works

  • No product feed required

  • Viewed Derby Tier Backpack

    at 1:10pm

    Viewed Dawson Trolley Bag

    at 1:14pm

    Viewed Five Panel Hat

    at 4:15pm

  • Supported Algorithms

    Co-browse: other visitors who looked at this item also viewed these other items (ideal for PDP)

    Co-buy: other visitors who purchased this item also bought these other items (ideal for PDP, Cart)

    Popular: the most frequently viewed or bought items across the whole catalog (ideal for Homepage)

    Recently viewed: you browsed these things before (pick up where you left off)

    User-based (coming soon): recommended foryou, based on your past behavior

  • Use cases

  • Products

    Approach: drive more and bigger purchases

    - Offer more alternatives

    - Cross-sell with related items

    - Highlight crowd favorites

    - Drive discovery across the catalog

    Outcomes: higher average order value, lower abandonment rate, more purchases per session

  • Content

    Approach: drive more engagement with content

    - Recycle whitepapers, blog posts, infographics, and other static content

    - Deflect support calls with knowledge base articles and community posts

    - Drive traffic to the great content you already have

    Outcomes: higher CTR, more pages viewed per session, lower call center volume

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